Being Different Year 7

Operation Dunkirk- The Final Stage

“Meow!” yowled Diana pouncing on her.

“What?” mumbled Anne who had been in the middle of a dream about a dragon.

“Naughty kitty,” scolded Olivia lifting Diana off of Anne’s chest.

“You woke up Annie!”

Diana started purring in Olivia’s arms.

“It’s difficult to be angry at her when she’s so ruddy cute isn’t it?” chuckled Anne.

Today was the last day of Operation Dunkirk, they had managed to safely move fifty muggleborns, and there was only eight left to be collected and brought to Grimmauld Place.

“You’ve got to admit Livi, Di makes a great alarm clock.”

“Are the other children coming today?” asked Olivia.

“Yeah,” nodded Anne as she brushed out her plaits.

“Can you do my hair before you go?” begged Olivia.

Anne checked her watch, she had to leave with Sirius in twenty minutes.

“Quickly,” Anne sighed as she started to brush through Olivia’s bed hair.

She brushed Olivia’s hair into two little plaits and then got dressed in a pair of jeans and a rugby jersey before putting her wand in her back pocket.

She had been practising her wandless magic when she could find the time, and she could now do everything that she could do with a wand without a wand, she only really used her wand out of habit.

“We’ll be back soon Livi,” Anne promised before she and Sirius headed out the door.

Harry and Julian were having to help get the rooms ready for the other muggleborns arriving today.

“So, who we got to pick up?” asked Sirius checking the list.

“Well Landon’s getting most of them,” said Anne.

“We need to pick up the Creevey’s from Somerset and an eight-year-old boy Kevin from Kent.”

“Ok then,” muttered Sirius, “so we pick up little Kevin, and then we got Colin and Dennis.”

Anne settled into the front of the car and had to try and stop herself from falling back to sleep, it was only just gone six o’clock in the morning.

An hour later they pulled out in front of Kevin Mason’s house.

Anne got out of the car to ring the doorbell as Sirius locked up the car.

“Hello?” asked a tall black man in his early twenties with a deep voice answering the door.

“Hi,” said Anne, “are you Mr. Mason?”

“You here about Kev?” he asked.

Anne nodded as Sirius joined her.

“You’d best come in,” said the young man standing away from the door.

“Kev!” he called up the stairs as Sirius and Anne came in and they shut the door.

“Kev! They’re here!”

“Coming Fred!” called Kevin over the bannisters.

“I’ve always wondered if there was something weird about my little brother,” chuckled Fred.

“One time not long after our Mum died when he was about four, I left him playing in front of the tele, when I came back five minutes later he was sitting casually on top of the roof, I had to get a ladder out to get him back down.”

“Was he alright?” asked Anne nervously.

“Oh yeah, he was having a great time, started crying when I tried taking him down from the roof.”

There was a thumping out in the corridor.

“That’ll be Kev,” said Fred shaking his head slightly.

They went out into the corridor and Kevin was trying to lug a suitcase that was bigger than he was down the stairs.

“Need a hand little bro?” asked Fred chuckling from the bottom of the stairs.

“It’s alright,” groaned Kevin, “I’ve got it.”

Kevin tried pulling the suitcase a bit further down the suitcase by placing it in front of him.

Suddenly the suitcase started to crash its way down the stairs, and Kevin was still stood at the top of the stairs watching its progress in shock.

“Arresto Momentum!” called Sirius having pulled out his wand and pointing it at the suitcase.

The suitcase slowed down and Sirius carefully levitated it down to the bottom of the stairs.

“Impressive,” muttered Fred shaking his head.

“Awesome!” exclaimed Kevin his eyes wide in amazement.

“You got everything Kev?” asked Fred as Kevin brought down his backpack.

“Yep!” said Kevin.

“You gonna be good Kev?” he asked putting two thumbs up.

“Yep!” laughed Kevin putting his two thumbs up.

“I’ll see you at the end of this nightmare ok?” said Fred giving his little brother a hug.

“Ok,” he muttered.

“Try not to get yourself hurt, no climbing on roofs or falling down staircases or anything.”

“He’ll be fine,” assured Sirius, “I’ll keep an eye on him.”

Fred helped Sirius load Kevin’s suitcase and backpack into the boot of the car, and Kevin got in the back.

Fred stood in front of the house, waving until his little brother was out of site.

“Ok let’s go pick up the crazy Creeveys and then we’ll get back to the house.”

“So, kiddo” Sirius asked as they headed to Somerset, “do you think we’ve got another Gryffindor on our hands?”

“We’ll have to wait and see,” chuckled Anne, “but you’ve certainly got the guts haven’t you Kevin?”

“Whats a Gryffindor?” asked Kevin excitedly.

“You know about schoolhouses?” asked Anne.

“Yeah they have them at some really posh schools.”

“Yeah well,” chortled Sirius, “Hogwarts is one of those posh schools. If all goes to plan in a couple of years, you’ll be going there.”

“Well at Hogwarts,” explained Anne, “you get sorted by personality traits. I’m a Ravenclaw which is the house of the wise and the creative.”

“I however am a Gryffindor!” beamed Sirius, “the house of daring and chivalry.”

“That sounds awesome!” said Kevin, “are there any other houses?”

“Well there’s Hufflepuff,” said Anne, “they’re hard working and loyal.”

“Sounds a bit boring,” grumbled Kevin.

“You’re right there,” chortled Sirius.

