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What happens if Dumbledore had kids and Regulus found his one true love? They decided to have a kid. But what if the parents died and the kid was super smart and lucky in life? It was a girl and her name was Annie Celeste Black Benedict Dumbledore. With her secret identity as Annie Benedict had her life perfectly on track as a Quidditch star and Pop sensation with her best friends; Ginerva (Ginny) Molly Weasley, Luna Elizabeth Lovegood, and Neville Frank Longbottom and until recently living at number 12 Grimmauld Place, with no distractions on her path of life. What happens if a mysterious wanted mass murderer knocks on her door and starts turning her life upside more she ever thought. Along the way, a green-blue eyed boy stops her in her tracks with some confusing feelings for her? Golden Trio Era [Harry Potter x Annie Benedict]

Romance / Fantasy
Annie Winnn
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Chapter 1


What happens if Dumbledore had kids and Regulus found his one true love? They decided to have a kid. But what if the parents died and the kid was super smart and lucky in life? It was a girl and her name was Annie Celeste Black Benedict Dumbledore. With her secret identity as Annie Benedict had her life perfectly on track as a Quidditch star and Pop sensation and until recently living at number 12 Grimmauld Place, with no distractions on her path of life. What happens if a mysterious wanted mass murderer knocks on her door and starts turning her life upside more she ever thought. Along the way, a green-blue eyed boy stops her in her tracks with some confusing feelings for her?



[Third Person POV]

It was a bright sunny day. Sun was shining through the windows at number 12 Grimmauld place. A girl named Annie was starting to wake up. She had a weird feeling about today, but she kept brushing it off. Annie needed to get up and start getting ready to go to her producer and manager. She’s a singer in the Muggle World. She flicked her wand and the coffee machine started running. While the coffee machine was running, she decided to change into a black blazer dress. Then she started doing her hair. While she was doing her hair, she notices an owl was coming towards the window. She opened the window to let the owl in and took the letters off of its leg. One was from Neville Longbottom, her best friend that was like a brother to her and the same age as her but she was just 3 months older, and the other was from Luna Lovegood, her younger best friend by a year that was like a sister to her. She was excited to read her new letters. The one from Neville said,

“Dear Annie,

the term is about to end and summer’s coming soon. My Gran’ wants to invite you, Ginny, and Luna, to my house for a while for a dinner. It’s completely fine if you can’t. My Gran’ wants to know my friends better since she says that I talk about all the time, which I said I don’t talk about you guys all the time. Please respond as soon as possible. -Neville”

Annie was pretty excited to go to Neville’s house because she’s always alone in her dusty old house. Annie’s dad died when she was still in the womb and her mom died when she was 2 from a death eater’s attack. She often stays at her grandfather’s school in her quarters which he had built especially for her. The school is called Hogwarts, where she met her best friends; Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood, and Neville Longbottom. Together they called the sliver quartet. They didn’t give themself that name, it just came that way where they’re the people often left behind. People know who they are but never talk to them, like decorations on a wall. Annie was starting to read Luna’s letter and write her own.

“Dear Annie, Neville has told us about his Gran’ asking to stay with him for a while. I and Ginny have already written to our parents and they said we can come. We’ll be going with Neville’s Gran’ when we get off of Hogwarts Express. We hope that we can see you there.

-Love L.L”

“Dear Neville, Ginny, and Luna (if you’re there),

I would be glad to go to your Gran’s house during the summer Neville but I probably won’t be able to stay often. I have practice on some days and have to go out to the Muggle World to record my songs and do more music things. I really hope that’s okay. I’ll meet you all at platform 9 & 3/4 when I ask my grandfather or my Aunt, Brooklyn. Maybe, we all can go to the Muggle World together. I can show you my favorite places if you would like to. The moon is beautiful. -A.C.B.”

