Being Different Year 7

Anne Meets A Living Legend

Anne got dressed quickly in a pair of jeans and rugby jersey. She found the soft material of the jerseys comfortable for some reason and was today wearing an England rugby top. The only problem with ruddy England rugby tops was the colour was so impractical, they were bright white. How were you supposed to keep a white shirt white in a rugby match?

She plaited her hair into her two plaits and ate a slice of toast whilst waiting for Hermione to arrive. She couldn’t go to the muggle houses on her own, because as she was not yet seventeen she still had the trace so couldn’t apparate on her own. At any rate the Grangers needed to talk to the Potgers anyway, so they were picking her up at eight o’clock in their car.

When she finished her toast, it was five minutes to eight. She slid her wand into her jeans pocket, kissed Teddy on the top of the head and told Remus she’d be home in time for dinner.

Anne went out of the house to find Hermione and two very confused muggles who couldn’t even see the house.

“Are you sure we’ve got the right address Hermione?” asked Mr Granger.

“Yes,” chuckled Hermione, “she’s right there.”

“Jesus Christ,” shouted Mr Granger

Mrs Granger had screamed slightly

Anne had just appeared out of what must have appeared to Mr and Mrs Granger as out of nowhere.

“Mum, Dad,” chuckled Hermione, “this is Anne, Harry’s sister.”

“Um hello Anne,” said Mr Granger still slightly flabbergasted.

“Hi,” said Anne pulling at the end of one of her plaits.

“You got the addresses dear?” asked Mrs Granger.

“Oh yeah they’re here,” said Anne handing her a piece of parchment with two addresses written down on it.

“Well one of these is on the outskirts of London,” said Mr Granger, “and the other one’s in Devon, we should get a move on.”

Anne settled into the back of the car with Hermione and did up her seatbelt.

Mrs Granger checked the maps whilst Mr Granger got the car started.

They had found the Potgers house within an hour. It was a large house in a suburb just outside London.

Anne got out of the car and looked at the house nervously, one of the Seekers lived in that house.

She shook herself out of it and walked up to the door swiftly followed by the three Grangers.

“Go on,” said Hermione, nudging Anne towards the door.

She took a deep breath and knocked firmly on the door.

There was a sound of movement from within the house, and the door was unlocked.

“G’day,” said a man with a strong Australian in his mid-fifties opening the door, “can I help you lot?”

“You’re,” stammered Anne, “you’re, Ki Kieth Pot.”

“Keith Poteger, I’m well aware” he grinned, “and you are

“Um, Anne,” she stuttered, “Anne Potter.”

Anne was surprised that she had been able to say that much, she was standing in front on one of her idols, one of the four members of The Seekers.

“Oh,” said Keith in realisation, “Brenda’s told me a lot about you, said you might be coming round, something about an evil wizard?”

“I think we should talk about this inside,” said Hermione looking around nervously, “where we can’t be heard.”

“Oh of course, come in,” said Keith standing away from the doorway and ushering them inside.

“So, from what Brenda’s told me you’re a pretty big fan Anne?”

Anne nodded enthusiastically.

“I’ll have to see if I can get you some tickets if we ever make it out the other side of this bloody nightmare,” he chuckled.

“Brenda, Liz!” he called up the stairs, “we’ve got company!”

“Can’t you let a girl sleep?” asked Brenda leaning over the bannisters still wearing her pyjamas, her hair hanging over the banisters in a sheet.

“I only got back from school two days ago!”

“It’s some friends of yours,” called Keith.

“Hermione! Anne!!!” she screamed before rushing down the stairs in her pyjamas.

“Hi Brenda,” beamed Anne pulling her in for a hug.

“Hi Brenda,” said Hermione, “these are my parents James and Helen.”

“So you two young ladies are witches then?” asked Brenda’s Aunt Liz as she came downstairs having just gotten up.

“Yes,” said Hermione, “we’re friends from school.”

“I’m going to go put the kettle on,” said Liz.

“So,” said Keith as they all sat with cups of tea in the sitting room, “what’s all this about some old git of a geezer who’s got in for our Brenda?”

“Well I suppose the best way to explain Voldemort and his followers is like wizard Nazis.”

“Surely that must be an overreaction?” exclaimed Liz.

Brenda shook her head.

“Not in the slightest,” said Anne, “Tom killed my parents when I was only fifteen months old.”

“Who’s this Tom?” asked Keith.

“Yeah I thought you said his name was Voldy something.”

“Voldemort,” said Anne, “Tom Riddle is his real name, I’ve always called him Tom.”

“Ok,” said Liz, “so why does he want to kill our Brenda?”

“As we said the best way to put it is Wizard Nazis,” said Mr Granger, “you know how Hitler wanted to get rid of all the Jews?”

Keith and Liz both nodded.

“Yes well, Voldemort has similar feelings towards muggle borns like Brenda.”

