Being Different Year 7

Take Her Home

“We did it Sis,” Harry muttered looking at her in slight confusion. It couldn’t be over could it?

The deatheaters that hadn’t already fled or been captured were running from the castle as fast as they could. They were already preparing to take the prisoners, including Umbridge, into the ministry to have them sent to Azkaban.

“Annie!” yelled Irwin running over to her and throwing her in the air.

“You did it,” he beamed putting her back down on the floor, “you killed Tom!”

“So are you two lovebirds going to get married now?” said Rolf only half sarcastically.

“We still have to finish our exams,” chuckled Irwin laughing in relief.

“Do you two seriously think there’s going to be school this year?” asked Rolf looking around the half-ruined castle.

“Anne,” said Remus as he pulled her in for a hug, “Lily and James would be so proud of you.”

“Come here you lot” said Sirius coming over with Julian holding out his arms for them all.

They formed a massive group hug with Anne in the middle being squashed by Remus, Sirius, Harry and Julian.

“I guess you’d best come join us,” said Sirius reluctantly, finally giving into the fact that Irwin was going to marry their little girl.

Irwin beamed as he was pulled into the family group hug.

They hugged for what felt like hours even though it was only actually a minute and Anne was finally released.

Harry rushed off to the second floor bathroom with Ginny, Hermione and Ron to let the students out of the Chamber of Secrets now it was safe.

When Anne was let out of the group hug she recognised two of the people that had come as part of the extra reinforcements an hour ago.

They were looking over to Anne nervously as if wondering if they should go talk to her but they didn’t want to disturb her. They were standing next to another couple by the bodies of the wounded and the two couples seemed unsure as to whether go talk to Anne or not.

“Irwin,” said Anne pulling at his sleeve.

“We should go talk to them,” she muttered, looking over again at the two couples.

She had met one of the couples before nearly four years ago when Persephone had been turned into a werewolf, the other couple she assumed must to Anthony’s parents. Yes, the woman had the same golden blonde hair as Anthony.

“Come on,” said Anne pulling him over.

“Irwin,” explained Anne, as she pulled him over “these are Anthony and Persephone’s parents.”

“Anthony and Sephie talked so much about you both,” said Mr Goldstein, “I’m sorry we’re having to meet in such bad circumstances.”

“I’m so sorry about your losses,” said Irwin earnestly, Anne nodded in agreement, they had both just lost their best friends

“They were too good to die,” agreed Anne.

“Everyone dies eventually,” said Mrs Goldstein.

“Our Sephie was on borrowed time anyway,” said Mrs Galentos with tears in his eyes.

“She should have died three and a half years ago if it hadn’t been for you Anne,” said Mr Galentos.

“They shouldn’t have died though,” said Irwin shaking his head as he tried not to cry.

“They wouldn’t have wanted to go any other way,” said Mr Goldstein, “they were always ready to fight for what was right.”

Anne and Irwin knelt down next to their best friends who had loved each other so deeply. Now they were together in death.

“Tom’s gone,” said Irwin smiling slightly as he held Anthony’s hand and Anne held Persephone’s.

“Anne killed him with this glass dagger, Michael and Terry would probably call it badass,” he said laughing slightly as the tears rolled down his face.

Anne tried getting back off the floor and started to feel slightly dizzy and the world started to go black as she tried getting up.

“Woah there Annie!” said Irwin getting up and catching Anne as she started to fall over.

Irwin picked her up gently off of the floor.

“Is she ok?” asked Mrs Goldstien.

“Yeah she just faints sometimes,” said Irwin as he placed Anne more comfortably in his arms and started looking around for Pomfrey.

“Is she alright Irwin?” asked Remus running over to him.

“Yeah, I think shes just tired,” said Irwin heading towards to Pomfrey who was tending to Neville.

“Hi Madam Pomfrey,” grinned Irwin as he lay Anne down gently on one of the hospital beds in the Great Hall.

“Hmm, fainted again has she?” she asked as she finished tending to Neville.

Irwin, Remus and Charlie were gathered around her bed as Anne came to.

“When did you last eat Anne?” asked Remus.

Anne shrugged and Remus looked to Charlie.

“Um three days ago,” said Charlie trying to think.

Remus’ eyebrows rose so far they almost reached his hairline.

“We were a bit busy trying to kill Voldemort,” said Charlie.

“How have you been sleeping Anne?” asked Pomfrey as she came bustling over with a bottle of nutrient potion.

“About as well as anyone can sleep when they’re on the run for five months,” answered Charlie, “sporadically.”

“It’s as I thought Remus,” said Pomfrey checking her forehead, “nervous exhaustion, nothing to worry about really, she just needs a good sleep and plenty of looking after.”

“I’m never letting her out of my sight again,” said Remus clinging onto Anne’s hand.

“Neither am I,” said Irwin as he sat down at the end of the bed.

“Take her home Remus,” said Pomfrey shaking her head slightly.

Remus beamed as he picked his goddaughter up from the bed.

Remus carried her over to the others from Grimmauld Place, Sirius was waiting with Julian, and Rachael, Colin had died.

“You ok kiddo?” asked Sirius brushing a lock of loose hair off of her face as Remus carried her over.

“Tired,” she muttered.

“You look it,” said Rachael as they headed out of the great hall.

Harry was coming home later.

“Justin!” Remus called as they passed him and Lisa.

“Justin, tell Dora to pack our things and meet us back at the house with Teddy.”

“With pleasure,” said Justin beaming.

“Julian!” screamed Morgana coming running over to them with a swarm of other younger students.

“Hey little Morgie,” said Julian picking her up in a huge hug.

