Magdalen Figg had been placed into her grandmother's care at the age of five after her mother had a mental breakdown due to the strange things that happened around Magdalen when she was overwhelmed with emotion. Arabella is overjoyed seeing as she was deprived of a Hogwarts experience. Her story takes place in her sixth year, when she notices Draco spending a lot of time in the room of requirement.

Fantasy / Romance
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I stood at the back of the crowd at Sirius' funeral. The numb feeling is back, replacing anything I had been feeling before. Sirius had been standing right beside me as we dulled the death eaters, throwing spells left and right. He had been so full of life until he was pushed backwards into the veil. I watched as the light left his eyes, getting hit with a curse that I only just recovered from.

I watched as Harry crumbled in between Hermione and Ron, I cannot imagine what it was like for him to have lost another family member to the death eaters. As they lowered Sirius into the ground, Harry broke away from from Ron and Hermione and sprinted forward, clutching his headstone.

Hours after everyone had left, Harry was still there, staring off into the melting sunset.

"You Hungry Potter?" I asked plopping down next to his slumped figure. I held out a plate of snack foods to him, he took a grape and nibbled on it.

"He is a hero." I said staring out at nothing in front of us.

"Don't you mean was? Everyone has been referring to him in the past tense like..." Harry trailed off. I know what he was going to say, people were treating Sirius like he didn't exist anymore.

"No, I meant what I said Harry, just because he isn't physically with us does not mean that we put his actions to rest." I said patting his shoulder.

"Well put." Harry said sitting up a little. His form shook as the wind blew.

"Thanks," I said pulling out my wand "Accio blanket." I waved my wand and a blanket flew onto Harry's shaking shoulders.

"Thanks Maggie." Harry said wrapping the blanket tighter around him. I nodded.

"Is there anything else I can do for you Harry?" I asked, his tired green eyes met my brown orbs. The emotion in his eyes was so raw. Harry was really hurting. Without a word I wrapped my arms around my best friend.

"It's getting dark Potter, let's go somewhere warmer." I said standing up and holding my hand out to Harry. He took it and together we rode my broom to the Burrow.

The sky was covered in storm clouds when we arrived, Hermione and Ron were quick to run towards us when we arrived.

"Maggie, where have you been? Why is Harry shaking?" Hermione asked as she pulled us into a hug.

"Harry needed some time, I stayed with him until he felt like he could leave." I explained. I never had the luxury of having a few moments to myself after my mum died. Everyone flittered around me like Cornish pixies, giving me no time to let things settle.

Later that night I laid awake, Ginny's room felt different, I knew she felt for Harry. I could feel her heart break for him like it was my own. Her emotions ran that deep for the Potter boy.

"Gin, you awake?" I whispered careful not to wake a snoring Hermione.

"Yes. Weather or not I want to be is the question." Ginny said rolling over on her side.

"What's up?" She asked yawning.

"Have you told him?" I asked laying on my back with my hands under my head.

"Not yet, you can't rush these things Maggie. Not that you'd know." Ginny said in a teasing manner. I threw my pillow at her.

"Sorry but its true, when's the last time you've even looked at a boy?" Ginny asked.

"I'll have you know there more important things than boys." I said yawning.

"Like what?" Ginny asked.

"Okay fine you got me,there was one." I said thinking about a certain sandy haired Wizard from Ireland with a bad habit of blowing things up.

"Ah, I knew it. Who?" Ginny inquired.

"Why do you want to know?" I asked crossing my arms.

"Fine then, keep your secrets." Ginny huffed and rolled over.

"It's Seamus. I was talking with him during the summer before fifth year. I stopped talking to him all together when he called Harry a liar.

"Figg you're joking, you have to be. Finnigan?" Ginny said laughing.

"Yes well, I can be stupid at times." I said shrugging.

"Stupid is an understatement."


Sixth year started off with Harry entering the great hall with a bloody nose.

"Why is it that he's always covered in blood?" Ginny asked shaking her head.

"Dunno, I have my suspicions though." I said noticing he arrived only a few moments after Malfoy, who was looking different. Harry said he saw him accept the dark mark. I didn't question him after the department of mysteries. It certainly was in the cards for Malfoy given his father's position in Voldemort's little death cult.

"Maggie, you're awfully quiet." Hermione said looking over at me from across the table.

"Lost in thought I guess. I wonder how DADA is going to go now that Umbridge is gone. Did they ever rescue her from the centaurs?" I asked giving Hermione a knowing smile.

"I don't know what you're talking about." She replied with a confused look. I had the gift of foresight. It was a blessing and a curse at times. I tapped the side of my head and she seemed to give me an aha look.

Later that night I lay awake staring out the window at the moon. I could feel the shift in atmosphere, war was certainly on its way. The tension was so thick you could cut it in half. Would I be ready?

I silently slipped out of the tower for a moon light stroll. I didn't have a destination in mind but I did my best to become a shadow. The dungeons were closer than I had originally thought. I reached moaning Myrtle's bathroom fairly quickly. I would have kept going but I heard hushed tones from inside. An unknown male was conversing with a voice I distinctly recognized as Snape's dull tone.

"But what if I fail, what about mother? You know what he'll do to her." I cast the disillusionment charm on myself to blend in with the wall as I entered the bathroom. I slid underneath a stall as I heard the two continue their conversation. Peaking out of a gap in the doors I could see pale blond hair. There's only one person with hair like that at Hogwarts.

Malfoy shook as continued to speak to Snape, his stormy grey eyes held bags under them. He looked exhausted, and the pale glow of yhe moon wasn't doing any favors as it made the sharp angles of his face more noticeable. He looked as though stress was eating him alive.

"What if Figg catches on? Surely you've noticed her poking her nose in other people's business?" Malfoy asked Snape.

"You needn't concern yourself with the halfbreed Draco, she's incompetent with a wand, you can handle her yourself. If she gets in your way, she'll just have an unfortunate accident now won't she?" Snape said. My blood chilled at that. Was Snape suggesting that Draco get rid of me if I cross his path? Draco's eyes widened.

"You can't possibly mean you want me to..." Draco said.

"Why do you sound so put off Draco? I've seen you Jinx her before, a little mild hex is no different. Why are you so concerned about Figg? Do you care for that filthy animal?" Snape asked in a harsh tone. Draco's face turned bright scarlet at the mention of me, he looked a tad uncomfortable. My face and ears turned heated up when Snape brought my lineage into account. My father had been a werewolf. I got lucky and only ended up with great hearing and impeccable eye sight.

"Of course not. I don't want her running to Dumbledore is all. She'll ruin everything." Draco said straightening up.

"Then I expect you'll have no problem dispatching her if she intrudes. Snape said making his dramatic exit leaving Malfoy to crumble on the floor in a mess of tears.

Why did I feel sorry for the very boy that tormented me for five years?

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