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The Adventures of Silver And Ivy: Criminal Minds


Disclaimer* I do not own the criminal minds characters however the silver and ivy characters are my own. UPDATES IN PROCESS Currently living on earth and trying to fight a war, ivy and silver are in a weird situation when they get arrested for murder they didn't commit. What's going to happen now after they find the ones responsible? ⚠️Warning:this has drug use in it! Viewer Dicrestion Advised Contains lots of cussing! Long chapters! Quick note: My awesome best friend is the illustrator for the cover and maybe the story pictures above the chapters Illustrater: Trinity Scott

Fantasy / Thriller
Queen Ivy
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: You got to be kidding me.

~Tuesday December 3rd~

Ivy's POV
*beep beep*
Ugh I hate waking up early I thought as I looked at my clock turning off that alarm .
It read 6:30 am. I got up from my bed. Opened my door and went to the bathroom. My pink long hair was fading back into my original green hair color. Great. I thought. I started to put my hair in a bun and went to the kitchen. I could hear Silver snoring. I went to the drive and got ingredients to make pancakes, eggs, and bacon. I looked at the clock when I was done.
I knocked on Silvers door and heard a quiet groan.
That was her way of telling me to come in. I walked into her room.
"Oh,That's where the cups went!" I teased her.
"What do you want Ivy? I'm trying to sleep." She said annoyed at me.
I responded," I'm going to be gone for a few hours so I made you breakfast it's on the counter if you want any."
She replied, "It's 7:20in the morning where are you going."
I face palmed myself.
"Time difference on earth and my planet. " I replied annoyed.
"Ohhhh. Well have fun with your family. " she said quietly.
"Silver, why would I want to see them? I'm going to see Luke. He's on the Green Planet again and needs my help. Why would I see Leia? She's a bitch!" I said. I gave her a hug and went to the door.
"Oh and call me if you need anything." I said as I was closing the door.
"Ok." She said tiredly.
I opened a portal to my planet and went through it.
Home sweet home.
I started walking towards where Luke told me he would be. I went in to my castle. The guards immediately recognizing me opened the door.
"The Queen is here. Open the gates!" They shouted.
Wonderful now my mother will know I'm here.
I walked through the gate and they closed right behind me. I walked into the backyard and found Luke. He immediately turns around and stares at me.
"Your pink hair is fading." He said.
"Yea well don't remind me idiot." I said with a chuckle.
"Love you too sis." He said winking. We both started laughing and gave each other a hug.
"What are you doing here?Sister." I hear a voice say and immediately know who it is.
"Leia." I said sternly.
"Hello deary." She replied.
"What do you want." I asked about to beat her ass.
"To talk. Sister to sister. Twin to twin." She said.
"Haha no" I said.
"Come on ivy." Luke says taking my hand and we walk away from Leia.
I hate that bitch.

"I can't find it sugar." Garcia says worried
"You sure theres no registered people with those faces?" Reid says impatiently.
"Yes and normally I would find them and I'm looking at all every single country registration and nothin." Garcia says
"Let us know if you find anything else."Hotch says.
"Bye my lovelies!Garcia out!" Garcia says and she hangs up.
"How can two people be off the grid everywhere but yet still be around?" JJ says annoyed.
"It would be hard to be off the grid." Morgan replies.
"We don't know their names or anything. Just their looks." Morgan says frustrated.
"Wait what place do they often go?" Emily asks.
"they often go to that ice cream place around the same time every day. Maybe we can stay there and set up bait." JJ suggests.
"Great idea. Morgan, Reid go sit and wait for them. Emily will sit down acting like she's waiting for someone JJ, Rossi and I will wait in the car. We wait till 5:15pm to go." Hotch orders and he leaves the room.

Ivys POV
"Luke what are we doing? If you're making my play hide and Seek with you I'm about to kick your ass." I said with a giggle.
"I need to show you something and it's serious and I wanted to show you because it's going to hurt you." Luke says sternly.
He stops and points to a spot.
I could feel tears in my eyes as Luke look at the floor.
My boyfriend is with my sister!!! And she's preggo! I could feel tear running down my face.
"How long have you known Luke?" I said quietly.
"A couple days. I just wanted to be sure. And I would have told you earlier but you're off fighting our war on earth. I'm sorry-" he started rambling.
"It's not your fault. I don't know why I go to him after every time he does this." I said.
"You got to be kidding me Jason!" I yell.
"I-I can explain!" He said getting up walking over to me but luckily Luke stepped in front of me to block him from walking to me.
"You're cheating on me with my sister and she's pregnant! There's nothing to explain!" I said crying even more.
"I'm going home Luke. Text me later." I said.
Before Jason could say anything I teleported myself to my house. I noticed silvers door was open. Then I noticed her on the couch. It was 12:30pm.
"Hey." I said sadly.
"Hey- wait what's wrong? Who hurt you? Do I have to beat someone up?!" She exclaimed.
"Jason cheated on me. Again. but with Leia." I said about to sob again. Her eyes widened and she teleported. I imagine to beat up Jason. I went to sit on the couch. I turned the tv on to watch Grey's Anatomy. I started to become tired and I fell asleep.

A/n this is my first fan fiction! I hope you enjoy and keep reading! Sorry it's long!
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