Being Different Year 7

Welsh Dragons, Fairy Wings, and Fluffy Pink Tiaras

Anne had had a dream with a badger and a Welsh flag waving in the wind, the dragon on the flag was breathing real fire.

“You ok Anne?” asked Olivia nervously.

Anne had had the same dream the last two nights, Remus had been trying to get her some more dreamless sleep, but it was more difficult as school was closed.

“I’m fine,” Anne muttered reaching for her diary to write down about the dream with the badger and the flag and the dragon. This could be seriously important; it might help them find out where the Hufflepuff cup was hidden.

Today was the 14th of July, and the last day before they were going to have to start moving the rest of the muggleborns.

“Can we play with Teddy today?” asked Olivia as Anne finished writing in her diary.

“Teddy moved out yesterday Livi,” said Anne.

The Lupins had moved to the Finch Fletchley’s the day before, so that they could help set up for the arrival of the kids in a few days.

“I’ve got a meeting this morning, so you’ll have to play with Jack for a bit.”

Olivia shrugged and they both got up for breakfast.

“Hey girls,” greeted Sirius as they came downstairs, “what you two up to today?”

“Well we’ve got a meeting this morning, but I was thinking after that that we could watch some Disney films,” said Anne.

“I like princess films,” beamed Olivia.

“So do I,” chuckled Anne as she tucked into her bowl of strawberries.

“Am I invited to this Disney fest?” asked Sirius.

“Only if you wear a pink fluffy tiara,” said Julian

“Challenge accepted,” said Sirius, “you find the tiara and I’ll wear it.”

After breakfast people started arriving by flu, the kitchen was soon full of people, Irwin, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville, and for some reason that Harry didn’t understand Charlie Weasley.

“Livi,” said Anne, “can you stay and play down here with Julian, Jack and Sirius for a bit?”

“We’ll watch Sleeping Beauty, afterwards right?” asked Olivia.

“Of course,” beamed Anne giving her a huge hug.

They all headed up to Harry’s room to talk.

Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Neville all settled onto Harry’s bed.

Anne and Irwin were sat down leaning against the wall.

Charlie was standing in the middle of the room confused.

“Look, why am I here Ron?” asked Charlie.

“I don’t know Anne asked me to bring you,” shrugged Ron.

“I’ll explain later,” muttered Anne.

Charlie just looked even more confused and leaned casually against the closed door, his arms folded across his chest.

“So,” said Harry, “welcome, we all know why we’re here.”

Charlie lifted his hand slightly.

“Apart from Charlie,” chuckled Harry.

“As of today, we are reforming Dumbledores Army.”

There was cheering from throughout the room.

“Finally!” exclaimed Ron.

“So, what’s the plan then?” asked Neville.

“Well,” said Hermione, “we need you four to take over running it.”

Ron, Ginny, Neville and Irwin looked at each other excitedly.

“Not just recruitment and teaching defence though,” said Anne, “you’ll need to try and protect the other students from the deatheaters that will probably be running the school by September.”

“Sounds good to me,” said Neville.

“Try and get some of the Hufflepuffs involved, in the running too” said Harry.

“Maybe Hannah and Ernie?” suggested Anne.

“I’m sure Anthony will help out too,” said Irwin.

Anne got out her bag of coins and started handing them out.

“These will give you direct contact with me,” said Anne, “we’re going to be needing code names though.”

“They work the same as the coins I gave you in fifth year,” explained Hermione, “but the messages only go through to Anne rather than to everyone in the group.”

All four of them were Monty Python fans, so Ron picked J.C for John Cleese, Irwin was M.P for Michael Palin, Neville was T.J for Terry Jones and Ginny was G.C for Graham Chapman.”

“I think that’s everything for now,” said Harry, “so if you guys could go downstairs the rest of us will join you in a bit.”

Charlie was looking even more confused by the minute as the other four left the room.

“Muffliato,” said Anne casting in the door as Irwin left.

“What the hell is going on!” asked Charlie.

“Welcome to the sub-committee, our mission Tom Must Die, TMD for short,” explained Harry.

“What?” asked Charlie.

