Catching Fire: Katniss Is Actually Pregnant


What if Katniss was actually pregnant when she had to go through the Quarter Quell... like seven and a half months pregnant. I just want to let you know that I have taken some specific lines/scenes from the original Catching Fire book however, I have changed the scenes a little bit just to fit with my own story line. Some of the scenes are iconic and will be left unchanged but some small details will be changed in those scenes. *I don't know how far this story is going to go, I just had this idea stuck in my head and wanted to write so enjoy!*

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1: The Morning

I feel Peeta stirring on the other side of the bed. I open my eyes slowly and roll over to see him laying there peacefully. I doubt that Peeta got a decent sleep last night, I know I didn't with the baby kicking and the Quarter Quell being announced today. On the 25th Hunger Games, the Districts had to choose their tributes and on the 50th Hunger Games, the Districts were required to give four tributes each. I can't stop myself thinking about all the sick and twisted possibilities Snow is going to come up with for this Quarter Quell.

But I push those thoughts aside and gently caress Peeta's cheek with my thumb. "Morning." He says hoarsely. Peeta rolls on top of me and gives me a kiss. "How was our little one in the night?" I chuckle since the baby is really no longer little at all. "Fine, just the usual; using me as a trampoline and a punching bag." We both lay in bed for a little longer, knowing that as once we get out, the real world resumes.

"Peeta we need to get up."
"Peeta, seriously." I shift my weight onto my other hip to relive some discomfort. Peeta is smothering his face with his pillow but I grab it and hit him with it. He groans and eventually gets up and out of bed and walks into the bathroom with his pyjama bottoms hanging dangerously low on his hips. I scold myself, today is the worst day to be horny with all of the attention on us. I doubt we will even get any alone time.

I begin my new routine to get out of bed; rocking myself back and forth the get enough momentum to get out of bed. Since I'm shorter than others, the bump just looks huge for being seven and a half months. It certainly feels it.

Toddling over to my wardrobe, I just pick the comfiest clothes available, which happens to be black leggings and an emerald loose fitting knitted jumper. I go into the bathroom and see that Peeta is in the shower. I retain the urge to jump in with him and instead brush my teeth. Such an amazing alternative to being in the shower with my... boyfriend? Partial husband? How do we have a baby coming but still not now what we are officially? He proposed to me in an interview with Caesar at the end of the victory tour, but that was only for show since we didn't really love each other then. Or did we? I don't know. Wait, was I pregnant then? I must have been, but I obviously didn't know. Did we love each other then? It's all moving too fast for me to keep up. It's nice though, having someone. More than nice actually.

I walk over to what is meant to be my house however since I live in Peeta's, my mother and Prim just live there. Without knocking on the door, I enter and smell that comforting unnameable smell. Prim runs up to me and gives me a huge hug, being careful of my huge belly. "Where's Peeta?" She asked kindly.
"He's coming, just doing some unnecessary jobs around the house because before we know it, we'll be swarmed with cameras." I replied nonchalantly.

I head into the TV lounge that is already playing the Capitol's anthem. "I thought it wasn't meant to be on for another twenty minutes." Prim just shrugs her shoulders and goes out of the room to get my mother. Turing my attention back to the TV, I lock eyes with President Snow, standing proudly over his subjects at the Avenue of the Tributes. My mother and Prim walk in and sit themselves down silently, just as nervous as I am.

Snow rests his hands on the gleaming golden podium and begins. "Ladies and gentlemen, this is the year of the seventy-fifth Hunger Games. It was written in the charter of the games, that every twenty-five years, there would be a Quarter Quell. To keep fresh for each nw generation, the memory of those who died in the uprising against the Capitol. Each Quarter Quell is distinguished by games of a special significance and now, on this the seventy-fifth anniversary of our defeat of the rebellion, we celebrate the third Quarter Quell. As a reminder that even the strongest, cannot overcome the power of the Capitol."

I zone out from the rest of the room, focused on what President will say next.

"On this, the third Quarter Quell Games, the male and female are to be reaped from the existing pool of victors in each district."

It takes me a few seconds to register what I just heard. But the cries of despair from my mother bring my nightmares into broad daylight. My lips slowly part as my jaw gradually drops down as I process everything.

"The victors will present themselves of reaping day, regardless of age..."

That's all I need to hear before I force myself out of the room. I walk as fast as I can out of the house and into woods nearby for some peace of mind. I know I'm kidding myself, how can anyone get any peace of mind when they have been called to a televised, torturous death for the second time.
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