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Masters' Kitten


"I should have watched the news before I left." "Maybe you should have." Percy Jackson is not your average fifteen years old. He was small for his age and was a bit of a troublemaker. Not that it was his fault anyway. Trouble just seems to gravitate to him. Although his size was not up to par, his intelligence was impeccable. He was one of the smartest kids in his grade besides his best friend Annabeth Chase. Just because he is book smart didn't mean he was street smart. Will he ever escape this sticky situation? I do not own Percy Jackson and the Olympians. It belongs to Rick Riordan.

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Just A Really Bad Day

Title: Masters’ Kitten

Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson and the Olympians. It belongs to Rick Riordan.

Main Pairing(s): Percy Jackson/Nico Di Angelo/Jason Grace/Will Solace

Side Pairing(s): Piper McLean/Annabeth Chase, Frank Zhang/Hazel Levesque/Leo Valdez

Percy Jackson Characters: Percy Jackson, Nico Di Angelo, Jason Grace, Will Solace, Piper McLean, Annabeth Chase, Frank Zhang, Hazel Levesque, Leo Valdez, Luke Castellan, Ethan Nakamura, Alabaster Torrington, Sally Jackson, Paul Bolfis, Gabe Ugliano (mentioned), Rachel Elizabeth Dare, Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano

Original Character(s): Christina Cruz, Kyros Hylton, Jonathan Barlow, Damien Jaegers

Warnings: LGBTQ+ Themes, mentioned child abuse, explicit smut/lemons, graphic violence, gay, yaoi, BDSM, cursing/cussing, foursome


“I should have watched the news before I left.”

“Maybe you should have.”

Percy Jackson is not your average fifteen-year-old. He was small for his age and was a bit of a trouble maker. Not that it was his fault anyway. Trouble just seems to gravitate to him. Although his size was not up to par, his intelligence was impeccable. He was one of the smartest kids in his grade besides his best friend Annabeth Chase. Just because he is book smart didn’t mean he was street smart.

Will he ever escape this sticky situation?

Masters’ Kitten

Just a Really Bad Day

|Third Person POV |

Percy Jackson left his apartment early in the morning in hopes of getting to school on time. But as always, he had really terrible luck. Not only did he miss the bus, he got splashed by a speeding taxi that drove through a giant rain puddle. All in all, he was late for school anyway.

Percy sat in math class droning out the lesson. His best friend sat next to him nudging him to pay attention every once in a while.

“Percy. Wake up. Class is over.”

The sea green-eyed teenager stretched and grabbed his book-bag. The two friends walked to their lockers to put their textbooks that they didn’t need anymore inside.

“What’s up with you today Percy?”

“Just a bad morning. Ugh, I have the worst luck ever.” He banged his head against his locker.

“Brighten up. Are you still coming over tomorrow?”

“Isn’t tomorrow your ‘girls night’? I am 100% sure I am not a girl.”

“Leo is coming too.”

Percy sighed. “I’ll be there. I’ll go after I finish my project with Jonathan.”

Annabeth smiled. “He is the college sophomore, right? The one Reyna keeps denying that she doesn’t have a crush on.”

“Yeah. We are going to work on tomorrow and over the weekend.”

“Good luck with it.”

The two friends headed separate ways for their next class. Percy tried to focus on the long and boring English lecture but the professor’s voice was so monotone it was putting the entire class to sleep. His ADHD began to act up as he quietly tapped his fingers on the desk. He tried to take notes but soon gave up and began working on work for another class.

The next two periods went by relatively quickly and soon the lunch bell rang. Percy met up with his friends outside in the yard by ‘their tree’. Percy leaned against the tree with Annabeth to his right who had her head on Piper’s lap. Leo was to Percy’s left sprawled out on his boyfriend and girlfriend. Reyna and Rachel complete the circle. They chatted about their week so far and their classes. Halfway through lunch, an unfamiliar freshman ran up to the group of sophomores and juniors.

“Um are one of you Percy Jackson?” The freshman shifted nervously at the gazes.

“That’s me.” Percy raised his arm.

“JB asked me to find you and give this to you. He said you wanted it for the project.” He handed Percy a textbook and a letter. The freshman then turned to take off.

“Wait! What’s your name?”

“Damien. Damien Jaegers but I go by DJ.” He ran off to find his friends.

“What is it, Percy?”

Percy turned the textbook over and gasped at the cover. “No way! He found it.” Annabeth looked over Percy’s shoulder and her eyes widened. “Woah. That book is out of print. I wonder where he got a copy from.” Leo wrinkled his nose in playful disgust. “Ugh gross. Who gets excited over a book.” The blonde whacked the back of the Latino’s head.

After lunch, Percy’s final two classes flew by. Science and History. As boring as the teacher made them, Percy kept himself entertained. Soon the last bell rang and the teen packed up his stuff to go home. He walks to his apartment humming. As he opened the door, the smell of warm cookies filled the apartment. Percy smiled and yelled ‘I’m home’. His mother, Sally, stepped out of the kitchen to greet her son.

“How was your day sweetie?”

“Same as always.”

His step-father, Paul, walked into the kitchen to steal a blue cookie. Sally swatted his hand and gave him a look. “Let those cool down first. I have a batch ready.” She places a plate of cookies in front of her boys who dove in almost instantly to get a cookie. She chuckled at them and set the table for dinner.

“Go wash your hands.”

“Yes, mom.”

Percy walked to his room and place his bag down and went to the bathroom to wash his hands. The teen sigh and splashed his face. He had this gnawing feeling in his gut telling him something bad is going to happen soon but he couldn’t figure out what. He shook his head and chose to ignore it. Percy sat at the dining table and began to tell his mom and Paul about his day. Paul suddenly asked questions about his project with the college sophomore.

“How is the mythology presentation going?”

“Great actually. Jonathan thinks I should write about Poseidon and Triton. He thinks I would fit right in.” Everyone chuckled.

“What is he doing his part on?”

“Zeus and Hercules. He said he wanted to go into how Zeus’ arrogance harmed the Ancient Greek society or something like that. I’m meeting him tomorrow.”

“Interesting. How everything goes well.”

The small family sat in the living room to watch a movie. Finding Nemo as Percy insisted. Sally fell asleep halfway through the movie and Paul carried his two-month pregnant wife to bed. Percy smiled and continued to watch the movie. His step-father came back out to tell Percy he could finish the movie by himself as he took care of his wife.

The sea green-eyed teen felt his eyes droop when the movie finished. He put on the news as he fell asleep on the couch. Unknown to the sleeping teen, the news anchor was reporting some important breaking news.

“This just came in. Three prisoners have just broken out of Rockwood Prison. ” Three images appeared on the screen. “Their names are Nico Di Angelo, Jason Grace, and Will Solace. All three of them were charged with murder, kidnapping, and drug trafficking. If anyone knows anything about these three criminals, please call the number on the screen. Everyone be careful and do not go out alone. Protect yourself and be attentive.”

Paul walks out of his bedroom and shut off the tv. He covered his step-son with a blanket before going back to bed.

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