“Charlie what do you know about Horcruxes?” asked Anne.

“It contains a piece of someone’s soul right? Some seriously dark magic that.”

“Yes well,” said Hermione, “Voldemort made loads of them.”

“We’re trying to find one, Hufflepuff’s cup,” explained Harry, “Anne said you might be able to help.”

“I’d love to help you guys but I don’t see how,” stuttered Charlie.

“You know about my prophetic dreams?” asked Anne.

“Yeah,” said Charlie.

“Well I think the Horcrux has got something to do with a dragon.”

“A dragon!” screamed Hermione.

Harry took a sharp intake of breath.

“Are you sure Anne?” asked Charlie.

“Hmmm” she nodded, “the dream had a badger and Welsh flag, but the dragon was moving.”

“Well, I think that makes it fairly obvious where its hidden,” said Harry, “Wales.”

“Wales is a big country Harry,” Hermione pointed out, “especially as we have no idea where its hidden.”

“It does make sense though,” muttered Anne, “Helga Hufflepuff is supposed to be from Wales.”

“With any luck all we’re dealing with is a Common Welsh Green,” said Charlie, “they aren’t as dangerous as some of the other dragons.”

“Still going to have trouble tracking it down though,” said Harry.

“So,” asked Harry hopefully, “can you help us?”

The three of them looked at Charlie, without him they didn’t stand a chance.

“I’m taking a year off to help the Order,” Charlie sighed, “I’m due back in Romania next April.”

“So we’ve got till April to find it then,” said Harry.

“When are we leaving for Wales?” asked Hermione.

“We’ve got to get all the muggleborns safe first,” said Anne.

“I’m Bill’s best man,” said Charlie, “I cant miss the wedding.”

“We’ll start getting ready,’ said Hermione, “but if Voldemort hasn’t taken over by then, we’ll leave on the 2nd of August, day after the wedding.”

“If Voldemort takes over before then, we’ll meet in Wales immediately,” said Harry.

“Where in Wales am, I supposed to meet you guys?” chuckled Charlie, “it’s a big country.”

“Lampeter, it’s in Ceredigion,” said Anne remembering the place that Anne had dreamt about in her first ever prophetic dream four years ago.

“We’ll somewhere obvious to meet, a landmark,” said Charlie.

“The war memorial,” said Hermione, “every village and town have one, you can’t miss them.”

“So, if Tom takes over the Ministry before the second, we meet at the war memorial in Lampeter?” confirmed Anne.

They all nodded and headed back downstairs, Neville had already gone back home as he had to help his Gran and Winky get ready for the arrival’s tomorrow.

Ron, Ginny and Irwin were in the sitting room with Jack and Olivia. Olivia had been going through the video tapes to find the princess films and Irwin had been helping her.

“Come on you two,” said Charlie looking at Ron and Ginny, “mum was reluctant to let us leave for this long.”

“Back to wedding hell it is then,” groaned Ron.

“Bye Gin,” grinned Harry giving Ginny a kiss before she left with her brothers.

“I should probably go too,” muttered Hermione, “Mum and Dad are leaving in a few days, I want to spend some time with them.”

“Did you get all the documents in the post?” asked Anne.

“Yep, fourteen passports, flight tickets, and prefilled in customs forms,” nodded Hermione.

“Whoever your contact is Sis, they’re bloody organised,” chuckled Harry.

“See you in a few days Hermione,” said Anne giving her a huge hug.

Anne helped go through the videos and they soon found Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast and the latest film Pocahontas which none of them had watched yet.

“Look what I’ve found,” gloated Julian dancing into the room with a huge box.

“Give me that box!” screamed Sirius following him.

“I found Anne’s dressing up stuff in the attic,” he chuckled Julian and “guess what I found in there?”

Julian fished out a pink fluffy tiara from the box.

“We had a deal Sirius!” he cackled.

“Fine,” grumbled Sirius taking the tiara from Julian and putting it on his head.

“This is possibly the best thing I’ve ever seen,” laughed Harry struggling to breath.

“Should we go get a camera?” suggested Jack.

