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“Wow. Best friend betrays you, does it hurt” yoongi whispers to the drained boy who sat between his legs as he stroked his hair with his hands. Trying to calm the boy who frantically banged on the door with loud cries drawing more attention to the door until he was grabbed in. “He’s such a bitch. W-who does that t-to someone” Jimin says as he lays there voice monotone.

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So I’m posting this story here before I do on wattpad.

Beforehand I just write this laying in bed today. Which is February 26 on a Friday. 2021 at 4pm. But so on.

This will be slow updates idk.

Warnings are going to be before chapters. I don’t know if there is anything so important on this. This is going to be short chapters again I don’t know.

If you want to support me on other platforms my username for Ao3 and Wattpad are @snowywinteer_177 .

So yeah let’s get it



Okay sorry let’s go

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