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Collision of Fates

Chapter 1 - A Dark Omen

General Hux! How far are we with the building process? Supreme Leader Snoke demands an update. "„It is going exactly like scheduled. The battle station will be fully operational in three weeks Sir. "„That's good to hear. I will report to Snoke immediately. You stay here and keep surveilling the progress. " "As you wish Sir Prado." Elion Prado left the control center of the star destroyer he currently was on. He was a tall man and about 30 years old. His slender figure often led to people underestimating him. A mistake nobody ever made twice. Despite his appearance, he was one of the strongest and most dangerous fighters of the First Order. In his youth, he tended to get mad at people who thought of him as weak but now, he figured it was an advantage in battle to be underestimated. When Prado finally found a quiet room to contact Snoke, he hesitated for a moment. He had been with the First Order for 15 years now and Snoke still send a chill down his spine every time he spoke. Prado ran his fingers through his light blonde hair, as he always did when he was nervous. A few moments later he channelled the connection. "Elion Prado. What information do you have for me?" Although the hologram of Snoke was only the size of a child, his deep and intimidating voice filled the whole room. "Supreme Leader, the building process is going exactly as scheduled. The battle station will be operational in three weeks." "Good." Snoke paused for a moment. "My apprentice. I want you to come join me. I want to talk to you in person." "Of course, Supreme Leader. What is it about," Prado asked a little bit weary. "You will find out soon enough. You know how to find me." Before Prado could ask any more questions, the transmission had been cancelled by Snoke. He knew that he must not let Snoke wait so he stormed out into the corridor. He yelled instructions at the nearest stormtroopers. "Prepare my ship. I need to leave. Now." "Yes, Sir!" The stormtroopers nodded and rushed off to the hangar. But before Prado went to the hanger, he needed to get something from his personal rooms. When he arrived there, he reached for a small button underneath one of the shelves which were located besides his bed. After pushing the button, a secret box became visible. He opened the box and looked at his lightsaber. He always carried it with him when he went on mission. Elion Prado was one of the few people with the First Order, who were capable of using the powers of the force. For some time, when he was new to the First Order, he had been carrying his lightsaber around every minute but since the fall of the Sith and the rise of the First Order, people, especially with the First Order, tended to look down on people who claimed to be connected to the force. He wanted to be as respected as possible and in order to gain respect right from the start, he needed to act more disconnected of the force. Over the years his subordinates got used to his powers, but he still used them very cautious. Prado grabbed his lightsaber, fixed it onto his belt, hid the box again and left the room. When he was heading towards the hangar, he already saw his ship. It was a spaceship of the TIE category, but not an ordinary fighter. His TIE Advanced X1 was one of the fastest ships along the fleet of the First Order. When he entered the ship, he entered the course that would lead him to Snoke. Prado knew that Snoke's throne room was located on one of the Dreadnoughts not far away. He knew the ships identifier and the board computer took care of everything else. When he arrived in the hangar of the Dreadnought, he was already expected by general Kascan. "The Supreme Leader is already waiting for you Sir. Follow me." The general led Prado to the other end of the giant ship. When they arrived at a dark corridor, Kascan stopped. "We are there. Snoke is waiting for you behind this door." He pointed at a door at the end of the corridor before he turned around and left. Prado had never been in the throne room of Snoke before and was curious what to expect. He pushed against the giant door, which was rather a gate, and was speechless for a moment as he saw what was behind it. The room which lay in front of him, was at least ten times the size of his own chambers which already were pretty large. The rooms color was mainly a bright red which made it seem even more intimidating. The absence of any vitreous elements awoke the feeling that the room was endless. In the center, a giant throne made out of metal and other structures drew Prado's attention on it. Snoke was sitting on it, dressed in a classy robe. Seeing him sitting in this throne, made Prado realize even more how different the Supreme Leader was from a real human being. And this wasn't just because of his height, Snoke was at least 8 foot tall. Around Snoke, the Knights of Ren were positioned, ready to defend their master at all cost. "I am glad that you are finally here, my apprentice." Snoke's voice filled the whole room. "I came as soon as I could, my Supreme Leader. What is it you wanted to talk to me about?" "I wanted to hear your opinion about the first target of our ultimate weapon. It should be the ultimate demonstration of power. "Why do you want my opinion out of all?" Prado sounded suddenly insecure. "There is no place for doubts, Elion Prado," Snoke answered harshly. "You know the ways of the force very well. Tell me. Which system should be destroyed in order to prove our strength and superiority to our enemies?" For every ordinary person, this question would have been impossible to answer. But not for Prado. He shut off his conscience many years ago. All that mattered was his service for the First Order and making his Supreme Leader proud. If he wanted to be a true leader, there was no place for emotions. Prado knew that the force was very strong on a system not very far away. "I sense you have made a decision," Snoke said and sounded very content. "So, what should the first target of our battle station be?" Prado looked deep into Snoke's eyes before he answered with a firm voice.

"The Chandrila System."
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