Being Different Year 7

Welcome To The House of Fun!

Not two days after everyone moved in did the war begin. Pranks Wars!

Sirius was trying to do his hair one morning and was liberally applying the usual hair gel to his sleek black curls and his hands got stuck in his hair, somebody had added super glue into his hair gel.

Sirius retaliated by booby trapping the Creevey’s room with a bucket of dung bombs. But the Colin and Dennis tried claiming that it wasn’t them and then put fake bugs in his breakfast.

Unfortunately, the plastic bugs didn’t end up in Sirius’s porridge, but Chloe’s.

Within a few days it was all out war, pranks, water guns, dung bombs the lot. Within a few days, Kreacher and Dobby banned stink bombs as they were stinking out the house, so these were quickly changed to water bombs which didn’t make a mess or a foul smell.

There was only two safe zones in the whole house, Anne’s room because firstly Anne and Olivia hadn’t pranked anyone and didn’t want to get involved, and secondly Anne’s room had become a sanctuary of quiet when people wanted to get away from the madness of the house.

The only other safe zone was Rachael’s room. The moment that Sirius had booby trapped Dennis and Colin’s door, a sign had appeared on Racheal’s door.

This is a prank free zone. No dung bombs, no booby traps no fanged frizbees. If you wish to enter please knock, Rachael.

Just because Rachael had put this sign up on the door, the Creeveys with help from Sirius tried going into her room that night. They were planning on putting whipped cream in her hair.

The second they opened the door however the three of them were thrown back from the door by a knockback jinx and they had set off a caterwauling charm. Rachael had warded her doors against unwelcome visitors.

“I warned you,” said Rachael sitting up in bed as she turned off the caterwauling charm, and then closed her door using her wand and going straight back to sleep.

After that nobody had even dared to prank Rachael’s room, not even Sirius.

Kevin and Jack were both amazed, they were both new to the magical world, but it wasn’t just that, this house was just so crazy and fun. If you pranked someone, you wouldn’t get in trouble or punished, you would just get pranked back, even the adults Julian and Sirius were joining, it was so much fun.

Eventually two teams were formed, Jack, Kevin, Chloe, Emma and Julian all worked together with the occasional help from Rachael or Hermione.

The other team was led by Sirius, and he was joined by Colin, Dennis, Nigel, Richard and Harry.

Dobby would sometimes help, but Olivia, Anne and Kreacher were staying well out of it.

Every now and again they would call a truce and play a huge game of hide and seek. Grimmauld Place was such a huge house and there was so many places to hide that it was fun even for the older ones like Rachael as there was so many crazy places to hide.

One afternoon, there was a very long game of hide and seek, Sirius had been searching for hours but he just couldn’t find Emma. He had found all the others half an hour ago but Emma seemed to have disappeared and the others wouldn’t help him find her.

Eventually Sirius was looking through the kitchen for what felt like the fifth time still looking for Emma, when he thought that he could see a shoelace hanging down slightly from the fireplace.

He headed over and it turned out that Chloe and Rachael had somehow managed to hide Emma in the fireplace because she was quite skinny, and then they had gone to hide in one the kitchen cupboards quickly before their time ran out.

“I know you’re up there,” chuckled Sirius as he leaned down by the fireplace.

There was a light chuckling.

“No, I’m not,” an echoey voice chuckled.

“How did they even get you up there,” Sirius muttered as he helped pull a very sooty Emma out from the fireplace.

“I don’t think you want to know,” said Rachael shaking her head.

When they reached September they were all going to have to hit the books, Julian and Sirius were going to have to try and make sure that they all stayed on top of their studies, as they didn’t know how long they would all be staying and they didn’t want anyone falling behind when they eventually went back to Hogwarts. But as for now, there was still another month until September so let the havoc continue until then.

Anne and Hermione spent a lot of the time in the lead up to Bill’s wedding packing Hermione’s handbag which had an undetectable extension charm on it. They put the same charm on Anne’s backpack in case they ever got separated. The backpack for now was within the handbag.

Hermione and Anne up late one night, Olivia was sitting on Anne’s bed watching in interest.
Hermione was checking items off a list as Anne found a packed them, they were leaving in a few days now.


“Check,” said Anne as she put it in the handbag.


“Check,” said Anne as she put a tiny bottle of dittany in the bag.

“Burn protection salve?” They were worried that if they were going to be facing a dragon they might be needing some help when it came to the fire part.


“Map of Wales?”

“Check,” said Anne folding it away and putting it in the bag.

“Divination supplies,” sighed Hermione, glaring at the pile of assorted tarot cards, crystal balls and dream interpretation manuals.

“You can scoff if you like Hermione,” said Anne as she packed them, “but if it wasn’t for divination we’d be clueless as to where we were going.”

“Books?” asked Hermione.

“Could you be more specific?” asked Anne indicating the several towers of books they were planning on taking.

“We’ll come back to those,” she nodded laughing slightly.

Hermione grumbled slightly as Anne packed her crystal ball carefully.

“Socks?” asked Hermione hitting the clothes section.

“Seven pairs each,” said Anne as she packed twenty four pairs of socks.

Charlie had somehow managed to smuggle his clothes to them from out of the laundry right under his Mum’s nose that afternoon.


“Yep,” said Anne packing twenty-four pairs of pants.


“Three pairs each,” nodded Anne as she packed them.

This went for a while, they had to check they had everything from four toothbrushes and washbags to a runes dictionary.

They had also packed enormous amounts of toilet paper and enough canned and dried food to last them at least a few months. They might be going camping for months on end, but they wanted to be as prepared as possible. They didn’t want to have to go to the supermarket every other day.

They were halfway through packing several huge bags of pasta into the bag and Olivia was still watching with interest as they packed yet more into that tiny evening bag.

