Being Different Year 7

Operation Dunkirk- Phase Legolas

“Annie,” muttered Irwin, shaking her slightly.

“Hmmm?” she mumbled drowsily.

“We need to get going, Dad and you have four kids to sort out today,” he whispered trying not to wake up Olivia.

Anne didn’t feel like she’d slept so well in weeks.

Anne pulled herself out of bed and put on a fresh tee-shirt and jeans before redoing her hair in their plaits.
Irwin and Anne quickly flued over to the Scamanders.

“Anne!!!” screamed Aislynn as she arrived in the sitting room.

“Slow down there poppet,” said Landon pulling Aislynn of off her.

“When’s my new roommate arriving?” she asked excitedly

“Two days,” said Landon as he found his car keys.

“Hey there, my little flower fairy,” beamed Irwin as he came back through the flu.

Irwin dusted the ash off of himself and lifted his little sister straight in the air.

“I’ll be back tonight Aish,” said Landon as he and Anne headed towards the car.

“So what we got today?” asked Landon as Anne got into the front of the car.

Anne noticed that Mr. Weasley had been using expanding charms on Landon’s car, because the front seat had been stretched into a park bench to seat two people, there was enough room for five people in the back, and there was enough space for at least four or five trunks in the boot of the car.

“Yes, I know,” chuckled Landon as Anne looked around the car.

“Arthur’s been working his magic again, it’s made family outings so much easier though, and if he hadn’t, we would never have been able to fit three children and their luggage in here.”

“So, where we headed first?”

“A pair of brothers in Wales,” she said checking her list, “a six year old girl from Bristol and one more boy from Oxford.”

“And the safe house is?”

“A flat in London.”

“Just out of curiosity are you going to tell me who this person is?”

“You’ll find out later,” said Anne, “but you can’t tell anyone!”

Landon nodded in understanding.

They went to Swansea first to pick up the Roberts brothers.

David and Tim were already standing outside the house with their trunks. Tim was a fourteen-year-old Gryffindor who was meant to be going into his fourth year, and his younger brother David had only just turned eleven and should have been at starting at Hogwarts in September.

Their parents were waiting with them, Mrs Robert’s was still wearing her dressing gown.

“You got your wand Timmy?” asked Mr Roberts placing his hands on his son’s shoulders.

“Yes Da,” said Tim pulling it out of his pocket.

“I just wish we could have got you one in time,” he sighed looking at his younger son.

“He’ll be fine,” said Landon assuringly.

“You got kids?” asked Mr Roberts in an offended tone.

“Yes I do actually,” said Landon, “four, I’d do anything for them.”

“As would I,” he said threateningly.

“Mike,” muttered Mrs Richards.

“Its alright, please believe me, this is the right thing your sons will be much safer this way.”

Mr Roberts gave in grudgingly as Landon put up the wards around the Roberts house.

They helped load the boys two trunks into the boot of the car and then they got in the back together.

“Ok next?” asked Landon as Anne looked at the list.

“Juliet Smith, Bristol, aged 6.”

“Lets go then,” said Landon turning the key in the ignition.

Two hours later they were at the Smith’s house, Tim and David decided to stay in the car.

Anne walked up to the door and pressed the doorbell firmly.

A very anxious man answered the door and was looking around frantically.

“Are you with those phoenix people?” he whispered.

Anne nodded.

The man beckoned for them to come in and Landon and Anne went into the house. In the corridor there was two pink suitcases, a hello kitty backpack and a ragdoll.

“Are you sure there isn’t any other way?” Mr Smith begged, as they walked into the sitting room where a little girl with blonde bunchies was sitting wearing her coat and shoes

“I’m sorry but there isn’t.”

“Juliet darling come here,” said Mr Smith trying to hold back his tears, “these people are going to take very good care of you alright?”

Juliet nodded, her father had explained everything to her a week ago when Remus and Tonks had first visited.

“Take good care of her,” said Mr Smith as he handed Anne Juliet’s hand, “she’s all I’ve got left since her mother died.”

Anne put Juliet in the back of the car in her car seat whilst Tim and David loaded the car and Landon put up the wards around Mr Smith’s house as a precautionary measure.

Mr Smith was waving as he cried whilst the car drove away from the house.

“Only one more stop and then I’ll be taking you all home,” beamed Landon.

They stopped at a service station for sandwiches and then drove to a house in Oxford.

Anne went and pressed the doorbell.

“Mrs Richards?” she asked as a woman opened the door.

“It’s Dr Richards actually,” she sniffed with her nose slightly in the air.

“Sorry um Dr Richards,” stammered Anne, “we’re here to pick up Brian.”

“Oh yes of course,” said Mrs Richards standing away from the doorway.

“Brian, its time dear!” she called up the stairs.

“Coming Mum!” he called racing down the stairs, his father following him with a heavy school trunk.

“Hi Anne!” beamed Brian Richards who was a Ravenclaw and also meant to be starting his fourth year.

“Hi Brian,” grinned Anne.

“Meet my parents, Dr. Michael and Dr. Lucy Richards,” said Brian.

“Both your parents are Drs.?” asked Landon slightly confused, as he shook the Richard’s hands.

“They’re university lecturers,” explained Brian, “Dad teaches medieval history and Mum teaches 19th century literature.”

“Mum, Dad, this is Anne Potter,” Brian continued.

