Hey Angel


Preview: .... She was a girl trying to run towards who she really is. He was a boy running away from who he believes he is. What’s happens when they run into each other?

Romance / Action
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Nothings gonna hurt you baby by Cigarettes After Sex

Whispered something in your ear
It was a perverted thing to say
But I said it anyway
Made you smile and look away

Nothing's gonna hurt you, baby
As long as you're with me, you'll be just fine


I walked inside pushing the heavy doors open. The hot club air slapping me in the face. The heat makes my cold cheeks sting red. I can feel the goosebumps rise on my arms. The contrast between the bitter cold of New York in winter and the thick air of this seedy club is giving my senses whiplash.

It's the 2nd of November yet I have decided to
not to wear a jacket on the basis that it ruins my outfit. Beauty is pain as they say. It's a Saturday night so the club is packed.

My freshly tanned leg sticks out through the slit in my mid-length black satin dress every step I take forward with my left leg. The click of my heels on the cement floor is overpowered by the beating bass of the music blaring from the speakers of the grunge club, that is more of an upbeat bar with a dance floor.

These heels are already killing me. The long walk from the car didn't help either. But the
simple black heel was too statement for me to not. You only live once.

We're out tonight because Hazel and her boyfriend broke up. Thank god! He was such a fucking asshole way too immature for her. Hazel is very accomplished and mature while he's very childish and unambitious. He wasn't right for her. She's a lawyer for god's sake. He couldn't hold down a job for more than 2 months.

Anyway, we had a girls day to try and cheer her up. We got our hair done. Got our nails freshly done. We touched up our tans. Did our make up. We had a cute little girls night getting ready together at her apartment, drinking martinis that I'm only starting to feel now.

I don't wear as much makeup as I used too but I decided to put some extra effort into my look tonight with winged eyeliner and a bright red lip. I needed to pop off for my come back haha. It has been a while since I've gone out. Let alone gotten ready with someone.

It felt like we were teenagers getting ready for a disco or a club with our fakes. Pre drinking and sharing wardrobes. I almost miss those days. Almost. I wore this black satin dress I bought a while ago but never got the chance to wear. Hazel wore this white bodycon dress with white strappy heels and a nude look. Elliot is wearing his usual skinny jeans and corduroy jacket paired with one of his many band tees and vans. Typical of Elliot to let us get all dressed up and for him to come dressed in casual entire.

I've needed a night out though. My life has been kinda dull lately. I have a boyfriend though. He's nice. He treats me well, I guess. Things are good with him. They probably wouldn't be as good if he knew I was out though. Especially in this dress when he's not here. He's a good guy don't get me wrong. But. Isn't nice just another way of saying boring?

I just feel like there isn't that fire. Mark isn't very spontaneous. Whenever I bring it up he just gets defensive and we end up arguing. I don't like arguing with him.

Life gets distracting and all of a sudden you find yourself in the same old routine and the same long term relationship. Fulfilling no life aspirations but I can't complain. Life is still good.

I have a job, a nice apartment, good friends, a stable boyfriend. I'm very lucky. But I can't help but crave excitement. Like the fear mixed with anticipation that I felt when I first moved here to New York.

I liked adventure. Spontaneous trips and staying up all night because why the fuck not?! I wanted to live life. I still do. It was like that with Mark. Not so much anymore.

He works a lot. In fact, that's where he is now actually. He's on a business trip at some conference or summit or something. I really don't know but I don't really care.

I'm dragged out of my thoughts by Elliot cupping my cheek turning my face gently to face him.

"Hey, you okay?" He spoke with a hint of concern in his voice. I put my hand over his.

"Yeah. Great. I'm all good." I smile back. Giving his hand a squeeze before he brings it back to his side.

"We've been calling your name," Hazel adds."Sorry- lost in thought," I reply shuffling in my seat. My head now turned to Hazel who's sitting across from me in this semi-circle, red leather booth. "What were you saying?" I ask looking between them.

"We were talking about getting drinks. Do you want one?" Elliot asked from his position sitting in between Hazel and I.

"Yeah sure. I'll go grab them, what do ye want?" I say starting to stand up.

"I don't mind, here I'll go," Elliot said starting to stand but I put my hands on his shoulder preventing from standing fully out of the booth.

