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Forever? (Drarry)


Keep reading to find out what happens when Draco and Harry have a newfound friendship then a baby comes into the picture what will happen at Hogwarts and will it last forever and open up will it last or fall apart and yes I do mess with the timeline of Harry Potter so it will fit better so no coming for me enjoy This is a Drarry Fanfic All characters and more belong to J.K Rowing and Warner bros

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Chapter 1

As Ron and Harry and Hermione headed back to hogwarts. Harry slowly started to notice that Ron and Hermione were getting close. Suddenly Hermione kicked Ron and she said

“Harry we have something to tell you…” but Harry Interrupted her in the middle of her sentence.

”I know you guys are dating but I have to tell you guys something also.”Harry trailed off into a deep thought for a couple of minutes.

“HARRY!” Hermione yelled bringing Harry back into reality.” Yea uhh you we’re going to tell us something right.” Ron said. “Oh uh yea well I uhh well kinda just well um I’m gay surprise?!?”Harry said hoping that Ron would not get mad that he hid it all this time but low and behold the fates were against him.”HARRY JAMES POTTER ! WHY DID YOU WAIT ALL THIS TIME TO TELL US WE ARE YOUR BEST FRIENDS WE ARE BI YOU WOULD THINK THAT YOU WOULD TELL US!”ron screamed his face so red he ran off Harry had never seen him so mad in all the years he has known him.Harry I’ll deal with him see you at Hogwarts…”Hemione said trying to hide that she was aggravated but Harry knew her to well.He could tell she was disappointed but that was the Hermione he knew and loved. About five minutes later a tall figure walked up to the door.

“Hi” the person said, then asked “do you mind if I sit here everywhere else is full.” Harry looked up but not enough to see the person, wiped away his tears and said “Sure” he finally realized he just said that the one and only Draco Malfoy was the one Harry he said yes to.

“Oh Potter it’s you..” Draco said smugly

“Malfoy…” Harry said trying to keep his voice even.

Draco took a seat and copied the position Harry was in laying down and grabbed out a book. Draco was reading when he heard Harry quietly sobbing. Draco shut the book, looked up and said “Potter, are you ok.” Harry answered with “Do I look ok Malfoy no I don’t wanna know why because now you suddenly seem to care about my feelings.”

“I well umm.” Draco said pausing “actually Potter I do want to know because I ca..” Draco stopped in his tracks not wanting to blurt out the fact that he cared about Harry Potter.

Harry broke the silence by saying “fine Malfoy if it’s that important to you I just came out as gay to Ron and Hermione my best friends and I don’t think that they are ok with it well they are Bi but I don’t think they are ok with me just telling them.” Draco was shocked because he was also gay and the golden trio might just not be as golden as everyone thought.

“Well Harr umm Potter who gives a fuck what they think if they don’t accept you then that’s their problem they either need to get their act together or just forget about you.” Draco said realizing he was giving Harry advice and Harry was actually listening to him while he was talking.

“Yea Malfoy I can’t believe I’m saying this but your right and I just hope that it won’t come to that…'' Harry said, finally looking at Draco who was now sitting up.

“Hey Malfoy why are you always such a jerk to us?” Harry asked trying not to sound too harsh on Malfoy he did not know why but he just went with it.

“Because Harry I can’t be friends with you if my dad found out that I was even civilly talking to you he would be pissed and Harry my father is a death eater so if I was friends with you it would make you an easier target.” Draco said as he realized he was more worried about Harry than Draco has ever been about anyone it was not the whole truth but that’s part of him he was just now talking to Harry and did not want to open up to much.

“Malfoy I didn't know…” Harry said but Draco interrupted him.

”Exactly Harr I mean Potter you don't listen to anyone have you ever listened to someone else Har...Potter?” Draco asked loudly.

”What's the point i dont have anyone to care about me all of my family they are all dead Malfoy and the only reason anyone likes me is because im said to be the chosen one Drac...Malfoy you have no idea how it feels to have to live up to the expectations of the one who is supposed to kill Voldemort you dont know how it feels to have to solve everything you just don't know how it feels to have your friends hate you because your gay!”

At this point Harry was sobbing and Draco had moved to sit next to Harry.

“Actually Potter I do know how it feels to be hated on because you're gay. Draco said and Harry could tell Draco was not lying this time Draco was confiding in Harry.

“Oh well Draco I did not know.” Harry said sincerely with tears running down his face still.

