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Girl with red eyes


I was an ordinary sorceress, but after death everything changed, no one knew my secret, even my closest people, because I was afraid that they would not accept me, so l separated from society, but after meeting with one person, everything changed, T have ceased to be afraid of myself, and I am extremely grateful ✨

Romance / Fantasy
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It's dark enough outside, frost. It is pouring rain. All roads are completely covered with ice

I have hung my little backpack with books on my shoulder and am trying to get home as soon as possible.

I turn behind one of the houses, trying to cut the road, successfully sliding down the slope, I come to the stairs
There are steps along the fence, quite long and wide, but covered with a huge layer of ice
There is nothing to hold on to, so I carefully, in small steps, try to go down

I confidently walk forward, periodically looking at my feet. Someone laughs, giddy, infectious. I love this laughter, it penetrates

I turn my head and feel the earth recede from under my feet, I fly down and before I can recover I feel the blow. An incredible pain shot through my head and ...

I passed out

I am returning from hunting, it is difficult to eat only squirrels, but in this wilderness you will not find anything better, and I do not use people

It's raining and I'm tired. Suddenly, somewhere behind my back, I hear raindrops hitting the glass, a car drives up to me and stops

I turn around. A pretty woman of about fifty looks out of the car, I could not see the facial features because of the darkness

-God, baby, why are you here alone and so late?

-Don't worry, I live nearby

-No, no, honey, get into the car, tell everything, warm up- she took out a blanket and beckoned me with her hand

I have not communicated with people for a long time, and I liked this woman and I decided to take a chance

Wrapped in a warm blanket, I got into the car

- Well, baby, how did you end up here?

-I seem to be your neighbor

-True? It’s very strange that we haven’t seen each other before. Arthur, did you hear? What's your name?

-Lissa, Lissa Miiler

- What a wonderful name - she said with a smile

It’s a very strange feeling when this woman told me it became warm chtoli

-Today, in this weather, we won't let you go anywhere, a young girl has nothing to do on the street so late

Since I didn't have much choice, I didn't mind for long. We talked, this sweet aunt's name was Molly Weasley, and her husband's name was Arthur

When we arrived, Molly came out and pointed to the entrance with a smile. Youmu she turned her head and saw another car

-God, Arthur, I forgot that Bill and Fleur came to us

It's strange, but I noticed that she pronounced the middle name with less joy.

I looked questioningly at Molly

-Oh, the sun, Bill is one of my sons, and Fleur ..- she made a short pause- his bride- with a strained smile she said

I looked at her even more questioningly

It seemed to me that during the little time that we spent in the car, we became friends, I really liked Molly, as if she is my person

- Thinking about something? - asked Mrs. Weasley excitedly, it seems that it would be better to think not in the rain

I smiled:
-Yes, you are right- not having time to look at the house, I followed Arthur and Molly

“I take it you’re from Otteri St. Catchpole?” Mrs. Weasley asked as we entered the living room.

I looked around, it's pretty cozy here. Sofas, armchairs, a large fireplace, but most of all I was surprised by the clock. They had 9 shooters with the faces of redheads. Instead of numbers on the dial were the words: "home", "school", "work", "travel", "lost", "hospital", "prison" and "mortal danger."

I looked at the clock with curiosity, until a scream ripped me off. I turned around and saw a bunch of unknown people running into the room.

Molly did not pay attention and asked again

-Ah, yes, that is, no, I'm not from there, no

Mrs. Weasley turned around.
-Hello, Ginny, Harry, Hermione, Ron, Bill, Fleur, - my eyes widened, - I want to introduce you to our guest, this is Lissa ... - she turned inquiringly at me

-Mijler, Lissa Miiler

-Lissa Miiler, today she's staying with us-she looked at her children puzzled-where are Fred and George?

-They should be back from the store soon

- Well, meet - Molly said softly and followed Arthur to the second floor - and the sun - she turned around - but first, be sure to take a hot shower

-Good-smiled, I-thank you very much

They left us with the guys

-And so ..- I said with a smile- where is the shower?

The girl, Hermione, if I'm not mistaken, took me to the bathroom, gave me a towel, clothes, we got to talking and I liked her.

I barely got out of the shower with hot water and wrapped myself in a soft, tangerine-smelling towel, leaning against the wall of the shower began to think about what was happening and what would happen next. But I clearly did not expect further developments.


I heard someone's voice behind me, turning around I saw the head of a red-haired guy who was looking at my, ahem, half-naked body

I turned away:
-Maybe you will come out, I said with a grin

-I would prefer- he didn’t have time to finish, Hermione lightly hit him on the head


-I don't know what would you prefer there, it will be very interesting to listen to, she looked at me

-Yes, very- I laughed

-But perhaps Lissa needs to get dressed- and she slammed the door in his face

“It seems to me that we will make friends with her,” I thought and began to dress

I went down to the kitchen, where Hermione was sitting:
-Thank you- I smiled

-Contact- hee-she giggled-let's go to the guys

We went into the living room and I sat on the sofa next to Hermione, when everyone started to gather and Harry, Ron, Ginny and Bill had already gathered in the living room Hermione stood up:
-I'll go get us something to drink, she said and headed back to the kitchen

-I think I'll help, I said after a while, because the "minute of silence" had already lasted at least five minutes

I followed Hermione, but just then that guy came out of the kitchen. Tall, very cute and red-haired ... Great, and now we learn to avoid people. I turned around, but then the same guy came to meet me

My eyes widened ..

I turned around and that guy looked at me. Two identical people looked at me from both sides.

-Hi, we don't know each other- the one who left the living room came up to me- I’m George- that, who obviously didn’t come to my bathroom

-And I'm Fred- came a voice from behind

-I am Lissa

- Nice to meet you - they said at the same time and went into the living room while I was left to digest what was happening

Hermione came out of the kitchen laughing.
-It's a pity that everyone else did not see this picture - she choked with laughter, I looked at her with a stone face

-How funny- I said and also began to laugh

Then I helped Hermione carry the tray of drinks and sat down on the sofa again.

- Well, let's get to know each other better - said Hermie - we'll tell Lissa a little bit about ourselves

-Maybe just Lee- I said quietly

Hermione smiled back at me

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