"I'll go it's okay what do you want?" I ask again. He seems to debate it for a second before letting out a sigh followed by a smile.

"I'll have a vodka and coke, please." Hazel chirped.

"I'll take a beer," Elliot adds.

No problem." I smile back picking up my purse.

"Thanks, babe," Elliot says with a wink.

"Okay, I'll be right back," I say with a smile as I made my way towards that bar area.

I start to take in my surroundings. We're seated in a booth. One of the many identical ones lined up against the wall, covering the right side of the bar. I walk straight across to the bar weaving through scattered high tables of twos and fours.

The lights are dim with different coloured lighting in different areas. The booths are under red. There's a higher level that's under purple and blue. The dance floor in the middle of the club is blinking multicolours.

The air was thick with sweat and the smell of alcohol and weed. I head towards the yellow lighting of the bar. I started pushing through the dance floor trying to get to the bar that's getting lost from sight over the sea of people and flicker of bright lights.

As I push threw the crowd turning my head as something catches my eye, upon the platformed high level. The stairs were bigger, with more lushes booths that were a black leather. It looked like a VIP type of area.

Many well-dressed men and what I assume are female dancers scattered in and around them sit upon the much more luxurious looking area. Everyone there seems to be dressed from head to toe in designer.

The men seem powerful and commanding and I find myself slightly jealous of the women in their presence.

As I'm stumbling through the crowd being pushed and shoved around when a pair of dark eyes meet mine. My pace starts to slow my gaze is held captive by his hard stare.

His face wears no expression. Just hard, angry features. His jaw is clenched hard and his eyebrows frown.

He's sitting in the middle of the booth his legs spread as he leans back, with one arm careless laying over the headrest. His other hand rests
His other hand rests on his thigh. He's holding what looks like a glass of whiskey. It's dark in here but I can see him clearly enough to make out his brown curly hair. I feel an urge to run my hands through it.

Goosebumps trail up my back and arms to my neck. I don't know how long has past. It feels like hours but I'm sure it's only seconds. His eyes fall from my face down and rake over my body. His lips slowly pull into a smirk before his eyes come back up to meet mine. A dimple popping out before he winks then turns back to whatever conversation he was having.

My heart is pounding against my chest and I linger a little longer and observe him a bit. He holds the guarded but relaxed persona. He seems arrogant, sitting back but he still holds this cocky posture.

I start to move again faster and make it out of the crowd. I manage to make it to the front of the back, waving my hand over the side trying to get the attention to the bartender to no avail.

Suddenly I feel a presence behind me that makes me straighten my back. I stay frozen in place still slightly leaning over the bar.

Am arm comes and waves over the side of my head. I don't dare turn my head only moving my eyes in the direction. Whoever this arm belongs too is wearing a very expensive looking black suit and white shirt with gold cufflinks. The goosebumps I felt just moments before have returned.

I was too engrossed in examining his muscular arm by my head I hadn't noticed the bartender was in front of me. He stared over my head before looking down at me. Shivers go down my spine as I feel him shift on his arm brushes past my bare arm. What the fuck is happening? Why am I so affected by this?

My thoughts are broken again by a voice speaking. I'm really stuck up in my head today.

"What can I get you to miss?" The bartender said now looking directly at me. It takes me a second to compose myself.

"Could I get a vodka coke, a beer and a martini please?" I spoke clearing my throat.

Sure thing beautiful." The bartender smiled. He was kinda cute. Brown hair and blue eyes. He definitely went to the gym but wasn't overdoing it, although his black t-shirt did fit tight on him.

Someone behind me clears their throat and a hand grabs the counter at me side making the breathe hitch in my throat. His knuckles go white from squeezing the counter. The bartender looks to the mystery man behind me. The smile from his face drops and I could swear he even goes a bit pale but the bar area is light up is a bright yellow so I can't tell for sure.

The sweet bartender clears his throat and shies away to I hope to make my drinks. I'm surprised I haven't turned around and given some sort of smart comment or shoved him away but he has kept his distance, he isn't touching me but he's close enough to feel an occasional hot breathe on the back of my neck, shivers run down my spine every time and I'm surprised my legs haven't given out from underneath me.