“Did you just call me Draco…” Draco asked but Harry did not know that Drcos heart was doing backflips at the sound of his name coming out of Harry's mouth.

“Oh I guess I did sorry.” Harry said.

“It's okay Harry, no harm done after all that is my name.” Draco said at this point they stopped yelling at each other and Harry's head was in Draco's lap while Draco was comforting Harry.

”Oh and by the way Draco I don't care if your father is a death eater…” Harry was saying as Daco stopped him before he finished what he was saying.

”Before you finish there is one more thing I have to tell you I am one also I don't want to be but my father made me do it Harry im sorry.” Draco said but noticed that Harry did not move.

“I don't care , to me you are just Draco not Draco the death eater just Draco trust me I know what it’s like to get judged by your name or outside self I’m Harry Potter after all.” Harry said with a smile on his face a real smile this time.

”Thank you Harry so now friends???” Draco asked Harry.

“Friends” Harry said in a reassuring tone at this point Harry's head was still in Draco's lap and they were both smiling for them it was the most real smile that they had both had on their face for years.

After this they both got changed into their robes and talked, laughed and cried some more. They spent the rest of the train ride talking about life and Hogwarts and their newfound friendship and common interests. When they arrived at Hogwarts they saw everyone staring at them but they did not care for their only goal was to find Hermione and Ron. They then found them.

“Harry you have to go talk to them.” Draco said, nudging Harry in their direction.

“Fine i will , I will ok Draco i'll go talk to them.” Harry said not wanting to but he had to sort things out with his best friends.

“Hey Hemione and Ron!!” Harry shouted as he looked back at Draco for reassurance and Draco smiled back at Harry.

“ Hey Harry, I'm sorry for being a total prat on the train. I accept you for you, it's just I don't want Ginny getting hurt.''Ron said as Harry started laughing loudly Ron was confused.

“You think its funny that I don't want Ginny to hurt Harry??''Ron asked.

“Oh Ron she knows she was the first to know and was the one who told me to tell you and not keep it a secret.”. And as if on command Ginny walks up.

“Hey Harry hey Ron and Hermione what's so funny Harry?”Ginny asked.

“Oh its just Ron was getting protective over because he did not want you to get hurt because im gay.”. At this point Harry and Ginny were both laughing.

“Oh Ron yea there were but we knew we weren't right for each other isn't that right Harryyy.”. Ginny winked then looked back at Draco.

“GINNY IT'S NOT LIKE THAT!!!”. Harry screamed at her. Harry was blushing bright red and Ginny was too busy uncontrollably laughing.

``Sorry Harry I had to do it oh and Ron I can take care of myself you don't have to worry about me.``Ginny said.

“Oh also while you guys are still mad I kinda became friends with Draco, Ginny knew this too and before you get all defensive I made him promise not to be a bully to you guys anymore.” Harry said.

``That's fine” Hermione and Ron said in sync as they started blushing red.

“DRACO COME HERE!” Harry yelled and Draco walked over to Harry.

``Heyyy Draco'' Ginny said, teasing Harry and Draco as they both blushed but got over it quickly.

``Hey Weasley Hey Granger.Hey Ginny and Harry how are you guys?” Draco asked, trying to make small talk.

“You suck at small talk Draco we discussed this.” Harry said with a smile on his face Ginny was still laughing.

“What so funny Ginny?” Draco asked with his arms folded up.

“Oh it's nothing Draco isn't that right Harryyy.” Ginny did it again winking at Draco but this time Hermione realized what they were talking about but Ron was still completely clueless.

”Ohhh yea I get it Ginny'' Hermione said starting to laugh.

” OH MY GOD CUT IT OUT PLEASE!” Harry pleaded but Draco was thinking what if he likes me like I like him what if that's why the girls keep saying our names like that.

“So Draco why are you being so quiet?” Harry asked Draco.

“Oh i'm just thinking about stuff.” Harry knew that Draco was not thinking stuff so that caused Harry to snap. “DRACO I TOLD YOU NOT TO THINK ABOUT THINGS LIKE THAT YOU KNOW WHA HAPPENED LAST TIME!”Harry said causing Draco to flinch Harry grabbed Draco's hand.”Draco you promised me you would not go there.”Harry said in his apologetic tone.

”I know I know Harry im sorry.” Draco said.

“Awww he's sorry.” Ginny said teasing the two.

” Ok thats it lets go.” Harry said dragging Draco to the library where they talked skipping the sorting ceremony know their houses would get a lot of first years.After they talked until one am they went to their rooms to sleep.
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