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Returned | stiles stillinski


Jess Davies left Beacon Hills when she was 12. Her mum and dad both got jobs in England. She was the life of the party in her friend group so when she left, everyone lost hope. Especially a boy named Stiles Stilinski. He was her best friend along with Scott Mcall who everyone loved. They were inseparable well until she moved. It had been 6 years and she was about to turn 16. Let's see what's happens on her 16th birthday.

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1 / prologue

Jess' pov:
It was a week until my birthday. I had planned to go out with a couple friends however i didn't really have any even though i'd been here for nearly 5 years now. When i joined Havington School, i made one good friend but i focussed more on my studies. I wanted to become a vet just like my mum and aunt. My step-dad, Louis, was out of town most of the time and my mum had late shifts so i'd always try in her outfits and dance around on my own. However, my mum suggested i started looking for my own place.

That thought had come to mind and i liked being independent. I was looking on estate websites. England was great and all but i wanted to move back to America. Maybe New York or Washington. There was this house with everything i wanted. An inside balcony, study and basement for all my course work.

I was listening to some music on my playlist. I saw a text come through.

lydia martin
hey hoe, how have you been?

I hadn't texted anyone from Beacon Hills in so long. I thought about my group of friends. I remember me and scott and stiles running around my house and screaming. We'd play video games. We were only 12. I didn't even know anything about life back then. It feels
so long ago. I decided to text back and see how Lydia was. Me and Lydia were quite close. We would always do makeovers on each other but when i hung out with the boys she wouldn't come over to me because she thought they were geeks.

hey, what are you up to lately. It feels so long since i've seen you.

I waited for a reply. I was nervous for some reason.

lydia martin
not much, i remembered its your 16 birthday and i wondered if you were coming to America anytime soon so we could celebrate. Me and Jackson have missed you. xx

Ugh Jackson. I can't imagine how he'd be at 17. He was a nightmare at 12. He wasn't my friend and i definitely didn't miss him. He was so annoying and proud. He thought he was the best thing in the world. I bet he has some stupid sports car and plays in the lacrosse team at Beacon Hills. He would always say he'd get captain at some point. I never believed him but. He was a spoilt brat so perhaps he bribed his way in.

yeah i can't believe i'm turning 16. I could come up to Beacon Hills a couple days after. Me and a few friends are hanging out and mum is working all week so i could come up thursday. i've missed you too. x

As if on cue, mum walked through the door. She had her hands full with the weekly groceries. My step-dad would always have some specific foods that he would need to stay healthy and then he'd just eat cake and sweets all day making mum waste money. We weren't the wealthiest family but mum got paid enough. And Louis earned quite a lot and shared it with mum but i never got any of it. He wasn't a bad parent. He would be good at raising a kid but i wasn't his real daughter and i don't see the point in connecting. We got along but we would never be as close as me and mum.
"Hey mum, how was work? Let me help you!" i grabbed the bags of vegetables as she opened the fridge.
"Hey honey, if you wouldn't mind could you help me put them away. It's been a really long day and my back kills." she said with a sweet smile.
"Of course mum, so how's betty?" i asked as i started to grab the peppers and potatoes.
"She's getting much better. I think she's should be out of that splint in no time." she stated.
"Good, i miss her. Hey mum can i ask you a question?" i said with a nervous voice.
"what happened honey?"
"well j got a text from lydia, you know my old friend from Beacon Hills, i was wondering if i could fly up to America and spend a couple days with her." i said with a smile as i shut the fridge and began with the cupboards.
"Do you mean Lydia Martin? well her mum called me while i was at work and asked me the same thing. i said i would check with you. but of course you can go. maybe Louis can go with you. He said he needed to go on a vacay and maybe this would be good bonding time for you both" she smiled as she handed me a couple tins of soup.
"well i am 16, i can go on my own now. why don't i meet lydia at the airport and then i can stay at her house with her and her mum?" i said trying to persuade her to let me go alone and not with Louis.
"i'll think about it" she said and walked towards her bedroom.

I sat on the island, in the kitchen and opened my phone.

No recent messages.
Maybe Lydia hadn't seen my texts. I decided to buy a plane ticket in the morning and then mum would have to let me go. I was happy to go to on my own. It would be good for me.

to maggie boo ✨
hey boo, i was just telling you that i'm going to America so i can't go out with you an the others for my birthday. i know you and ricky are going to be mad but we can hang out when i come back. love you x

Maggie had been a great friend while i was here but she never really cared about me like she cared about the others. Her and Ricky have been dating for a year and they spend everyday together and always ditch on our plans so maybe it'll be a bit of revenge.

It was 1:00am and i couldn't get to sleep. I was looking through my contacts and saw Scott. I thought that he wouldn't answer but i gave it a shot.

to scott
hey scotty, i know it's been a while but i'm coming to Beacon Hills for a couple days and thought we could hang out. Text me when your free also tell Stiles, x from jess

I remembered i didn't have Stiles' number cause he changed it after i left when he broke his phone the summer after i left and i never got his new one. We only kept in touch for a summer and then we drifted when school started.
I turned off my light and my eyes felt heavy. I shut my eyes and laid on my pillow. I went to sleep and dreamt of Beacon Hills and how happy i was to go back.

A/N: hello, this is my first chapter. I hope you enjoyed it. There should be at least one chapter a week. If anything changes than i will let you know at the end of a chapter. (if there is any spelling mistakes i am very sorry)
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