The bartender comes back with my drinks and as I move to pick them up he removes his hand from the counter. I gain the courage to turn around. My jaw drops slightly as I meet those brown eyes again.

Up close he's much more infatuating. There's light stubble highlighting his cheekbones and sharp jaw. A few loose curls fall over his forehead framing his face. His eyelashes are thick around his deep brown hooded eyes stares down at me. He's tall and this close I feel like my head has fallen almost completely back. The only space between us is my bent arms holding the three glasses near my chest.

Although my heart rate has picked up I remain composed. My face and back are straight not shying away. He keeps his face monotone with the intimating posture. This man radiates power but I refuse to give him the satisfaction of knowing just how much he's affecting me.

Something about him has me on my guard while also for some insane reason I feel scared despite his scary aura.

I narrow my eyes at him which only gains a head tilt and I could swear it's amusement that flashes over his eyes. I go to move past him but his hands fall either side of holding onto to bar. My back presses against the bar and I'm so proud of myself for not passing out at his overwhelming presence. I tilt my chin up as I speak

"Excuse me," I say firmly never breaking eye contact. He smirks again rolling his head back as he does.

Cocky son of a bitch. I start to glare at him but that only seems to further entertain him. Okay, I'm done with this.

I move forward to push past him hoping he'll move. But he doesn't. I bump into his chest and shoulder letting out a notable huff. I'm thankful I didn't spill my drinks.

He leans his head down beside my face. The breath hitches in my thought and my ears ring with the speed of my pulse. Why is he affecting me like this? It's so frustrating!

A shiver runs down my spine as I feel his hot breath on my ear.

"Do you want some help with those?" His raspy voice whispers into my ear. His nose brushes against my cheekbone.

I lose the ability to speak.

"I-" I stutter as for some unknown reason my chin tilts towards his impending warm touch.

My breathe quickens as I remember to breathe, letting out the breath I was holding. You could cut the tension with a knife.

Just as I find myself being swept up at the moment that warm aura is pulled away.

I blink composing myself looking down trying to find the courage to meet thoughts bid brown

eyes again.

"I don't need help, thank you," I say blankly straighten up looking back up at him coldly.

He rolls his head, that same smirk appears on his face. I never wanted to punch and kiss someone so much at the same time.

We have what seems to be turning into a staring competition and my patience is running thin. At the same time, I don't want him to leave for some reason.

I am beyond frustrated with this cocky arrogant man that is playing some game and using my as the victim of his antics that he finds so entertaining but I am playing back.

He turns to the side extending his arm letting me pass by. I stare shocked for a second. I wasn't expecting him to do that.

"Thank you," I say before breaking eye contact and walking by.

I'm almost out of earshot before I hear.

"Hey Angel?" I recognise his voice. My brain is screaming at me to keep walking but for some unknown reason, I turn to look at him.

I turn on my heel resting on my hip, head tilted and my eyebrows raised.

He's turned into the bar but he's looking over his shoulder. That cocky smirk on his face. At this point, I could go as far as to call it iconic.

"Catch ya later babe." He winks before turning away again. I stare blankly.

I notice I'm standing like an idiot and quickly move to go back to my friends. Oh! My friends! I've been gone for ages I completely forgot I was here with people. I'm surprised they didn't come looking for me.

I start to walk. I can't stop thinking about how much I didn't like that man. But I can't ignore how badly I wanted to kiss him. If I could choose one word it would be frustrating.

As I picture his lips on mine I remember another person. My boyfriend. Well, these are not the thoughts a taken woman should be having. I don't know how to deal with this.

This mystery man made me feel the move in a few minutes then Mark has in our entire relationship. That isn't right. How the fuck did I end up here!

I'm so caught up in my thoughts I don't notice the man in front of me at the edge of the dance floor. I walked around the long walk. I wouldn't be able to make it through the crowd without the drinks spilling.

I bump into him spilling a bit of my martini on myself. Shit!

"Sorry! Shit!" I say looking at my dress. Urgh. I liked this dress. I hadn't gotten to wear it before. When I tried it on to go out with Mark he didn't approve. Not "ladylike" or "modest" enough.

I hand plants itself on my ass and squeezes I jerk up pushing away.