“Can you come home now?” she begged.

“We’ll have to see,” he chuckled putting her back down, “but probably yes,” he whispered.

“Lets get you lot home,” chuckled Sirius as they reached the school boundaries.

Remus apparated back to Number 12 Grimmauld Place still carrying Anne.

The sun was now beginning to rise in the sky in London as it was just gone seven o’clock.

Sirius opened the door and was faced by Dennis Creevey who had his wand pulled out.

“What kind of bombs do we use in this house?” asked Dennis pointing a wand at Sirius’ chest.

“Water,” said Sirius holding his hands in the air.

Dennis nodded and put his wand down and backed away from the doorway.

Sirius walked back into the house followed by Julian, Rachael and finally Remus who was carrying Anne.

“Is it all over then?” asked Chloe.

All eight children and the two house elves where in the entrance way most of them sitting on the stairs, they had clearly waited up all night, all of them too nervous to sleep.

“Yeah,” sighed Julian, “Tom’s dead, the deatheaters are all getting round up as we speak.”

“So we can all go home then?” asked Kevin.

“Yes,” nodded Sirius, “you’re all going home.”

Jack and Kevin started to rush up to their room to start packing Kevin’s bags, but Dennis looked slightly confused looking around.

“Where’s Colin?” he asked looking at the people who had just come back into the house.

“Colins dead Dennis,” said Rachael with tears in her eyes.

“But Voldemort’s gone?” asked Dennis.

“Yeah,” said Remus, “Anne killed him.”

“He wouldn’t have wanted to go any other way,” muttered Dennis, “I’d best go pack.”

“I’ll go sort him,” said Rachael following him up the stairs.

The others ran upstairs to start packing which only left little Olivia on the stairs.

“You said we were all going home?” she muttered. She didn’t have a home and neither did Jack.

“You’re staying here princess, and so’s Jack,” assured Sirius crouching down to talk to her.

“Is Anne dead?” she asked looking at the body in Remus’s arms.

“No,” said Sirius, chuckling slightly “she’s not dead she’s just asleep.”

“Which is what you should be after a long night,” said Julian picking her up and putting her to bed in his room for a bit.

“Come on sweetheart,” sighed Remus as he carried Anne up the five floors of stairs to her bedroom.

Kreacher had already turned down the bed and left her out a pair of clean pyjamas for her. Anne had been wearing the same clothes for forty-eight hours, so Remus woke her up quickly so she could get changed.

Remus left the room for a minute whilst she got changed and then he came back in.

“Are you ok poppet?” asked Remus as he tucked her into bed.

“Tired,” she muttered as she laid her head back on the pillows, she had undone her plait, so her waist length dark red hair was spread out on the pillow.

Remus sat down on the bed next to her and put his arm around her.

Anne moved closer to Remus and finally burst into tears, partly exhaustion party relief that the last forty-eight hours were over.

“It’s ok,” he muttered softly, “it’s all over, he’s gone.”


“You killed him yourself, didn’t you?

Anne chuckled slightly through the tears and she lay her head back on the pillows.

“Get some sleep poppet,” said Remus as he got out some extra blankets and placed her favourite quilt on top of her.

Remus couldn’t sleep himself; he wasn’t tired because the full moon wasn’t for another fortnight and he wanted to look after his little Anne, who was finally home safe again.

Kreacher brought Remus up a pot of coffee before going to go and help the kids with their packing, Sirius was going to start taking them home as soon as they were all packed.

He was sat on the bed two hours later reading Anne’s copy in the Odyssey, it was still only nine thirty in the morning, he was starting to worry where Harry was when Anne’s door slammed open.

Tonks was standing in the doorway Teddy on her hip and she was breathless from having climbed the five flights of steps.

“Remus John Lupin,” she seethed as she sat down on the bed, “I am going to kill you.”

Remus looked up from his book curiously as Tonks sat down and Teddy started to crawl towards him.

“Hi there little one,” said Remus as he picked up his son.

“And what have I done Dora that would make you want to kill me?”

“You lot all fought Voldemort and killed the Lestranges without me,” she seethed.

She burst into hysterical tears.

“I was up all night with worry, none of you might have come back, I might have been left alone in the world with two babies.”

“Dora,” said Remus gently, “you’re eight months pregnant you couldn’t have come, and we are all fine.”

“I still would have like to see Voldemort and the Lestranges die though,” she grumbled.

“Tell you what,” chuckled Remus as Teddy played with his hair, “you can view my memories of the events in the pensieve if you really want.”

“Really?” asked Tonks eagerly.

“I love you Remus,” said Tonks coming over to the end of bed where Remus was sat and he pulled her in for a hug.

“Dora?” Anne called groggily.

“You are meant to be asleep young lady,” said Remus firmly looking over to where Anne had woken up.

“I can sleep anytime,” she shrugged, “I want to spend some time with you guys I’ve missed you.”

“Come here sweetheart,” said Remus shaking his head slightly.

“That can’t be Teddy!” exclaimed Anne.

“You’re getting so big,” she chuckled as she put him on her lap.

“Aunty Annie!” he said giving her a hug.

“He remembers me,” said Anne as she hugged him back.

“Are you going to be a big brother soon?”

Teddy nodded.

“Do you want a little brother or a little sister?”

Teddy seemed to think for a minute.

“Sister,” he nodded.

“Well Teddy,” said Remus ruffling his son’s hair, “we’ll have to see what the stork brings.”

Anne looked at little Teddy and she smiled when she realised that Teddy was going to grow up unaffected by Voldemort and his supporters. He could have a normal life, and from now on her life was going to be normal too.

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