Being Different Year 7

In Which The First Two Kids Arrive

The next two weeks were hectic, members of the Order were having to go around to all the muggleborns houses. They had to explain to the younger children that not only were their sons or daughters magical, but that the children also had to go into hiding.

Seeing as some of the children were only six years old, the parents were less than impressed to say the least, but unfortunately there was nothing that could be done about it.

They had a lot of families to get through, they had sixty muggle borns to move between the 15th and 19th of July, fortunately three of the members of the Order, Remus, Arthur and Landon, had muggle driving licences and cars. So, it wouldn’t be as hard as it could have been.

On the 8th of July, Remus and Anne had to some more visits, but these weren’t too muggle families, two of the children were in orphanages, one in Somerset, and the other in Cornwall.

Anne got up at six o’clock and pulled on a pair of jeans, and a blue and green striped rugby jersey.

“You ok Annie?” asked Remus poking his head around the door, he was already dressed himself in a pair of jeans and a jumper.

“Yep, all ready to go,” she said as she tied up her shoelaces on her trainers.

“Come on then,” said Remus, “we’ve got two kids to pick up.”

As they were collecting the two muggleborns today from orphanages they had to pick them up today rather than at some point next week. Both of the kids were going to be staying at Grimmauld Place anyway.

Anne settled into the front seat of the car; it was so comfortable she had to tried to stop herself from dropping back off to sleep.

Remus had rung the two orphanages yesterday to let them know that the children had been picked for a special school which even kept the children during the holidays.

“We’re here Annie,” said Remus as they pulled up in front of the first home at just gone nine o’clock.

Remus and Anne got out of the car and went to ring the doorbell.

“Good morning, may I help you?” asked a kind faced woman answering the door.

“Hello, I’m Mr Lupin, I’m a teacher at a special academy in Scotland, we rang you yesterday about one of the residents here?”

“Oh yes,” nodded the woman, “you mean Jack, I told him you were coming, he’s waiting for you in his room, he’s very excited already packed.”

The woman showed them up to Jack’s room.

Remus knocked on the door.

“Come in!” called an excitable voice.

Remus opened the door and they found a nine-year-old boy with dark hair. He was trying to sit on his suitcase so he could squeeze his overflowing suitcase shut.

“Hello,” said Remus kindly, “you must be Jack?”

“Yeah,” Jack beamed, “so am I moving to Scotland then?”

Remus smiled slightly.

“My name is Remus, and this is my niece Anne,”

“Hi,” Jack waved.

Remus shut the door and cast the muffliato charm on it.

“Jack,” said Anne, leaning down on the floor to talk to him, “have you ever felt that you were a bit.”

Anne stopped for a moment trying to find the right words.


Jack shrugged.

“Not really,” he explained, “I’ve got lots of friends, get on with everyone.”

“Jack,” said Remus sitting down on the bed, “do you believe in magic?”

“What you mean like Lord of the Rings?”

“Sort of,” chuckled Remus.

“How would you feel if we told you that you were a wizard?”

“A what?” breathed Jack.

“A wizard,” nodded Anne, “you can do magic.”

“Have you ever been ever to do something that most people can’t?” asked Remus.

“Sometimes the lights flicker on or off when I’m upset about something,” said Jack trying to think back.

“Anything else?” asked Anne.

“One time, I fell out of a tree, but I just bounced instead of getting hurt or anything.”

Remus and Anne nodded to each other.

“Can you two do magic?” asked Jack.

Remus shut the curtains on the windows in case anyone was looking in.

He pulled out his wand and levitated a book around the room.

“Wow,” Jack whispered.

“Can you do magic too?” he asked looking at Anne.

Anne pulled her wand out of jeans pocket and pointed it a teddy bear on Jack’s bed.

The teddy bear began to dance.

“Cool!!” exclaimed Jack.

“When can I get one of those?” he asked.

“I’m afraid you can’t Jack,” said Anne trying to explain.

“There’s a very evil wizard who is trying to hurt wizards and witches from non-wizarding families like you,” said Remus.

“You are going to have to go into hiding,” Anne explained putting her hands on his shoulders.

“But what about school?” stuttered Jack.

“Hopefully,” said Remus, “by the time you turn eleven, Voldemort will be gone, until then you are going to be taught at home.”

“Do you understand Jack?” she asked.

Jack nodded, there was just so much for him to take in.

Remus and Anne helped Jack pack the last of his things, he had two suitcases and a backpack of things, which they loaded into the car.

“So,” said Jack as he got in the back of the car “are we going to London now?”

“Not quite yet no,” chuckled Remus.

“We have another child to pick up first,” said Anne.

It was two and a half hours to Cornwall and Jack didn’t stop asking questions all the way. He was so excited, who was Voldemort, what was Hogwarts, why did Remus have strange scars on his face.

Remus answered all the questions as best as he could, Anne spent most of the time staring out of the window watching the landscape fly past.

“Jack,” asked Remus as they pulled up in front of the other home, “do you want to help?”

Jack nodded enthusiastically.

Remus went and rang the doorbell again.

“Hello?” asked a frantic man.

“Hello, I’m Mr Lupin I rang yesterday about one of your residents?”