"Get off of me!" I shout at him disgusted. I hate men.

He let's go before moving forward again.

"Cmon don't be a prude. Dance with me." He slurs out.

"No. Leave me alone!" I spit before walking past him. What is it with the men tonight?!?
I manage to reach the table without another incident thankfully.

"The men tonight are something else!" I express as I set the drinks on the table.

Uhhh. Took a lot to not deck the last one." I sit down rubbing over my eyebrows with my fingertips before setting my hands on the table.

"Haha, that bad?" Elliot laughs.

"Yes," I say staring at him. He holds his hands up in surrender. Just as I thought.

"Here just fits the theme. Tonight we're drinking in honour of how shitty men are." Hazel says as she holds up her drink as I grab mine. Elliot as well. "Sorry, Elliot." She looks sympathetically to Elliot.

"Nah men are trash. I'm with ye ladies." He says clinking our glasses. "Ye are a bit psycho though." He mumbles under him breathe as he sips his drink.

"Hey!" Hazel shouts swatting his shoulder as he giggles back. He hunches over to dodge Hazels hits snickering away.

I laugh at the interaction but my mind is still on my mystery man. I never got his name. But then again it wasn't a normal conversation either. God if Mark had seen that he would have thrown a fit. Calling me unloyal or shameful. Sometimes I wish he'd get off his high horse.

I shake my head trying to push the thoughts away. I rest my head in my hand resting my elbows on the cold wood of the booth table.

We finish our drinks. Laughing and chatting like the old days. It's been ages since we've done something like this. Just the three of us. Mark doesn't like me going out with Elliot alone even if Hazel comes. He has to be here and then it just isn't the same.

He's on his business trip so he's probably out with his colleagues right now so I decided not to tell him I was going out. I'm not hounding him about who he's with and it's not like he called to inform me of his outings.

"I'm gonna get more drinks." Elliot pipes up. I slide out of the booth to let him pass. "Same thing?" He asked pointing at us and he moves his gaze between us.

"Yes. Thanks" I smile at him.

"I could I get a sprite and vodka this time?" Hazel asks. Obviously a bit more chirpy now that she has alcohol in her system.

"No problem. Be right back." He says as he turns and starts to move through the crowd.

"I'm going to go to the bathroom while he's gone," I tell Hazel smiling at her as I wait for her reply. She stares up at me.

"Yeah okay. Do you want me to go with you?" She asks with mild concern in her voice.

"No, it's okay. You have to mind the table." I reply grabbing my bag and I turn to walk towards the bathroom.

After pushing through the crowd I walk down a dingy hallway. It's dark and damp and I can feel the pound of the bass. I'm not completely steady after my martini. Wow, my tolerance is so bad.

I feel uneasy. You know that feeling you get when someone is watching you. I turn to look around but there's no one else here. Hmm. I'm probably just on edge cause I didn't tell Mark I was out and like the boggy man I'm scared he's gonna pop out of the shadows.

I reach the door and start to push it open when clammy hands cover my mouth. My blood runs cold as panic shoots through me. I scream but it's muffled by his hand as a firm arm wraps around my waist, pushing through the door.

I toss and twist and squirm desperately trying to get away but my arms are held down with the arm around my waist.

I stomp hard down on his foot. His grip loosens and I take this opportunity to stumble forward. Almost falling on the floor and I'm sure I twisted my ankle. God, why did I wear heels? I quickly compose myself turning to face my unknown attacker.

It's the guy who asked me to dance. Did he really take my rejection that hard? I'm pulled from my thoughts as his grunts and heavy breathe steadily as he also composes himself.

He reaches out for me and I run into a stall, trying to slam the door behind me but he's pushing against it. He's strong and he's winning this resistance game. The panic rises even higher and I can feel my heart beating against my chest so hard I'm scared it's going to burst.

I push my entire body weight onto the door. Still struggling for few seconds before the door bursts open shoving me back hitting my knees on the toilet.

His lips turn in a sick smirk that makes goosebumps rise up my neck. He starts to move towards me. I put my hands up in front of me. Tears start to brim at my eyes.

N-no. Please." I choke out. Sobs starting to rise in my throat but they keep getting caught at the back of my throat. I think I'm gonna dry heave.