“Brian’s told us so many stories about you,” enthused Mr Richards, “apparently you killed a werewolf?”

“Guilty as charged,” admitted Anne.

“We would like to thank you for protecting our son,” said Mrs Richards.

“Can we offer you any money?” asked Mr Richards pulling out his wallet.

Anne refused the money, she had deposited enough money from her and Harry’s immense vault to cover expenses for each of the children for a year, if she had to get out more, they’d get round to it.

“Got your wand?” asked Mrs Richards.

“How could I forget it Mum,” said Brian shaking his head.

“Well get on with you then,” said Mr Richards giving his son one last hug.

Landon put up the wards, whilst Mr Richards and Brian loaded the trunk into the boot.

“You have got to be kidding me?” groaned Tim as Brian got into the back of the car.

“Is there a problem boy’s?” asked Landon turning around in his seat.

“We and Timothy don’t get on,” sighed Brian.

“It’s Tim,” spat Tim.

“Well,” said Landon, “whether you two like it or not, you are going to have to learn how to get on. You are going to be living together and sharing a room for Merlin knows how long.”

Landon started up the engine and Tim and Brian glared at each other for at least an hour.

“This is bloody ridiculous,” muttered David who was sitting between them.

“I am not sharing a room with that posh swat!” growled Tim.

Brian just stared out the window as though he had never heard anything.

“Well unless you want me to turn this car around and take you home, you’re going to have to,” Landon pointed out not taking his eyes off of the road.

“Fine,” grumbled Tim.

Brian was still staring out the window, Tim wondered how long he was going to ignore him for.

“Brian?” said Tim cautiously after he had calmed down slightly and started to see sense, “if we’re going to live together we might as well be friends.”

“You started it,” muttered Brian.

“When was that?” asked Tim.

“Calling me a posh twat of a wanker who you wouldn’t be in the same house as if they paid you,” Brian pointed out finally stopping from looking out the window.

“When was that?” asked Tim trying to think back.

“First day on the train,” said Brian, “you were trying to show yourself up to one of the girls in the compartment.”

“Oh yeah,” muttered Tim grinning sheepishly.

“I only opened my mouth once and you called me a posh twat of a wanker to the whole compartment,” said Brian.

“Sorry,” said Tim earnestly.

“And I’m sorry I reported you to Flitwick for cheating on that test in class in first year.”

“That was you?” asked Tim raising his eyebrows incredulously.

“Sorry I probably deserved it,” said Tim.

“Quits?” asked Tim holding out his hand around his younger brother.

Brian sighed slightly before smiling.

“Quits,” agreed Brian.

“Well thank Merlin that’s all sorted,” said Landon, “and for future reference Tim and Brian, don’t use the w word in front of Juliet.”

“What’s a wanker?” asked Juliet curiously.

The whole car burst into spontaneous laughter.

After another hour of driving Landon parked his car on a road of houses in London, many of which had been converted into flats.

“Landon,” said Anne urgently, “you cannot tell anyone what has happened today, especially not the Weasley’s.”

Landon nodded in understanding even if he was slightly confused.

Anne got out of the car whilst Landon helped Juliet out of her car seat.

“Hi Perc,” beamed Anne as Percy pulled her in for a hug.

“Hey Anne,” said Percy looking around frantically as he released Anne from the hug.

“Who’s he?” asked Percy looking suspiciously at Landon.

“Landon Scamander, Rolf and Irwin’s Dad.”

Percy seemed to be satisfied with this

“We should get this lot inside,” said Percy helping with the trunks as Landon got Juliet’s suitcases.

They carried the bags up to a flat on the fourth floor, where Penelope was already waiting for them.

“Landon,” said Anne once they were all in the safety of the flat, “this is Percy and his girlfriend Penelope Clearwater.”

“You’re Percy Weasley,” said Landon in shock, “the one that Molly’s always crying about.”

Percy blushed slightly.

Anne ignored the comment that Landon had just said.

“Percy, Penelope, these are Tim and David Roberts, Brian Richards and Juliet Smith,” she said indicating each of the children.

“Thank god you all got here safely,” said Penelope as she gave Anne a quick hug.

“Thank you for everything you’re doing Anne,” said Penelope whilst Percy nodded.

“I don’t know why people keep thanking me,” muttered Anne pulling at one of the plaits, “I’m not doing all of the work.”

“You’re doing most of it,” chuckled Landon, “and it was your idea.”

“And if you hadn’t the genius idea of coming to me,” said Percy, “this could have ended terribly.”

“I need to get home,” said Anne nervously, “you kids ok?”

“Yeah!” said David putting his thumbs up.

Brian nodded his head briefly, looking away from Percy’s collection of books.

“They’ll be fine Anne,” chuckled Landon as he led her away from the flat.

“Bye Perc Pen,” waved Anne as they left.

Landon ushered Anne away from the flat and they both got in the car to get back to Grimmauld Place.

“Bye Landon,” said Anne getting out of the car.

“Bye Anne,” said Landon before starting the drive home.

Anne walked into the house and dropped her jacket off quickly before trudging up to her bedroom and falling asleep fully dressed before her head hit the pillows still wearing her trainers.

“You’ve been pushing yourself too hard,” said Julian chuckling slightly.

He had seen her coming into her room from his room across the hall, and she had looked like a walking zombie.

He pulled off her trainers and tucked her in properly under a blanket before leaving her to get some sleep.

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