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Valentine day

It was a Bright and sunny day, absolutely perfect for doing laundry, which is what Bright was doing, taking in the fresh air, and enjoying the sunshine.

He couldn't help but think about how lucky he is got to live in a society like Palava. Finally he and his daughter have their own house. It got them away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Bright love everything about his new place except his neighbor Win. Bright mood immediately become sour when his neighbor Win greet him " morning Bright'.
"Win ofcourse" Bright tersely greet him back.

Win continue "why don't you used your washing machine to dry your clothes". Win is completely aware of Bright annoyance towards him. But the younger like it that way . "If you use your washing for drying your laundry you can save up your energy. Bright internally thinking 'gosh this kid never shut up'. Win was only six years younger than Bright.

For Bright Win was a fortunate fuck. His Parents settled in Canada, after retirement leaving car, house, family business and with the whole damn of silver spoon platter for their son. And Bright hated him for that as well.

Win ask Bright, Pink is back? Bright revert back, "do you know when she will come back?", Win answered him "yeah, I imagine it's time for her to return back home from birthday party". And this was another reason why Bright hated Win.

Everyone in the neighborhood thought he is the greatest thing. Bright thought cut off when his daughter called him "dada I am back".

Pink squeled "Win", throwing his backpack at his father, and went to the part of fence from where Win was standing and peering over. Win ask the little girl, did she had fun at her friend birthday party, and what she had for lunch? Pink answered Win, "yes she had a great day and she had Pizza". Win replied back "me too", on which Bright rolled his eyes and went inside leaving two people outside who doesn't care about his existence anymore.

In few minutes Bright came, back to ask his daughter that urgently he need to visit his office, he ask her that she had to visit to her babysitter because there's an emergency in his office which he cannot let go, and he might get late to come back home. But Pink insist staying alone and cried she don't want to go to babysitter. Bright was trying to convince his daughter but she didn't wanted to listen . She huffed in annoyance "not fair dada".

Win couldn't see the little girl stressing out he chimmed in "Bright if I May, I can stay with pink, you know me, I am your neighbor and Its weekend so I won't charge you too". Bright definitely wanted to say no but before he could open his mouth, Win already jumped over his fence and was walking towards Bright house entrance with Pink hand in hand.

Bright took a mental note to invest in building higher fence soon. His daughter and his asshole neighbor already took the decision leaving no room for other to say.

When Bright came back from his work, everything was dark, except the light of his television coming from the living room. Bright thought may be Win forgot to turn off the television before he went back, but to his surprised he was still there, eyes closed his head resting on the back of his couch.

Bright already ask Win to leave when Pink asleep. He was about to wake up Win but stop when he saw his daughter all curled up next to Win with her favorite blanket snoaring lightly. His daughter seemed comfortable, and when he saw Win getting bit closer he thought the guy look decent to him. so he let both sleep for now.

But realized a second too late, what just he thought, he muttered internally " what the fuck". Blame his overworked brain, why he is having those thoughts about this moron.

Bright got fresh, and went to his kitchen to make himself a cup of tea, just in few minutes Win came to him yawning and running his hand in his messy hair.

Bright ask him "how was pink?", Win replied him "an absolute angel". Bright thank him, and Win ask his leave when he reach the door, he turned back and said "err call me if you need anything Bright".

Bright eyes widen when he saw Win winking at him before leaving his house.

It was after few days when the loud music came from Win house. Bright angrily growled when another bass vibrated in his bedroom.

Bright was already exhausted with overwork load. And he was not getting any sleep with loud music coming straight from last four hours and it was making him go crazy. He shoved his feet in sleepers and went directly to his neighbor's house.

Without knocking Bright entered Win house. It was unlocked so he just barged in. He followed the way music coming from, and upon reaching living room Bright saw all Win's friends loitering on his living room couch.

Win called him "Bright", when he saw the older in his living room. Bunch of Win's idiot friends echoes Bright name, raising their cups.

Win felt happy, watching Bright in his house, but Bright is not there for enjoyment. Bright marched up to Win personal space and said " you are too loud, can you just.... "

Before Bright could finish his sentence, Win grabbed his arm and yanked him down so that he was sprawled on his back and directly landed on Wins lap.

Bright blinked up at him in bewildered. Win look like completely sloshed, with messy hair, Win wrinkled his nose and asked Bright "you haven't called me".

Bright was struggling to get up but Win kept him pinned down, across his arms on Bright chest. Bright was really getting mad over younger now. Bright just opted to shake his head in answer.

Bright was struggling to get up, he said " let me just....... But he cut off mid sentence.

Win cut him off with a kiss, his warm, soft lips with the taste and smell of alcohol. Win's idiot friends again started echoes of "oohhhsss".

The cheers and clapping bring Bright back from the kiss. He grabbed Win shoulder and pushed him away.

Win started saying " Bright I......", Bright angrily growled "shut down your party or I am calling police fucking moron ".

Bright slammed the front door behind him and stomp his feet towards home with hot red cheeks.

Next day Bright can't stop thinking about kiss he shared with Win, definitely if anyone would ask him he will say no, but we all know no one can resist Win. His mind continuously replaying the kiss in his mind on a constant loop .

The door bell rang just when he finished washing his dishes after breakfast on Sunday morning. Bright rolled his eyes very well know who is uninvited guest.

Bright definitely expected him, but what he didn't expected was large red rose bouquet and he presented to Bright. Bright could only think " is he fucking serious".

Before Bright could say, Pink squealed "wow what a pretty bouquet Valentine's day present for dad". Both men got surprised and flustered upon hearing the day . Bright took the bouquet from Win's hand and put them on his daughter's hand and asked her "Pink why don't you put this pretty flowers in a vase".

Bright waited until his daughter dissapear into the living room area, out of there hearing zone.

Bright ask him " Flowers? Really?". Win replied him " they seems appropriate for sorry and proposing".

Win genuinely apologize "Bright I am sorry, truly, I wasn't thinking or I was thinking about you, actually I like you very much,".

Win waited for Bright to say something but Bright just watching him. Win clear his throat again, his cheeks gone pink " I don't want to make you uncomfortable, if you think what I did last night was inappropriate then I am deeply sorry".

After very long time he used a lot of fancy words Win thought. Bright sighed and said "alright". Win understand that Bright accepted his apologize. He is not mad at him anymore.

Bright thought what Win has said, he turned around to check his daughter, who is still busy arranging flowers in the vase.

Bright closed the gap between him and Win and Bright pulled Win down clutching his front of his shirt to give him a quick kiss on his lips. When Bright let him go Win look surprised and said " I thought......"

Bright smile at his boyfriend , "that's your Valentine's present and actually It wasn't the kiss I was pissed off, it was how you initiated it, consider a redo. Now you will come in or staying at the door".

A wide grin appear on Win face he muttered "I guess I am ".

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