He lunges at me grabbing my forearms. A high pitched scream leaves my trembling lips. "Now." He pauses. "Where were we?" He taunts as my back pressed into the wall. Sobs shake my chest.

"Stop. Please stop." I cry out. Tears streaming down my cheeks now.

He starts to lean forward. Seemingly satisfied with my reaction. He's getting off on my fear. Clearly a sexual sadist. If only Hotch was about to come and save me.

I turned my head desperately trying to put as much distance I can between me and him. A hot breath hits my cheeks. I whimper trying to squirm away. I can smell the alcohol on his breath.

He leans closer to my ear before whispering. "We're gonna have some fun now." He laughs at my sobbing, whimpering state.

He dips his head and starts to kiss my neck. Instantly hysterical screams rip out of my throat. I probably tore my vocal cords.

He let's go of my arms his hand is covering my mouth muffling my screams. He grabs my hip so roughly I'm sure it will leave a bruise.

I cry into his hand. Begging. Pleading. Praying that someone will come in. Maybe Elliot or Hazel will come looking for me?

He squeezes my hip. I feel him press his hard groin against my hips. I try to use my now free hands to push him away but he doesn't budge.

He starts kissing my neck again. Groping me as he grinds his hips into me. He presses against me to hold me in place. His hand is still on my mouth as he uses his other hand reaches down to undo his belt.

I scream hysterical objections but they're muffled by his hand. I cry out as I hear the clink of his belt clasp.

I start to give up. He's too strong and no one is coming to save me and the more struggle the more it'll hurt.

I want to disappear. I want to float out of my body. I don't want to be here. Why is this happening?

Endless tears spill from my eyes as I let out muffled cries of agony. My eyes screw shut.

All of a sudden his body is ripped from mine. I scream collapsing onto the ground. I fall using the toilet as leverage.

I cry, panting for a few seconds before opening my eyes. I look straight ahead to see he has been thrown across the floor and is now lying on his side. Grunting as he holds his stomach.

A vaguely familiar hand pulls his head up by the hair before slamming his head hard onto the tiled floor. I jump letting out a scream at the unexpected act of violence.

Blood squirt from his nose as his hands shoot up to his face. His screams echo through the bathroom.

"SHUT UP!" A familiar voice screams. My eyes shoot up only now acknowledging the silhouette standing over him.

His broad back is facing towards me. His tall frames casts a shadow over the helpless man on the floor. Helpless. That's how I felt.

His head tilts to the side as he stares down at my attacker. The man looks terrified of my unknown hero. My mystery saviour pulls his arm back before his fist makes contact with the man's face.

The slam of each hit echoes through the bathroom. I wince at the sound. My eyes wide as I watch this man get beat to pulp.

The man tries to scout away but he grabs him but the collar and pulls him to his feet, then lifting him off the ground and slamming him against the wall harshly.

He shouts at him and demands an apology. He wants him to apologies to me? Why does he care that much? No matter, I am extremely grateful.

When he doesn't receive one he punches him in the stomach again. The man is spitting blood now as he coughs out an apology before my faceless saviour.

"I'm- I'm s-sorry!" He chokes out gasping for air.

That's better." He pats the man on the cheek as if he were a dog. "Scum like you don't deserve the air you breathe." He let's go of the man collar, tossing him to the floor. "Fucking pathetic." He mutters staring down at him. Where do I know this voice? I'm still hyperventilating it's to think straight.

The man falls to the ground. He receives one last kick to the abdomen which makes him cradle in a fetal position, coughing and choking up blood, spluttering on the floor. The man turns around to reveal the guy from the bar. Oh my fucking god.

He runs his hand through his hair, straightening his suit coat before walking towards me. He fixes his collar as he walks towards me, stretching his neck. The vein on his neck is bulging. I'm sure from all the adrenaline.

He is in front of me within seconds due to his long strides. He towers over me and I actually gulp. Wow.

Are you okay?" He gently asks as he offers his hand. I'm still on the floor, hunched over knees at my chest as I sit trembling beside the toilet. I must look pathetic.

He moves down to squat beside me. My breathing is still rapid as he holds my gaze.
His has such brown eyes. I'm only making a note of their colour now. Such a deep brown. I could fall and get lost in them.