Annie often signs her letters with her initials as A.C.B. that stands for Annie Celeste Black. But people often think that it stands for Annie Celeste Benedict. People don’t know that she’s part of the Black Family, mainly because her mom’s pregnancy was a secret. Since Annie’s mother, Ada Benedict Dumbledore Black was only a half-blood and not a pure-blood like what Grandmother wanted. But she accepts it because she was a smart and kind witch. Pure-Blood families wanted their kids to marry pure-bloods to have pure-blood children, but Regulus found his one true love and wouldn’t marry anyone else. Annie also sometimes ends her letters by saying the moon is beautiful. It comes from a story she heard from. It was that a teacher assigns his students to translate something. His student decided to translate the “I love you” word for word in Japanese. But his teacher said that he should change it to “The moon is beautiful.” Japanese people don’t use I love you that much, so instead, they said the moon is beautiful.

She attached the letter to the owl’s leg and let it out of the window after whispering “to Neville Longbottom, Ginny Weasley, or Luna Lovegood.” She got her coffee and her purse and disapparated to an alley close to her producer’s company. She walked through the door and saw her producer, Allan Jefferson, and her manager, Julie Jefferson waiting for her.

“Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson. How are you today?” Annie asked.

“We’re quite okay. So today, we’ll be doing some records of your new songs, then we’re going to pick your dress for the movie premiere from American Girl that you’re invited to. The movie’s called “Grace stirs up success.“Olivia Rodrigo invited you.” Julie stated.

“When is it?” Annie asked with concern on her face.

“Tonight,” Julie announced.

“Why didn’t you tell me before?” Annie claimed.

“We did, but it was two weeks ago.” Julie reminded. “But don’t worry, they have a theme for it. So it won’t be that hard to find a dress.” Julie reasoned.

“Okay, let’s get started on recording as most as we can. How far away is the venue?” Annie asked nervously

“Only about 15 minutes. So you’ll stop recording at 7 and we’ll get going at 8:30. So you have time for anything else you need.” Julie stated.

“Okay, let’s start with the little perfect song,” Allan suggested.

-----records the time away-----

“Okay, that’s enough for today. Let’s pick out your dress.” Julie claimed. “It’s a pink and black theme.”

They start looking through the dress and Annie kept saying no to the dress until she found a plaid dress with some pearl buttons and layer it with a sheer top underneath.

“Okay, I think I found it!” Annie exclaimed. “I like the sheer sleeves!”

“Now, let’s go to the car.” Julie urged.

“Can we stop for some coffee?” Annie asked.

“Sure, good thing we added 15 extra minutes.” Julie began.

-----Drives the time away-----

Now, they were on their way to the American Girl premiere with a medium iced white chocolate mocha and a latte. They made it to the premiere and greeted Olivia.

“Congrats on your new movie, Livy!” Annie shouted.

“Thank you, Annie. I had fun filming it, but I barely had any time for some music.” Olivia states.

-----they walk the time away-----

They had just walked into the movie theater to get ready to watch the new movie. Annie enjoyed the smiles on Livy’s face while she was watching the movie. Annie knew that Olivia was feeling proud of her acting. Annie said her goodbyes to the actors and Livy. She told her manager that she was going to walk home and to go ahead. So, Annie went to the bathroom to change her appearance. She changed her outfit into a pair of black jeans and a black top with a fannel along with a purse. She also changed her hair to an ombre balayage instead of her usual brown hair.

She got out of the bathroom stall and walked to an alley and disapparated in her kitchen at number 12 Grimmauld place. She heard someone opening the door. She started walking toward the mysterious person in her house with her wand pointing at the figure.


“Grandmother, please be quiet. I need to see who it is.” Annie stated while walking towards the figure. “Who are you?” Annie shouted.

“Er... I’m Sirius Black.” He said shyly.

“One of the Black brothers? The one that supposed to be in Azkaban?” Annie exclaimed in disbelief while lowing her wand.

“....yes, who are you?” Sirius said.

“Annie Benedict.” She stated.

“Isn’t this house mine?” Sirius asked.

“No, I own it legally,” Annie said confidently.

“Aren’t Blacks supposed to own it?” Sirius questioned.

“Who says I’m not a Black,” Annie stated.

