Being Different Year 7

Operation Dunkirk- Phase Matilda

And so, the week of madness began. The first day, Anne stayed at home with Jack and Olivia whilst Sirius and Landon got the first six muggleborns to the Longbottom’s. The other five days Anne was going to be helping.

Fortunately, the first day went well, the children were safely collected from their families and delivered to the Longbottom’s.

The second day Anne had her nightmares again and woke up at four thirty in the morning.

She checked that Olivia was still sleeping soundly, before getting out of bed.

They had to collect nine muggleborns and get them to the airport in time for the flight at four o’clock this afternoon.

She double checked the documents that Percy had sent in the post the day before. If the Grangers and the Potgers handed in these at passports when they got to Australia. The Australian Ministry of Magic were expecting them and if they handed in these documents, the people at passports were going to put them in contact with the Ministry officials in Australia.

She got dressed without turning the light on in a pair of jeans and a light pink tee shirt. She had plaited her hair so many times she didn’t even the light on to do her hair.

She gave Olivia a quick kiss on the forehead before she headed downstairs with the paperwork and list of addresses.

“You ready kiddo?” asked Sirius as they both pulled on muggle jackets in the hallway.

“Yeah,” nodded Anne.

“Lets get going then,” he nodded.

They had three children to collect from their families before the flight, the Grangers and the Potegers were getting another two each and Landon was picking up two children from Wales.

“So where we going today then?” asked Sirius.

“Um Yorkshire,” said Anne double checking her list, “and then Manchester twice.”

“Two from Manchester?” asked Sirius.

“One of the boys is from Scotland, so his parents have put him on a train down to Manchester and we’re picking him up from there.”

“Ok,” muttered Sirius as he started to head off for Yorkshire.

When they got to Yorkshire, they stopped outside a stone cottage on the outskirts of a small village.

It was still only seven o’clock in the morning, but the sun was rising over the dales.

Anne got out of the car and went to knock on the cottage door.

“Hi Anne,” beamed Susan Pegden a third year Ravenclaw girl who was friends with Brenda.

Susan was halfway through a slice of toast and had only half done her hair but there was two suitcases and a backpack standing ready to go in the hallway.

“Come in for some breakfast,” asked Mrs. Pegden who was making eggs and bacon with toast.

“We don’t have much time,” stammered Anne.

“Yeah but our Susie won’t be ready for another twenty minutes,” pointed out Mr Pegden.

“Oh alright,” shrugged Sirius as he tucked into a generous plate of bacon and eggs and a cup of tea whilst Susan finished getting ready to leave.

“Just in case we haven’t already got the point across,” said Mrs Pegden, “we are so grateful for everything you’re doing for our Susie.”

“That’s alright,” chuckled Sirius.

After a quick breakfast, Sirius went around the house putting some basic wards up around the Pegden’s house in case the Ministry came looking for Susan.

“Good luck Susie,” said Mr Pegden once they had loaded her bags into the boot.

“You’ve got your wand?” asked Mrs Pegden.

“Of course,” said Susan shaking her head.

“See you when this is all over then,” said Mr Pegden giving her one last hug before she got in the car.

They got to Manchester by just before nine o’clock and picked another muggleborn up from their house and packed the car.

“Right,” said Sirius getting back in the car which was getting fuller by the minute, “one more stop and then off to Aussie land.”

They drove to the train station where there was a fifteen-year-old Gryffindor boy with a backpack and a suitcase.

“You’re Trevor, right?” asked Anne getting out of the car.

“Yeah,” he nodded, “you’re Harry’s sister?”

“Yes,” beamed Anne.

“Ok then,” said Sirius as he loaded the last bag into the boot, “its ten o’clock, we’re meeting the Grangers and the Potgers at Heathrow at two o’clock.”

“Everyone got their passports?” asked Sirius.

“Yep!” said the three kids fishing them out of their backpacks.

“The Potgers have the tickets and the customs forms, so we need to get a move on.”

They managed to get to Heathrow with an hour to spare and had a quick lunch at the airport before the others arrived.

Once everyone arrived, they went through passports and security and then headed for the correct gate.

“This is from my contact,” said Anne handing Keith the paperwork as they waited to board, “give these in at passports when you get there, and the Ministry representatives will be there to welcome you.”

“Bye Mum, Dad” sobbed Hermione hugging her parents.

“We’ll be ok love,” said Mrs Granger also crying.

“You just look after yourself alright?” asked Mr Granger.

Hermione nodded slightly.

“The 4:00 flight to Sydney Australia will begin boarding in a few moments,” said a voice down the tanoy system.

“Good luck,” said Landon as he hugged some of the kids goodbye.

“Let us know when you get there yeah?” asked Anne, “use the coin.”

Brenda nodded and gave Anne one last hug before they went to line up to board.

Sirius, Anne, Hermione and Landon watched through the window nervously as they boarded the plane and the plane took off from the ground.

They were out of the country safe, and nobody had got caught or hurt in the process.

“Thank Merlin for that,” muttered Sirius as they all headed back to their cars.

They had now managed to get eighteen of the muggleborns into safety, over the next four days they had just over forty more to sort out.

“How it go?” asked Julian as Sirius, Hermione and Anne flopped themselves down at the dinner table.

“Well we’re still, here aren’t we?” asked Sirius, “if it hadn’t gone well, we probably would all be dead.”

“Mistress Anne is not eating her food!” said Kreacher, “I has made her favourite lasagne.”

“Eat something kiddo,” prompted Sirius as Anne stared at her plate of food.

“What if something goes wrong Sirius?” she asked as she played with the pasta with her fork.

“They’ll be fine sis,” said Harry as he ate his dinner.

“Look five more days and this will all be over,” said Julian.

Anne nodded slightly and got up from the table leaving her food still completely untouched.

Anne ran up to her room and fell onto her bed head falling onto the pillows.

Knock, knock, knock.

“I’ll just be a minute Livi,” said Anne lifting her head from the pillows for a second.

“Hey there Annie,” said Irwin softly sitting down on the bed next to her.

“What’s got my auburn locked goddess so upset then?”

“What if we got caught?” she sobbed, “we’d all die!”

“It’ll be ok Annie I promise, the plans watertight,” he assured her.

“Come here Annie,” he said opening his rms wide.

“You’re going to be ok,” he said softly as he stroked her hair.

“Want me to stay here tonight?” he asked once Anne had started to calm down.

“Livi,” Anne stammered.

“She likes me,” he chuckled.

Anne nodded slightly as Irwin continued to stroke her hair.

“Anne you ok?” asked a small voice from the doorway.

Anne gave Olivia a watery smile.

“Come here little princess,” said Irwin.

Olivia rushed over to the bed and joined them in a huge hug.

“Before you know it Annie this is all going to be over,” he chuckled.

“Yeah but then there’s Tom,” she said still crying slightly.

“You have got a point there,” muttered Irwin.

“Anne?” asked Olivia after a while.

“Hmmm?” she muttered as Olivia leant into them.

“Can we listen to The Seekers?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” said Irwin as he waved his wand and the music started blaring.

Anne, and Irwin eventually fell asleep their arms around each other, and Olivia was fast asleep between them leaning into them.

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