He tilts his head to the side. Moving his eyes to wander over me. Like he's studying me. Soaking in and memorising every detail.

My eyes never leave his. For some reason, I don't feel insecure. Or unsafe. Which I usually would making this heavy eye contact. His eyes burning through every feature. But I don't.

And I'm not scared. I don't know this man. I should feel scared of him. But I'm not. He is very intimidating. He is the kind of guy people should be scared of. Everything about him screams power and anger.

The silence is piercing my ears. All you can hear is my heavy breathing that's starting to slowly come back to a normal pace. I can hear the gentle pace of water dripping from a loose tap. Only adding to the tension that is palpable in this room since the minute he walked in and is only rising by the second.

I'm waiting for someone to speak. I want to break the silence but no words are coming out. I want to say thank you. I want to scream. Cry. Throw up. Pass out. All at once.

He reaches his hand out, cupping my cheek. His touch is warm against my cold cheeks. I tilt my head into his touch.

He traces his thumb under my eye wiping away loose tears that are probably black from my mascara and eyeliner leaking.

"Mmmmh." He hums to himself. I can almost hear his thoughts. I swallow down the salvia building in my mouth.

He extends his arm again. "Cmon." He says nodding his head towards the entrance.

I only manage to nod. I take his hand and we stand up together, him helping me keep my balance.

My heels slip as I try to balance myself but I slip forward bumbling into his hard chest. He catches my other hand giving me some leverage. Pain shoots through my body from my now swollen ankle.

"Oh! Sorry." I croak out hoarsely. I stare down trying to straighten myself out. My once cold cheeks and now hot and I'm sure they are bright red.

My eyes leave the floor and I look up at him only now realising how close our proximity is. My breathing is quickening again and I can feel his hot breath on my face.

He holds eye contact again. He's still holding a blank expression. Before I can stop myself my eyes wander over his face taking in his features.

His downturned eyes follow his dark eyebrows. The crinkle in his eyes and by his cheeks tells me he does smile although I could never imagine the man with features as cold as stone in front of me every smiling. What I would do to see him smile.

He has the most perfect, straight nose and I have to resist tracing over it with my finger. All his feature are very masculine.

My eyes move to his defined jawline. He is an extremely attractive man. He has light stubble that would feel prickly under the tips of my fingers.

I just want to touch him. I don't know why. I can't explain it. I just feel so pulled towards him. What is happening?

This man I've never met has the power to make me forget everything that just happened and become engrossed in his presence. Maybe it's because he saved me?

My eyes find his pink lips and the air gets caught in my throat. His tongue traces over his perfectly shaped plump lips and I think I'm going to faint.

He guides my hands to fall at my side before his arm slips around my back as he turns his body to face the open stall door.

He flattens his hand on the small of my back. I instantly freeze. Fuck. That's my weakness. Butterflies flutter in my stomach and I feel even more lightheaded then I did before.

He presses a hand on my back and starts to move forward. I start walking with him, limping and standing slightly in front. I'm still close enough to feel the heat imitating from his body.

My knees feel weak as we exit the stall. The man on the floor grunts in pain which startles me. It makes me jump back hitting his chest. I'm still hyperventilating.

I forgot he was here. Everything that just happened comes flooding back and I feel like I'm back there with him pressed against me. I feel so lightheaded I think I'm gonna pass out.

A pair of arms wrap me. Crossing over chest pulling my closer into his embrace. My back pressed against his. I instantly feel present again.

A pair of arms wrap me. Crossing over chest pulling my closer into his embrace. My back pressed against his. I instantly feel present again.

Panic is still coursing through me. All I can see is the man laying on the floor. Now coughing up blood.

His hands squeeze my shoulders before moving his fingers in little circles. It puts me in a trance and my breathing starts to slow down again but it's still shaky.

I can't seem to calm down. I keep taking in quick heavy breathes, shaking on the exhale but this only makes me dizzier.

I've suddenly turned around. A pair of large hands grab my face. I'm stunned, panic is still coursing through me. Darting my eyes to try and find some sign of safety. My head is spinning.


Big brown eyes bore into mine. Dilated pupils and a soft gaze that feels so intense. My eyes start to flutter and I think I hear my name.

And then it all goes black.

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