“Oh yeah that’s right,” said the man running a hand through his hair, “sorry we’re in the middle of lunch.”

“That’s alright,” said Remus as they went into the orphanage.

“Are you sure you want little Livi for your school?” he stammered as he led them up to the room, “she’s only five.”

“Olivia is an exceptionally talented young lady and we would love to have her as a student at our school,” nodded Remus.

“Well, I’ll give you that she is bright,” said the man, “but she is a but umm different.”

“Olivia,” said the man poking his head round her door, “the people from the school are here.”

“Look, I’d love to stay and help,” he said frantically, ’but I’ve got the lunches to sort out.”

“That’s fine,” said Anne, “we can sort it out.”

Anne went in and found a tiny girl with long mousy brown hair sat on the bed. There was a suitcase and a backpack already packed ready to go and the little girl was clutching onto a teddy bear for dear life.

“Hi,” said Anne sitting down on the bed next to her, “are you Olivia?”

Olivia looked at Anne curiously before nodding.

“My name is Anne,” she said smiling.

“Olivia,” said Remus kneeling down to talk to her, “do you believe in magic?”

Olivia looked confused for a moment before smiling at him.

“Can you do anything special Olivia,” asked Jack, “something the other children can’t.”

Olivia hide behind her hair quietly.

“Remus,” said Anne, “is it ok if I talk to Olivia alone, I think there’s too many people.”

“I’ll be outside if you need help alright?” said Remus as he and Jack got up to leave.

“Olivia,” said Anne, “I think you might be a very special girl.”

“I’m a freak,” whispered Olivia still hiding behind her hair and clutching onto her teddy.

“And who’s told you that?” asked Anne.

“The other children,” she stammered.

“I don’t have any friends, Tom and Claire the care workers think I’m just too shy.”

“Why do the other children think you’re weird?” asked Anne.

Olivia just clutched even more tightly on to her teddy bear.

“Is it because you can do this?” asked Anne as she held out her hand.

She made a book levitate around the room wandlessly.

Olivia looked at Anne in shock.

“You can do that too?” Olivia whispered excitedly.

Olivia beckoned with her hand at the book that Anne had been levitating and it moved towards her lap.

“And a lot more,” said Anne, “you are a witch Olivia.”

“So, I’m not a freak?” asked Olivia.

“No, you’re not,” said Anne giving her a huge hug, “you’re a very special and talented little girl.”

“So, am I going to go to magic school?”

“No Olivia you’re not old enough, you can go when you’re eleven.”

Olivia seemed to be slightly disappointed at this.

“I’m afraid Olivia, there’s a very evil wizard,” Anne sighed, “he doesn’t like little girls and boys like you and Jack, he doesn’t feel like you should have magic.”

“Has he hurt people?” stammered Olivia.

Anne nodded slowly.

“I’m afraid so,” Anne sighed, “he killed my parents when I was younger than you.”

“He killed your Mummy and Daddy?” whispered Olivia with tears in her eyes.

“Yes, he tried killing my brother too,” Anne nodded.

“That’s horrible,” cried Olivia.

“I know,” said Anne giving her another hug.

“If he killed your Mummy and Daddy who do you live with?” asked Olivia.

“My Uncle Remus and Uncle Sirius were friends with my Mummy and Daddy,” explained Anne, “they’ve brought Harry and me up.”

“Is he going to try and hurt me?” whispered Olivia.

Anne took a deep breath and nodded slowly.

“That’s why you have to move,” Anne sighed.

Olivia nodded slightly as Anne dried the tears off of Olivia’s face.

Anne got off the bed and held out her hand for Olivia’s.

Olivia took Anne’s hand and held firmly onto her teddy with the other hand.

“Remus,” said Anne as they went into the corridor, “we’re ready?”

Remus came back into Olivia’s room and picked up her suitcase, Jack grabbed Oliva’s backpack and they all went out to the car.

Anne put Olivia’s car seat in the back of the car and strapped her in and then sat in the back of the car with her.

Jack got into the front with Remus.

They stopped at a petrol station before they hit the motorway back to London, to get some petrol for the car and some sandwiches and crisps for lunch.

Anne stayed sitting in the car with Olivia whilst Remus and John went into the petrol station.

“You ok Livi?” asked Anne.

Olivia nodded.

“I’m ok I’m just scared of Tom.”

“You’re going to be alright now Livi,” Anne assured taking hold of Olivia’s free hand.

“Here you go girls,” said Remus passing them their lunches as he got back to car.

“Two ham sandwiches, two packets of crisps and two bottles of water.”

“Thanks Remus,” beamed Anne as she opened up her sandwich.

“Do you want prawn cocktail or cheese and onion?” Anne asked her.

Olivia seemed to think for a moment.

“Cheese and onion please,” said Olivia smiling slightly.

Anne and Olivia looked out the windows on the long drive back up to London, Jack was still jabbering away asking hundreds of questions.

“Remus?” said Jack asking his thousandth question, “are all witches so quiet?”

Anne and Olivia had been looking out the window instead of joining in with the conversation for the last three hours and there was still two hours left.