“They’re good kind people,” explained Anne, “not everyone can be as brave as Gryffindors.”

“Also,” said Anne glaring at Sirius, “Dora is a Hufflepuff, and she’s the least boring person I know.”

“Fair enough,” nodded Sirius in agreement.

“And then there’s just one more,” finished Anne.

“Slytherin,” spat Sirius.

“There is nothing wrong with them,” said Anne firmly.

Sirius gave her a significant look.

“There is nothing wrong with the majority of them,” Anne corrected herself.

“What’s wrong with Slytherins?” asked Kevin.

“They’re a bunch of pureblood, pretentious, cunning bast.”

Anne nudged Sirius in the ribs firmly.

“Snobs,” finished Sirius.

“They don’t sound very nice,” muttered Kevin.

“They’re not,” said Sirius.

A few hours later they pulled up in front of a cottage in Somerset.

“Anne!” yelled Dennis as they parked the car.

Dennis was hanging halfway out the window and waving at them.

“Hello Dennis,” said Anne shaking her head slightly as Sirius and Kevin got of the car.

“Mum,” called Dennis going back inside, “Anne’s here.”

Mrs Creevey came rushing out of the house to greet them.

“Thank you so much for coming,” she beamed pulling Anne and Sirius into a hug.

“That’s ok,” choked Anne as she was half crushed in a hug.

“I’m sorry Henry can’t be here,” she said as they headed into the house, “he’s got his milk round.”

“The boys are so excited,” said Mrs Creevey, “Harry’s told them all about how great you are.”

Sirius chuckled slightly, he was definitely going to have a right old time living in a house with ten muggleborns, two of which were the Creevey’s and two house elves. They would be lucky if they all made it out in one piece.

“Hi Anne,” called Colin as he started to try to lug his trunk down the stairs.

“Hey Colin,” waved Anne as Sirius went to help Colin with the trunk.

“This is Kevin,” said Sirius proudly, “our latest Gryffindor in training.”

“Kevin,” said Anne, “Collin and Dennis are both Gryffindors too.”

“And probably excitable and energetic for the whole house put together,” said Mrs Creevey as she came out of the kitchen.

Mrs Creevey was carrying several paper bags which were full of bacon sandwiches for the road, as well as some apples and packets of crisps.

They loaded the two school trunks into the car and finally headed back to London. Sirius didn’t know how he was going to cope, bringing Harry and Anne had been fine, there had only been two of them and Remus and helped him. But this time there was ten kids and he only had Julian to help him. And the worst part was going to be the fact that once Voldemort took over, none of the muggleborns would ever be able to leave the house.

They got back to Grimmauld Place at just gone two o’clock. Within seconds of them unloading the luggage from the car, Landon arrived with the other five muggleborns. A Ravenclaw Rachael who was supposed to be going into sixth year, Nigel and Richard who were best friends and Gryffindors and were both meant to be going into their second year, Chloe a Hufflepuff girl meant to be going into her third year and Emma who had only just turned eleven and should have been starting Hogwarts that year.

There was a mass accumulation of assorted trunks, suitcases and backpacks in the hallway as they tried to sort out the rooms.

“Ok!” Sirius called over all the cacophony of all the kids.

“Julian can you get Jack and Olivia, we need out sort out room allocations.”

Everyone left their bags in the hallway and they all went into the living room.

“Ok,” said Julian trying to assemble some form of order, “we’ve got four empty rooms.”

“Five,” interrupted Harry, “Hermione and I are moving in with you until after Bill’s wedding.”

“Livi’s already in my room,” said Anne.

“So, nine people five rooms,” muttered Sirius jotting that down.

“Anyone want already know someone they want to share with?” asked Harry.

Colin put his hand in the air.

“I want to go with Dennis,” said Colin.

“You two can have my room,” said Harry, “we can turn the double bed into two singles.”

“You two are going to love it,” said Sirius, “it’s Gryffindor mad!”

“Anyone else?” asked Julian as he wrote that down.

“I want to go with Nigel,” said Richard.

Nigel and Richard had been best friends since the first day that they had met on the train last year.

“Can me and Kevin go in together?” asked Jack.

Kevin and Jack had only known each other five minutes but had already discovered that they both loved Chelsea football team and they both hated maths.

That only left Chloe, Emma and Rachael.

“One of you can have your own room but two of you are going to have to share,” said Hermione.

“Do we have to flip a coin or something?” asked Sirius.

“No,” interjected Chloe, “I want to share.”

“I’ll go in with you,” said Emma.

“That ok with you Rach?” asked Anne.

Rachael merely shrugged; she didn’t care what happened as long as she was left alone when she wanted to read.

“Ok gang,” said Sirius, “you’ve got your roommates now let’s get those bags moved.”

The first thing Sirius did was turn the double beds into two singles so that it was easier for them all to share rooms.

Colin and Dennis went in Harry’s room, and Jack and Kevin went in the room which used to be Sirius parents. Chloe and Emma went in the room which was usually Remus and Tonk’s, and Nigel and Richard went in the other spare room on the fourth floor.

Rachael was in what was usually Teddy’s nursery, but the crib had been replaced by a single bed. Quite honestly though Rachael didn’t care if there was Winnie the Pooh wallpaper, if she got given her privacy when she wanted it.

And so, finally all sixty muggle borns were safely moved into the safety of their new homes. Anne slept soundly that night knowing that Operation Dunkirk as the Finch Fletchley’s had named it had been finished successfully without anyone getting hurt of caught.

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