Suddenly there was a knocking at the door.

“For Gods sake,” muttered Hermione, “its two o’clock in the morning.”

“We’re a bit busy in here!” called Anne.

“This is important!” called Colin.

“What could be so important at this time in the morning,” said Anne shaking her head as she went to answer the door.

Colin and Dennis were standing in the corridor with beams a mile wide on both of their faces.

“We need your help with something,” whispered Dennis as he ushered them downstairs.

Anne followed them downstairs deeply confused Olivia holding onto her hand, Hermione had a feeling she might know what was going on though.

They walked into the sitting room which was pitch black.

“Is this some kind of prank?” asked Anne with her hands on her hips.

“Happy Birthday!”

The lights suddenly came on and the whole house was gathered in the sitting room in their pyjamas.

“Merlin you’re right,” muttered Anne laughing slightly.

She had been so busy getting ready for their trip she had forgotten that today was her birthday and that her and Harry were now of age.

“Happy Birthday Sis,” chuckled Harry pulling his sister into a huge hug.

“Happy Birthday Harry,” she laughed.

“Happy Birthday my gorgeous girl!” said Irwin getting up from the sofa where he had been sitting with Julian.

“Irwin!” Anne screamed as he lifted her in the air.

They had all been so busy since they the muggleborns had been moved into the safe houses that Anne hadn’t seen Irwin or Remus in over a week.

“I hope you’re just as happy to see me,” chuckled Remus.

“What are you both doing here,” stammered Anne as Irwin put her back down, “and at this time in the morning.”

“We’re here to see you sweetheart,” said Remus pulling her in for a hug and tucking a stray lock of her hair back behind her ear.

“But its half past two in the morning!” Anne pointed out.

“We’re having an all-day party,” explained Julian.

“Now I know its not traditional but this year we’re doing presents before anything else,” said Sirius as he ushered Harry and Anne over to the huge piles of presents.

Everyone was waiting eagerly for them to start opening their presents.

Everyone in the house had given her something. Chloe and Emma had been busy in the kitchen with Kreacher who had been teaching them how to bake, so they had made Harry and Anne huge tins of chocolate chip biscuits.

Rachael had helped Jack, Kevin and Olivia to make them both cards, and Emma had helped Olivia make Anne a bright pink friendship bracelet out of spare wool.

The Potgers had sent Anne a stuffed koala teddy bear waving a little Australian flag.

Remus and Tonks had gotten her and Harry brand new watches. Rather than the usual watches that they already had, this one told the time by planets instead of numbers. Olivia was fascinated and Anne let her borrow it whilst she unwrapped the other presents.

Julian handed Anne a fairly squashy parcel.

She unwrapped and found a bright red rugby jersey with a white collar and a dragon embroidered on the collar.

“I thought I should get you a decent team’s shirt,” said Julian as Anne held it up, “England’s rubbish.”

Julian had bought Anne a Wales rugby jersey. Julian’s father had been Welsh, and Julian had always had a bit of a soft spot for the Welsh.

There were only a few presents left.

Irwin handed her a small well wrapped box with a pink ribbon around it.

“I know you’re going away,” he muttered, “and I don’t want you to forget me.”

“How could she forget you?” smirked Julian.

“You’re bloody engaged to each other!” agreed Harry.

“Leave them,” muttered Remus

She unwrapped the paper and found a small box. When she opened the box and found a silver heart shaped locket. It had tiny flowers engraved on it.

When she opened the locket and on one half there was a picture of Irwin and on the other half a picture of her. They had been cut out from a photo that had been taken at the Yule Ball back in fourth year.

“Thank you, Irwin,” she said giving him a long kiss.

“Hem, hem,” interrupted Sirius as he passed her a box.

“Sorry,” she muttered as she and Irwin broke apart.

Anne took the last box from Sirius and started to pull off the wrapping paper.

“Its going to be a bloody long year,” said Sirius “and we’re all going to need each other.”

She finished pulling off the paper and found two sets of mirrors like the one she already had upstairs waiting to be packed.

“Communication mirrors,” said Sirius, “you have no idea how hard those were to get hold of, there’s one set for Remus and the other for Irwin.”

Anne was staring at the mirrors in shock.

“There’s only so much you can write on a coin,” he chuckled as he gave Irwin and Remus their mirrors.

Anne was beyond words, she was dreading leaving home in a few days and not being able to talk to Remus or Irwin for months on end.

She pulled Sirius for a huge hug and didn’t let go for a very long time.

“It’s ok kiddo,” Sirius muttered patting her on the back.

“Where’s my mirrors?” asked Harry.

“If you ask nicely enough, I might let Ginny borrow mine every now and again,” said Irwin.

“Fair enough,” grumbled Harry.

They cleared away the wrapping paper and then the party began. Remus had to go back home to Tonks and Teddy, but Irwin stayed the whole day.

They started off with the biggest game of hide and seek they had ever had; it went on for hours. It only ended when Julian found Kevin hiding in an old armoire in the attic.

Then they had a birthday breakfast, and everyone got dressed to play a huge game of football in the park outside.

Voldemort hadn’t come to power yet so they were making the most of the time whilst they still could, so they were still allowed outside for now at least.

Then they all had pizza and birthday cake in front of the tele whilst they watched videos. Harry and Anne picked a film each, but they had to be family friendly as Olivia was only five. Anne chose The Sound of Music and Harry chose one of their newest Disney tapes Hercules.

Only then at ten o’clock at night did Hermione and Anne finally get to finish the packing. The only things they hadn’t packed was their wands and their outfits for Bill and Fleurs wedding. They were going to be staying the night at the Weasleys after the wedding and then leaving first thing in the morning the next day.

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