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See you again(Homicidal Liu x Reader)

New neighbours

(Y/Ns POV)- I was in a deep sleep until heard muffled shouting from downstairs calling my name. I know it was my mother but it was a Saturday on a summer break so Ive chosen to ignore her. I felt the screams getting louder and louder and I feel myself getting more irritated. My mum opened my door with a swift push and I fell out of bed. I readjusted myself and rubbed my eyes and my mother told me some good or bad news. I found out that I was going to have new neighbours. I wasn't really bothered because my old ones were really annoying. The neighbours to my left were decent. They have and 8 year old kid that I sometimes babysit. At least it was better then them. I heard it was some family with 2 boys. 1 was around my age and the other one was 2 years older then me apparently. If you're wondering how I know this my mother found out the mother's name and reached out to her on Facebook and started stalking her page like every other parent does. I'm also surprised because in my town it's either little kids like toddlers or old people but it will be a good change.

I just got out of bed to get breakfast, I got myself some buttered toast and watched Adventure Time for a bit. In the middle of watching Adventure Time, my mum came down in a cheerful mood almost like a air hostess which really annoyed me.

"(Y/N)!!!! The new neighbours are officially coming today! You need to introduce yourself. Make sure to have a great first impression!!" My mum sounded really jolly and it was annoying so I acknowledged with a simple 'Ok'.


I just got out of the shower and put my underwear and bra on. I just need to find a dress because my mum said I will look 'too casual' or 'too lazy' and my mother can scare me sometimes. I found a simple black long sleeved dress with pleats and it stops just above my knees. I put some white sock I wear for school and some black creepers. I wore a bit of makeup I put some purple lipstick that I got from a magazine from 3 years ago, some eyeliner and mascara on. I went down the stairs and my mom gave me a teasing look. A look that you would have if you found out someone in your year was impressing someone of the opposite gender. I was quite confused so i asked her why she had that face on her.

"Ohh you put some makeup on even when I know you think this isn't a special occasion. Are you trying to find a boyfriend?" She said in a teasing tone. She sounds like my friends sometimes fucking hell. Speaking of friends I might make plans to go over to their house on Friday.

"Well you said it was a special occasion so I just put on what I usually put on why do you have to say it in that tone?" I felt myself blushing slightly.

I mean I love my mum but not like this. My mum and dad said I can wait a couple of hours if I wanted to so I took up that offer and was listening to My Chemical Romance, Nirvana and Britney Spears whilst doing some creative writing and drinking my supply of coke under my bed. I was listening to music until I heard my phone vibrate. It was my mum telling me it's time to go downstairs. I started rushing down the stairs and got their in about a minute. Oh and I nearly fell down the stairs so that was really nice.

(A/N) So this is my first chapter tell me if this needs any improvement. I'm open to constructive criticism so anything have a great day/night)

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