“I like you’re thinking kid,” chuckled Harry as they legged it from the room

“Can I have a tiara?” asked Olivia.

“Of course,” chuckled Anne, “let’s see if we can find you one.”

By the time that Harry and Jack came back from finding the camera, Julian was wearing a golden crown, and a purple cape.

Olivia was wearing a pink and silver tiara with matching fairy wings and a fairy wand.

Anne was wearing a fake flower garland of purple flowers and matching fairy wings.

Irwin meanwhile was wearing a silver and blue tiara, with a set of blue fairy wings.

Even Dobby and Kreacher had joined them but whilst Kreacher wasn’t wearing any fancy dress, Dobby had a pair of rainbow fairy wings and a pink ballet tutu that had been Anne’s when she was about three.

“I think we’ll leave them to it,” chuckled Harry once he and Jack had managed to grab a picture.

Harry and Jack had wanted to get out of the room before the first princess film started. Harry spent the day teaching Jack all about how Quidditch worked.

Anne, and Irwin were sat on one of the two sofas with Olivia in between them.

They watched the three films and then watched the Lion King because it was still a little bit early.

“I should get going,” said Irwin checking his watch.

“Don’t go!” begged Olivia trying to grab onto his arm.

“I’m sorry little Livi,” said Irwin giving her a hug before he took off his fairy wings and tiara.

“My little brother and sister will wonder where I am,” he said.

“Hey Livi,” said Anne, “we could read some more Narnia if you want to?”

Olivia seemed uncertain for a moment.

“Ok,” she nodded letting go off Irwin’s arm.

“I’ll see you in a few days Annie,” said Irwin giving Anne a kiss on top of the head.

Anne and Olivia were up in Anne’s room reading The Horse and his Boy. Anne looked up from the book and saw that Olivia was looking slightly nervous again, her fairy wings were beginning to droop.

“There something wrong Livi?”

“When are the other children arriving?” she asked curiously.

“The nineteenth,” said Anne “that’s not for five whole days.”

“Do you think they’ll think I’m a freak?” she asked.

“No,” Anne assured her, “they’re all magical too.”

“What if I don’t make any friends?”

“You’ll be fine Livi,” chuckled Anne, before turning back to the book.


“Hmm?” Anne muttered looking up from the book.

“Are you going to be leaving?”

“Why do you ask?” said Anne.

“Because you’re not going back to school,” said Olivia, “Julian mentioned it.”

“So that should mean I’m not leaving though,” Anne chuckled.

“If you’re not going back to school you’re doing something else,” Olivia reasoned.

“It’s to do with Tom isn’t it?”

“You know little one,” smiled Anne, “you are a tiny bit too clever for your own good.”

“You said there was no such thing as too clever,” said Olivia confused.

“So I did,” Anne beamed.

“So it is something to do with Tom?”

“Yeah,” muttered Anne, “Harry, Hermione, Charlie and I have a very important job to do, and its to do with Tom.”

“What if you don’t come back?” sobbed Olivia.

“Livi,” said Anne firmly, “listen to me, do you trust me?”

Olivia nodded slightly through her tears.

“I promise that I am going to do my hardest to come back safe and sound,” said Anne pulling her in for a hug.

“Tell you what,” said Anne releasing her from the hug.

Both of them were crying now, tears running right down their cheeks.

“I don’t know how long me and Harry are going to gone for, but I want you to look after this room for me and look after little Diana.”

Olivia nodded again.

“Diana’s a kneazle so she’s very protective, you two are going to look after each other for me alright?”

“Ok,” Olivia muttered.

“Now then,” said Anne drying the tears off her face, “do you want me to introduce you to the legendary music of The Seekers?”

Olivia nodded enthusiastically and Anne played the music on her Walkman.

Eventually, they both knew they had to get to bed, tomorrow operation Dunkirk as the Finch Fletchley’s called it began.

Anne looked quickly at the calendar over her bed before she went to sleep.

15th Longbottom’s
16th Potger’s
17th Lyall & Legolas
18th Finch Fletchley’s
19th Scamander’s
20th Grimmauld Place


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