“Then who are you? I don’t remember you on the family tree.” Sirius decided while thinking about the Black Family Tree.

“I’m Annie Black Benedict. I’m Regulus’s daughter.” Annie claimed.

“REGULUS’S DAUGHTER?!?!?!?!” Sirius said shocked. “Regulus never told me he had a kid.”

“Well, good. Not a lot of people are supposed to know.” Annie said.

“So, where’s your parent, kid?” Sirius asked.

“My biological parents are dead,” Annie stated quietly.

“ who takes care of you?” Sirius questioned.

“My grandfather used to take care of me. But I took care of myself for the last 2 years.” Annie pointed out.

“Where’s your grandfather?” Sirius asked confused.

“He’s at Hogwarts.” Annie confidently stated with a proud face.

“Well, aren’t you supposed to be scared of a mass murderer?“Sirius said.

“Well, do you have any weapons?” Annie asked.

“No, but --” Sirius started.

“See there’s your answer,” Annie stated. “So what are you doing here?” Annie asked while walking towards the kitchen, and Sirius following.

“I came here because I remember that my brother died a couple of years ago, so Kreacher must have taken care of the house since he left.” Sirius voiced.

“Well, Kreacher doesn’t take care of the house. But he only takes care of the rooms of his loved masters like my dad’s room and I clean my own floor.” Annie states.


“I took the first floor and made it my own. I have my own room, a room that connects to a Quidditch field, a designing room, a come and go room, and my office that connects to a building I’m not going to tell you.” Annie revealed while Sirius was thinking about how to enter one of the rooms. “And you will never enter any of these rooms without me because they have security on them, so don’t even think about it.”

“How did you know I was thinking about that?” Sirius asked with a shocked expression.

“I know about your Hogwarts days,” Annie said while trying to cover up her Legilimency.

“Wait, you said your grandfather was at Hogwarts? What post does your grandfather do?” Sirius asked.

“I won’t reveal it to you. I don’t trust strangers. You’ll know in due time.” Annie hinted.

“Do you have any food?” Sirius asked with questioning his choices of choosing a place.

“Yes, do you want pasta with tomato sauce?” Annie asked, while looking in the fridge.

“Sure.” Sirius declared.

“So, why did you decide to escape Azkaban after 12 years?” Annie asked, while serving the food.

“Well, I was in my cell and Fudge passed by with a newspaper and on the front had Peter Pettigrew with the Weasley Family. He was the one that betrayed Lily and James Potter. He was the secret keeper, we switched at the last minute. But, I soon realized that was a mistake when I went to check on him at his home.” Sirius responded.

“What happened when you found him, assuming that he wasn’t in the newspapers?” Annie asked with concern while also eating.

“He escaped when I was trying to save kids from a werewolf.” Sirius explained.

“Isn’t your own friend, --- what’s his name..... Remus a werewolf?” Annie questioned.

“Yes, he was the werewolf.” Sirius admitted.

“So, what does a werewolf do? I’m extremely curious.” Annie asked.

“Well, I don’t know what he is currently doing. But he used to be the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher.” Sirius confessed, while trying to eat what’s of his plate clean.

“Well, I think this was a good dinner. You should probably take a shower. How should I put this nicely? You don’t smell pleasant?” Annie mentioned, while getting a spare pair of clothes from her designing room.

“Thank you for the clothes. Good night.” Sirius declared, while walking upstairs to his old room and going into the shower.

Annie cleaned up the dishes and said good night to Kreacher. Then, she headed up to her room and showered and changed into her pajamas. While Annie was getting into bed, Sirius was laying in his bed, thinking about the events that just happened in the last 72 hours.


Hello everyone, I hope you enjoy the new chapter of the book. I had changed the writing into my own writing, so you’re not just re-reading the Harry Potter books. You can see that I added back Kreacher and that Annie didn’t reveal her full identity. For the new chapters, I wanted to keep her as Annie Benedict instead of her full name. Please comment some suggestions to the story that you’ll like to add.

-Annie Winnn

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