It’s in my blood


"You wanna show off so bad? Then show me how you take it like the good little slut you are, Riddle" Natalia Riddle is only 17 years old as she and her brother Mattheo were assigned to perform a task for their father. In the mean time Natalia finally meet new people and lovers. Will she end up like her father or eventually love like she never thought it was possible before? Happy reading!

Other / Erotica
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Hi, thank you all so much for choosing this book! Before I introduce any of the characters I wanted to let you al know this is my first book ever and that English is not my first language. So if you find a grammatically wrong sentence or a wrong spelled word, please let me know! Also I would like to tell you from the start that this book will contain violence, mature scenes and self-harm moment. If you don't feel comfortable with these kind of scenes/moments I recommend you to not keep reading. I will put at the beginning of every chapter a TW to let you all know when something is about to happen.

Without further interruptions, I present you the cast of 'It's in my blood'.

Natalia Riddle
Age 17
Status: Halfblood

Draco Malfoy
Age 17
Status: Pureblood

Melanie Aves
Age 17
Status: Pureblood

Christian Pierce
Age 17
Status: Pureblood

Pansy Parkinson
Age 17
Status: Pureblood

Mattheo Riddle
Age 19
Status: Halfblood

I do not own any of these characters except for Natalia Riddle, Melanie Aves and Christian Pierce. All the rightful credits to Yasmine Amaro and J.K. Rowling.
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