“So, he doesn’t like people from non-wizarding backgrounds?” asked Keith.

“He doesn’t just not like them, he hates them,” said Hermione, “I’m a muggle born myself.”

“Why now though?” asked Liz.

“We are worried that Tom will be running the school before September, we need you all to go into hiding.”

“I can hardly go into hiding,” chuckled Keith, “I’m quite well known.”

“You’re not going into hiding as such,” said Hermione.

“You’re going back to Australia,” said Anne.

“Brenda said about as much when she got home,” muttered Liz.

“When are we leaving?” asked Keith.

“Sixteenth of July,” said Mr Granger.

“That only gives us twelve days,” stammered Liz.

“We’d best get packing then,” said Keith.

“Is it just us going?” asked Brenda.

“Yeah, couldn’t we take some of the other kids with us?” asked Keith.

“You will be,” explained Anne, “Brenda and nine other muggle born children.”

“That’s a lot of kids,” muttered Liz.

“The further they are away from this bloke the better though from the sounds of it,” said Keith.

Liz nodded in agreement.

“My Mum and Dad are going too,” said Hermione, “Voldemort’s got it in for me, so I need to get them out of the country.”

“Well, at least we’ll have a bit of help with all the kids,” said Keith.

“We’d love to stay and talk,” said Mrs Granger as she finished her tea, “but we have another family to visit.”

“Don’t worry that’s alright love,” said Liz.

“Sounds like we’ve got a whole house to pack up in twelve days,” said Keith.

The Granger’s and Anne piled back into the car.

“Just out of curiosity,” asked Mr Granger, “do the other family actually know we’re coming?”

“Yes,” said Anne, “I owled them last night.”

Mr Granger started out the car, and three hours later they were outside a large set of gates.

The electric gates were around a huge estate.

Mr Granger drove up nervously to the intercom.

“Good morning,” said a crisp voice down the intercom, “how can I help you?”

“Erm hi,” he stuttered, “I’m Mr Granger, we’re here to see Justin.”

“Oh yes of course, the family are expecting you,” said the voice.

The gates swung open, and Mr Granger drove down the drive way which was at least a mile long.

“Did you know that Justin’s family were so rich?” asked Hermione.

“I mean I know he was signed up for Eton and all.”

“Oh yeah,” nodded Anne, “the Finch Fletchleys are loaded, Lisa’s told me all about it. They’re very rich landowners, with the titles to go with it.”

“Are you telling me,” Mrs Granger stammered, “that we are about to visit a Lord and Lady?”

“Lord Johnathon and Lady Cynthia Finch Fletchley and their son Justin,” nodded Anne.

They had just reached the end of the driveway and parked in front of a huge manor house. A middle aged man and woman were standing in front of the house with Justin and Lisa. Lady Finch Fletchley was wearing a floral print summer dress and Lord Finch Fletchley was wearing a pair of chinos and a navy polo shirt.

“Anne!” exclaimed Lisa as Anne got out of the car.

“I only saw you two days ago,” chuckled Anne as Lisa threw herself at her.

“Hi Justin,” said Hermione waving.

“These are my Mum and Dad, Helen and George Granger.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” stammered Mrs Granger shaking Justin’s hand.

“These are my parents, John and Cynthia, Mum Dad, this is Anne Potter and Hermione Granger.”

“Its a pleasure to meet you Anne,” beamed John as he shook Anne’s hand vigorously, “we owe you and your brother so much!”

Anne merely shrugged, and the Finch Fletchley’s invited them inside where a lunch of sandwiches was being served in the sitting room.

“So, you guys already know all about Voldemort then?” asked Hermione.

“Oh yes,” said Cynthia “Justin and Lisa explained all about him.”

“He sounds like a right fucking bastard,” muttered John.

“John!” exclaimed Cynthia, “language.”

“No,” said Mr Granger, “he’s right.”

“Well we need to get muggle borns like Justin, Lisa and myself into hiding,” said Hermione.

“They’ve explained that too,” said John.

“We were wondering,” said Anne, “if you wouldn’t mind having some children here.”

“We’d love to help in any we can,” said Cynthia.

“But we’re not magical, if anyone comes looking for them, we’d be useless. Unless I could shoot them with my riffle,” chortled John.

“Oh we know that,” said Hermione, “but Lisa and Justin are nearly qualified, and Dean is going to be here too.”

“The Lupin’s might be coming as well, Mrs Lupin is an auror, that’s a professional dark wizard fighter,” explained Anne.

“And the house will be well protected, and we can show you how to put up the wards each night.”

“The only problem is,” muttered Hermione, “do you have a lot of staff here?”

“Well,” said Cynthia thinking, “there’s the housekeeper and the butler.”

“The groundskeeper, and the gardeners,” said John.

“And the cleaners,” said Justin.

“So not as many as there could be,” shrugged Cynthia.

