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Damn, Weasley


Just little love story, that was about my bff🙃

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

As always, Hermione,Lis, and I sat in the main hall. Hermi leafed through another huge book, Lee enlarged and reduced the same vase for the thousandth time, and I thoughtfully picked another sheet of parchment with my pen

Everyone was very surprised at our friendship since we were all from different faculties. Ravenclaw Lee, Gryffindor Hermi, Slytherin

-Hermione, it seems to me or you have already read this book five times-Hermione rolled her eyes

-By the way, we have to hand over the IDS in two weeks, and I intend not to blow up toilets and launch fireworks for life, she said with a grin

- Heeey, I don’t blow up the toilets!

-Yes, your boyfriend does.

-Girls ..- I got into the conversation

We are very similar to them, but not in everything, thank God. Lee and I don't sleep with the professors, but Lee sleeps with Fred, and I'm trying to get rid of Malfoy, who harassed me 5 years ago. Unsuccessfully by the way

There is only one person with whom I was probably in love. This is the brother of Ron and the twins. Bill...

He came to Hogwarts once for the Three Wizards Tournament and he's sooooo hot, but he's 5 years older than me

I fell out of thought when Lee threw a mini-vase at me:

-Don't shout, you just won't shout to you- she looked behind me with a glance

I turned around abruptly and ...

-Merlin, what is he doing here? -I whispered

-I came to Dumbledore, like something about the Order of the Phoenix

I froze looking at him, suddenly he caught my eye and smiled. I turned sharply.

-Yes you are a straight master of sewing, Hermione giggled

-Very funny, I answered and made a face, and for how long is he here?

-And you asked, Hermione and I said with a grin

I rolled my eyes:
-You have potions, Hermie

-In what sense? Transfiguration now, no? Lee has potions

-I have yes- I nodded to the side of Snape who was standing at the entrance to the hall and drilled her eyes

Hermione swallowed

-Good luck- we giggled

A couple of minutes after the start of the lesson, Hermione came in

- Well, how? - I asked with a grin

-Shut up

The next half of the day went like clockwork, I did not see Bill, the lessons passed quickly, but still I was tired.

I went into my room, took my things and went to the headman's bathroom. I undressed and plunged into warm water, but after a few minutes I heard steps

Someone entered the bathroom:
"Damn, I didn't close the door."

I looked out from behind one of the columns and saw ...

-Merlin, Ulyana, but we didn't learn to close

- Are you daring me? - I asked with a grin

-And then

-Well, I'm finishing up, so you can turn away and ..

-Good good

I took a breath, but here's a surprise, the door opened again:
-Well, unapproachable, I saw how you took things, if you don't mind, I will join

-Malfoy ...

-Oh, do you recognize me by my voice?

-I'm against, get out

-Rude girl, let me punish you - he slowly approached the column behind which Bill stood

"Merlin, what kind of cubes to him and ... when he managed to take off his shirt"

-Ulyana, you decided to play hide and seek with me

-Go off Malfoy! -He obviously did not want to react to my words, throw me something to put on please, I whispered to Bill

He tossed me his white T-shirt, I quickly threw it on. She was almost up to my knees

-Thank you, I whispered when I suddenly saw that Bill was no longer behind the column, what a

-It seems that the girl explained everything to you clearly, he said sharply to Draco

Malfoy's eyes widened;
-What?! You're together? Well, choose yourself, either tomorrow the whole school knows that you are fucking with the elder Weasleys, or

He didn’t have time to finish:
-Or the whole school will know that I'm fucking with you? -With a smirk I asked- And I thought that to dissolve gossip, woman's trick

-I suggested you choose

-Go off

Malfoy rushed to the exit

-What are you saying there? Didn't they teach me to close? -I went up to him almost tightly and raised my eyebrows with a smile looking at him

Bill was dumbfounded looking at me, somewhere just below the face

I lowered my head and then it dawned on me that my wet body was a video from under a T-shirt to the light

Crossing my arms over my chest, I hesitated, we were still too close. I looked down, well I tried, it's hard to take my eyes off his cubes

Bill broke this moment of silence.
-Well uh

-Mm, I, this, well, I'll go

-Yes, yes, go

I took my things and went to the exit

Then I stopped, thinking that I forgot something

In fact, I didn't want to leave there. Since tomorrow the whole School will be talking about sleeping with Bill Weasley, why don't I start sleeping with Bill Weasley?

-Are you something?

-Yes, I ... wanted to say thank you ... for the T-shirt. I'll give it to you tomorrow

-Yes well, please

I left the bathroom and already leaving I heard a muffled "Good night". Smiling sadly, I went to the bedroom

In the morning Hermione and I met as always and went to breakfast.

-Is it late?

-As you see

Lee ran up to us breathless after we started eating:
-Merlin, I'm so tired, she said rubbing her eyes and yawning

-Have not had enough sleep?


-What is the reason? We parted yesterday not too late - Hermione looked at her suspiciously

-Uh .. Nuuu ..

-The reason, too, did not get enough sleep- Fred came up to her from behind and kissed her neck, Lissa smiled and pushed him to the side

Hermie and I giggled

- How are you? - asked Lee, sitting down next to Hermione

I turned around and looked at the Slytherin table where Malfoy was sitting.
-Yes, this situation happened here ...

The girls looked at me in surprise

-Kind of stupid, but in general, you like him, you could have slept with him, all the same gossip is inevitable

-Wow, I think like Ravenclaw


-But no, we haven't slept

Suddenly Hermie's eyes widened and she pointed me behind my back

I closed my eyes:
- He didn't hear that, did he?

- Didn't hear what? - asked Bill with a smile.

-Pros and pros of the girl who almost tore out Ule's eyes, do not pay attention

He looked at Hermione warily.
-What other girls

Lee continued:
-Umm .. There are four letters in her name, the first is F, the last is P, I think there are not many, she said with equanimity

Bill frowned, turned around and walked away in an unknown direction

-Fleur? HERE? - I looked at the girls in shock

-Yeah, arrived yesterday

-I even know the reason


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