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" But mom why can't you and dad just take a day off and watch a movie with me, after all it's Saturday night " I let out a whiny voice in the end.

" Common darling you need to understand we are doing this for you , we are going to our offices just for you " mom said making a serious expression.

On hearing this I quieted down, oh my gosh I didn't notice that, they of course have been doing this for me, am I being selfish, I should at least support them, but wait aren't we rich so why do they need to work day and night, my thoughts were interepted by dads calling out to mum from the car.

" Now, wipe your tears and behave , and don't pester the baby sitter ok " mum kissed my head and left.

I turned around with a teary face and claimed the stairs with a heavy heart as much my six year old legs could take me , no matter how I try to pacify my heart, I don't get satisfied .

" Malania , come down at lunch time, okkk" Mrs Johnson called out ( my baby sitter ).

" Ok " I bearely whispered and headed towards my princess room and my sttuffed toys which I don't want if I get my parents company.


I hope you liked the prologue, please vote to give me courage to write more , see you next Saturday and please share my story.
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