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Sometime you don't know what's about to happen with you, and that's what happened with malania. Malania was born in a rich family, the Edward's , as being a 6 year old malania doesn't have much friends as she should be having at her age, she's quite and shy, and also a loner. A boy of age 12 notices her loneliness and approaches her and unexpected events take place and both their lives change. ------------------------------------------------------- " Hey what's wrong, why have you started crying!?" I look at him with teary eye's and say " Because I'm lonely and I can't bear it so I always cry my eyes out " my answer brought some sad expression on his handsome face and unexpectedly he hug's me. " Shhh, now don't cry , from now on, on my watch you'll never be lonely " I'm a new commer and also English is not my native language so please bear with me and I'll update every Saturday.

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

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