“And um,” muttered Anne, “do they know about um er Justins powers?”

“Oh yes they’ve known for years,” nodded John, “they’ve all worked here for years, Justin’s accidental magic before we found out he was a wizard used to scare the living daylights out of all of us.”

“But they know not to tell anyone about it?” asked Mrs Granger.

“Oh yes of course,” said Cynthia.

“How many kids would we be talking about here?” asked John.

“Well there’s up to twenty that still need housing,” said Anne.

“We’ll take the lot,” beamed John.

“What will the neighbours say,” muttered Cynthia.

“Oh, I don’t know,” said John, “some kind of charity organisation.”

“Yeah, like a holiday home for orphans,” said Justin, “you know the sort of thing Mum.”

Cynthia seemed to be uncertain for a moment, but then she looked at Justin and Lisa, they hadn’t asked for any of this, but a madman was after their blood.

“Oh alright,” she sighed laughing slightly.

“Thanks Mum,” beamed Justin pulling Cynthia in for a huge hug.

“How long is this all going to be for?” asked John.

“We’re going to get rid of Tom as quickly as we can, but it could be at least a year.”

John nodded.

“You have no idea how grateful we are,” said Anne earnestly.

“Oh its nothing, as you can see we’ve got the room,” said John.

“It will be nice for it to be used for something useful for once,” beamed Justin.

“The rooms won’t be empty,” sighed Cynthia with tears in her eyes, “instead of the ghosts of the voices and laughter of the children John and I never had, there will be actual children.”

“It’s alright Cynth,” said John sitting down next to his wife and putting an arm around her as Cynthia burst into tears and pulled out a handkerchief.

“I’m the wonder child,” explained Justin, “Mum and Dad tried for years before they had me, tried everything. Eventually I showed up and they thought it was a ruddy miracle, and that was before I started showing my powers.”

“Well with twenty children theres certainly going to be lot of kids running around the house,” chuckled Mr Granger.

“And that’s without baby Teddy,” pointed out Anne.

“Who’s Teddy?” asked Cynthia as her tears started to subside.

“Remus and Dora’s son, he’s fifteen months old,” explained Anne.

“There’s something else we need to tell you,” Lisa muttered, “Remus is a werewolf.”

“A what?” gasped Cynthia.

“He’s fine!” explained Anne, “he just locks himself out of the way at full moons, he’d never hurt a fly.”

Cynthia and John seemed uncertain for a moment.

“You met Persephone last Summer, right?” asked Justin.

His parents nodded.

“Perfectly normal and lovely person?”

They nodded again.

“Charming young lady,” said John.

“Exactly,” said Justin, “well she’s a werewolf too.”

“Well I don’t see a problem if you don’t John,” said Cynthia.

“Persephone might have to come here too,” said Hermione, “she cant go back to school.”

“So we’d be hiding twenty children and two werewolves from the wizarding equivalent of the Nazi party?” asked John.

“Yes,” said Anne biting her lip slightly.

“Well,” he sighed chuckling slightly, “what’s the fun in life without a little danger?”

“What date will everyone be arriving?” asked Cynthia.

“The eighteenth of July,” said Anne, “the Lupins might come a day of two early to help you set up.”

“Fine by me,” said John.

They all shook hands and Anne left Justin and Lisa a coin to contact her on after having picked the code names of Gladys and Clive, from their favourite sitcom Hi Di Hi!

After that the Granger’s drove Anne back to Grimmauld Place, it had been yet another long day. She had left the house at eight o’clock that morning and got back home at just gone five.

“Heya Anne,” beamed Julian as Anne came back into the house.

“Hi,” said Anne.

“You been having more secret meetings with Ministry contacts?” he asked smirking with his arms folded across his chest.

“Oh yeah, and I’m going to wander around the Ministry in a muggle rugby jersey?” she asked sarcastically.

“Hi darling,” said Remus as Anne went into the sitting room, “good day?”

“Long day,” she groaned flopping down onto the sofa.

“What have you been up to?” he chuckled.

“Talking to the Potgers and the Finch Fletchleys,” she sighed as Remus pulled her in for a hug.

“How’d it all go?”

“The Potgers are fine with going to Australia as planned, the Finch Fletchleys have agreed to take the other twenty.”

“That’s a lot,” muttered Remus.

“You and Dora are going to move there too with Teddy, giving them extra protection.”

“You have been busy, haven’t you?” he chuckled.

There was no answer however as Anne had fallen asleep leaning into his body.

“You know poppet,” muttered Remus as he lifted her gently off of the sofa, “I sometimes forget how young you are with all you’ve been through. But underneath you’re still my little girl, aren’t you?”

Remus carried Anne slowly up to her bedroom, took off her shoes and tucked her into bed still fully dressed in her rugby jerseys and jeans.

“Get some sleep sweetheart,” he said kissing her lightly on the forehead before leaving the room.

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