“No,” chuckled Remus, “Anne and Olivia are just very shy young ladies.”

Eventually they reached the house at just gone six o’clock, twelve hours after Anne and Remus had left that morning.

“Are you two ready to see some more magic?” asked Remus as they got out of the car.

Jack nodded enthusiastically; Olivia gave a slight nod.

“Welcome,” said Remus clearly, “to number 12 Grimmauld Place.”

The house started to appear one brick at a time, squeezing itself between numbers 11 and thirteen.

“Woah!” exclaimed Jack his mouth wide open.

Olivia gripped tightly onto Anne’s hand.

Remus and Jack went to go get the bags out of the boot of the car.

“Come on you two,” said Remus as he carried Jack’s bags up the steps to the house.

Jack and Remus took the bags into the house, and Anne and Olivia walked up the steps. Olivia was holding firmly on to Anne’s hand with hers and was gripping on to her Teddy’s paw with the other.

“Hey Remus!” called Julian as they came into the house.

“You got the kids then?” asked Sirius.

“Yeah,” said Remus as he and Jack left the bags in the hallway, “this is Jack and Olivia.”

“Well I see a Jack,” chuckled Harry, “but I see no Olivia.”

Olivia had been hiding behind Anne, there were so many people all calling over each other.

“Livi’s a bit shy,” explained Anne as she tried to coax her out from behind her.

“Olivia,” said Anne gently kneeling down to talk to her.

“This is my Uncle Sirius, and Julian, and this is my twin brother Harry.”

Olivia waved shyly.

“Hi Olivia,” said Julian.

“Should we go pick you two out some rooms then?” asked Sirius taking Jack’s suitcases.

Jack eventually decided on a room on the fourth floor, which he was going to have to share with another boy when the others arrived next week.

Anne tried helping Olivia pick a room, but she seemed to be struggling

“I’m still scared,” she stammered.

“Of Tom?” she asked.

Olivia nodded nervously.

“You’re perfectly safe here,” Anne assured her.

Olivia still seemed terrified.

“Olivia,” asked Anne, “do you want to come in with me, I could look after you tonight?”

“Ok,” muttered Olivia smiling slightly.

Remus carried Olivia’s bags up to Anne’s room, so that Anne could keep an eye on her.

“You have such a pretty room,” said Olivia tracing the flowers that were painted on the walls.

“Do you like books?” asked Anne.

Olivia nodded enthusiastically.

“I’m going to show you something truly magical,” Anne said smiling and taking Olivia next door to the library.

“Woah,” breathed Olivia as she looked at the walls stacked high with books.

Anne and Olivia were halfway through going through some of the books when Tonks came to find them.

“So, have we got ourselves another bookworm?” chortled Tonks looking at the two girls kneeling down by the books.

“Livi, this is Dora Remus’s wife,” Anne explained, “and their son Teddy.”

“Hello,” stammered Olivia, she had never seen a woman with bright purple hair, let alone a baby with turquoise hair.

“Dora and Teddy are metamorphmagi,” explained Anne, “that means they can change their appearance at will.”

“Oh,” said Olivia still slightly shocked.

“Remus says you two need to come and get some dinner,” said Tonks beaming.

“Pizza?” asked Anne looking up from the books.

“Pizza,” nodded Tonks.

Anne and Olivia’s faces both cracked into smiles a mile wide and headed downstairs for some pizza.

After dinner Anne and Olivia headed up to their room.

They’d both had long day so they both took a quick bath and got into their pyjamas.

Anne was sat on the bed brushing through her long slightly damp hair.

Olivia was looking at her curiously as Anne braided her hair and tied off her plaits.

“Could you do my hair please?” she asked pulling at the end of one of Anne’s plaits.

“Sure,” beamed Anne as she got out some more hair ties.

Olivia sat in front on Anne and she brushed through and tied Olivia’s hair in two loose plaits.

“Meow!” cried Diana leaping onto Anne’s bed as she finished Olivia’s hair.

Anne flinched away slightly at her sudden appearance.

“Livi, this is my cat Diana, Di, this is my new friend Livi.”

Diana seemed to look at Olivia for a moment as if trying to size her up.

The cat started to walk cautiously towards her on the bed.

Olivia put out one of her hands nervously to pet her.

Diana started to purr loudly as Olivia stroked her.

“I’m glad you two like each other,” beamed Anne as she tied off Olivia’s plaits.

“Ok girls,” chuckled Remus coming into the room, “you two have both had a long day, get some sleep.”

Anne grimaced slightly as Remus passed her a vial of dreamless sleep.

“What’s that for?” asked Olivia looking at the tiny bottle.

“Anne has been having some problems with nightmares,” said Remus, “this helps her sleep better.”

Remus tucked them both into bed carefully.

“Go on Annie,” said Remus, “drink up.”

Anne sighed and downed the vial of potion in one, before getting comfortable on the pillows.

Olivia snuggled up to Anne and was asleep before her head even hit the pillows, she’d had such a long day.

“You look after them for me,” chuckled Remus looking at Diana.

The kneazle that was lying down next to the two girls nodded at him.

“Sleep well girls,” muttered Remus as he turned off the light.

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