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"I have nothing to live for now that your gone." Kim Taehyung BTS AU ©_black_gurl_magic_

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“Will you marry me?”

My eyes go wide when I see the red velvet box open to reveal a gold ring with a diamond in the center. Simple but elegant.

“Taehyung are you being serious? Like you aren’t joking right now, cause if you are I’m gonna be mad.”

“You know I never joke about anything this serious.” He slightly bites his lip, awaiting my response. I blink back the tears falling from my eyes and quickly nod, letting him take my hand and slip the ring on my left finger.

That was just a year ago. To think my life could go so well. I was a foster child, always told I wouldn’t amount to anything. I never had any real love in my life. Then I met him. Taehyung. The adorable goof ball I fell in love with. We met while I was running away from yet another one of my foster homes. I was 17 at the time. He was 19. We bumped into each other and after arguing for about an hour about how mindless we both were we ended up being good friends.

This lasted for years until one night I ended up drunk and we kissed in the backseat of his car, which ultimately lead to best sex I’ve had in my life. Partially because he was a freak but also because he didn’t mind taking it slow and going at my pace. I was a virgin at the time and since he was a bit more experienced he wanted me to ease into he freaky self. Didn’t know a seatbelt could be used like that.

After that we started dating and this lasted for about a year before we had been getting into arguments quite often and decided to end it. I tried to go out with other people but nothing was the same. Not the hugs, the kisses, and especially the sex. Not once did I orgasm with the 2 men I went out with.

I ended up reaching out to him. I wanted him back. I needed him back. Hell he was the light of my life. My life was shit before we met. I didn’t smile until I met him. He took me back, saying he missed me as well. He hated the thought of me with other people, as I did with him.

Since then, we barely argue. I usually end up starting them but they end quickly. More so because he knows how to make me be quiet.

When he proposed it made my world brighter than it already was. I had finished college and was getting ready to go into my second year of law school. It’s like everything in my life had finally been perfect. I’m engaged to the man I love and I’m getting a career for myself.

I get shaken out of my thoughts, quite literally as I look up to see my fiancé’s face.

“Sage, what the hell I’ve been shaking you for minute. What are you listening to, to make you ignore me?”

I take one of my ear buds and kiss his cheek.

“I’m sorry, I was just deep in thought.”

He raises a brow.

“So that gives you a reason to ignore me?”

“N-no but I-”

He clasps his hand over my mouth and shushes me.

“I don’t want to hear your excuse Sage. You already know I don’t care.”

“Im sorry-” My words become muffled against his hand and I become afraid he can’t understand me. Not that it would matter too much. Once he has a certain look in his eyes, nothing you say matters.

He kisses my forehead and takes his hand off my mouth, also taking out my other earbud.

“As much as I’d love to teach you a lesson, I need to stop by the store to buy more batteries. We used them all.”

I pout a bit, I was looking forward for what was to come.

“Hurry back...please..”

He raises a brow.

“Are you rushing me love?”

I quickly shake my head.

“No! Of course not. It’s just...its raining and I want you to be careful.”

He chuckles a bit and plants a soft kiss on my cheek.

“I’ll be back soon, and I promise to be safe.”

I take his hand and place my head in it.

“Ok...I love you.”

“I love you more.”

With that he leaves the bedroom and soon I hear the click of the front door.

I lay back down and put my earbuds back in, humming along to the song, not noticing I was slowly drifting asleep.

I wake up to 2 missed calls and my phone ringing. I squint my eyes at the bright light coming from my phone. I quickly press the green button before putting my phone on speaker.


“Hello, is this Sage Davis?”


“You were listed as an emergency contact on Mr.Kim’s phone. He’s been in a car crash.”

My eyes widen as the lady on the phone explains the situation. A drunk driver crashed into him and made him slide off the road. He lost a lot of blood and is currently unconscious.

“I-Is he gonna be ok?”

“By the looks of it, not likely ma’am.”

Tears form in my eyes as the thought of my life without Taehyung flashes before my mind. I stay silent as I hear the clerk sigh.

“We need you to come by ma’am”

I sniff and blink back my tears.

“O-Ok I’ll be there soon.”

I hang up the phone and jump out of bed. I search frantically for my slides and continue to wipe away the tears. I grab my keys and run out the door to my car.

By the time I arrive at the hospital, I’m drenched in water. It’s pouring outside and I’m freezing, but I could care less. I need to see Taehyung. I need to see that he’s ok.

I quickly rush over to the reception desk. The receptionist is talking with a nurse.

“Kim Taehyung. Where’s his room?” The lady smiles.

“Could you wait?”

“No I can’t. His room number.”

“I’m in the middle of a call-”

“Bitch does it look like I fucking care? His fucking room number.”

She rolls her eyes and quickly types something in her computer.

“109 and-”

I don’t give her a chance to finish her sentence as I begin looking for room 109 in this maze of a hospital.

When I get to his room door, I waste no time going inside. I see him laying on the hospital bed, he’s wrapped in bandages and asleep.

I slowly approach his bed and hold onto his hand.“T-Taehyung?”

I feel a gentle squeeze on my hand and tears trickle out of my eyes.

“I love you.”

I rest my head on his bed and let the tears pour out, knowing this will be the last time I’ll be with him, whether I want to believe it or not.

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