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Draco Malfoy Imagines✨


This ones for all y’all horny gals and guys. Theres gonna be quite a lot of sexc time, dont say i didn’t warn you! Enjoyyyy xx

Erotica / Fantasy
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Spin The Bottle🔞

“Come on Rosie.” Pansy chortled.
“Im coming Pans, go get Daph ill be two minutes.” I giggled.

She rolled her eyes and stepped out of our dorm room, along the corridor to Daphnes room. I finished my makeup, gluing on my eyelashes and checking my base makeup was flawless and my eyeshadow was perfect. I was satisfied with how i looked and walked over to my wardrobe and pulled out a short black dress that ruched at the bottom and slipped it on. I pulled on my red stilettos and Pansy and Daphne walked into the room.

“Woah, you look sexy Rosie.” Daphne smirked.
“Thank you, you too.” I smiled.

She was wearing a pink dress that was low cut to show of her cleavage. Pansy on the other hand was wearing a red dress, similar to mine but it had a square neckline. We were ready for the party that we could hear from our dorm room, it had already started.

“Come on then ladies.” Pansy spoke.
“Lets go get drunk.” Daphne laughed.
“God, i'm ready for this!” I laughed.

We approached the top of the stairs and the music began to get louder and louder as we descended down the winding staircase. The Slytherin Common Room was packed, not only Slytherin students. There were Gryffindors and Ravenclaws and a few Hufflepuffs i recognised. Cedric Diggory was in the corner talking to that prat Harry Potter and his merry band of fuckwits. Fred and George were dancing in the middle of the room, typical Fred and George. Unlike their divvy brother, i enjoyed the company of the mischievous twins. Luna Lovegood was sat at the table with little Weasley, Ginny. My friends, Draco, Blaise and Theo were placed on our sofas with a bottle of laced butterbeer in each of their hands. The girls and I walked over to them and Pansy sat beside Blaise, Daphne beside Theo and i perched on the arm of the sofa beside Draco.

“Well hello beautiful.” Draco smirked.
“Hello handsome, how much have you had to drink then.” I giggled.
“Just 5 of these.” He smiled, holding up his drink.
“Oh goody.” I laughed.
“Want one?” Blaise asked.
“Obviously.” I smirked.

He handed me a bottle of the sweet liquid and i took a few sips, the drink trickled down my throat leaving me wanting more. I drunk almost half of the drink in my hand.

“Alright Rosie, chill out.” Theo laughed.
“Let the girl have some fun Theo.” Daphne slapped him lightly on the arm.

“Yeah, give me one of those please Theo.” Pansy giggled.

~ Time Skip ~

About thirty minutes passed, all six of us were particularly drunk at this point. Draco slurred his words gently, still somewhat sober. Blaise and Theo on the other hand were slurring terribly and swaying on their seats, clearly unable to take alcohol as well as Draco. Both Pansy and Daphne were semi drunk. I could handle my alcohol extremely well, I had over the years managed to build up a tolerance to the stuff. Considering i used it as a coping mechanism when my mother died.

“Well this is positively boring, Pansy come dance with me.” I laughed.
“Lets go.” She giggled.

I dragged her by the hand to where everyone else was dancing. The song feel so close by calvin harris came on. We were dancing round together, shaking our asses and twerking on each-other. Draco looked in our direction and shook his head in disappointment at us. I stuck my tongue out at him, to which he smirked and turned his head away.

“Rosie.” Said a voice.

I turned round, it was Fred. Don’t ask how i can tell the difference between the twins, i just can.

“Freddie, Hey.” I smiled.
“How are you.” He said.
“Good, you?” I laughed.
“Drunk, but im good.” He laughed.

We danced together, he had his hands on my waist dancing to the music. Pansy off dancing with some Ravenclaw boy, the pair of them very drunk.

“Hey Freddie, lets go play a game.” I laughed.
“Yeah okay.” He smiled.
“Pansy come on.” I said pulling her away from the boy.

I beckoned for George to come and join us over where Draco and the rest of our friends sat. I took my previous position on the chair beside Draco and both Fred and George sat on chairs they had pulled up beside me.

“Lets play spin the bottle.” I smirked.
“Okay.” Everyone giggled.

I finished my fifth bottle of laced butterbeer and placed it on the table in front of us.

“Okay ruled are; you either kiss the person that it lands on when you spin it or you drink as a fore-fit.” I smiled.

“Lets do this.” Pansy smirked.
“Ill go first.” I giggled.

I span the bottle and it turned around and around until it stopped. On Fred. My heart began to race, Fred was one of my closest friends.

“Do you want to do this Rosie.” Fred asked.
“Its just a game.” I smirked.

I stood up, and turned to him. He went to get up of his chair and i pushed him back down, knowing he’d be too tall for me to kiss if he stood up. I sat on his lap and placed my hand on his cheek gently. I closed my eyes gently and placed my lips on his, he kissed back gently. Then began to push his tongue into my mouth slowly and we were having a full on make out session right in front of all my friends. I pulled away slowly, got off his lap and placed myself back on the arm of the chair next to Draco who looked very jealous.

“Okay my turn.” Blaise spoke.

He span the bottle and it landed on Theo. Blaise chuckled loudly.

“Sorry mate, but i’m gonna drink.” He laughed.
“Thank god.” Theo giggled.

“My go!” Pansy smirked.

She span the bottle and it landed on me. I smirked and so did she. This was going to make all the boys jealous.

“Come here then Rosie.” She smirked.

I got up and walked over to her, she stood up out of the seat and placed her hand on my bum over my dress. I held her waist.

“Come on girls.” Theo laughed.
“Shut up, i'm watching.” Blaise spat.

Pansy placed her lips on mine gently and i reciprocate this kiss. Within second we were snogging in front of all the boys and Daphne was cheering us on. We both pulled away and looked at each-other and giggled.

“Thanks sexy.” Pansy smirked.
“Your welcome Love.” I smirked back.

All five boys were staring at us wide eyed, Daphne also had a smirk plastered across her face.

“Thats our cue, we’ll see you later Rosie.” Both twins smiled.
“Bye boys.” I winked at them.

The walked away back into the party. Blaise stood up and took Pansys hand and lead her away from us, unsure of what was going on there i let them go not wanting to follow them anyway.

“Im off to bed.” Daphne smiled.
“Goodnight Love.” I smiled.
“Me too.” Theo said.

“Goodnight you two.” I smiled.
“Night beautiful.” Daphne said.
“Night Rosie, Draco.” Theo beamed.
“Night Mate.” Draco spoke.

Everyone left and it was just Draco and I. I plonked on the now open space next to him and leaned against his shoulder, opening another laced butterbeer taking a swig. I drunk almost half of the bottle.

“Well you look very jealous earlier.” I giggled.
“Oh shut up.” He laughed.
“Want me to kiss you like that?” I smirked, looking at him.

His silvery orbs met mine.

“Maybe.” Me smirked.
“Careful what you wish for Draco.” I whispered in his ear.

With my words he grabbed my waist and pulled me onto his lap. He looked into my eyes one again and then our lips locked in a passionate kiss. I opened my mouth gently so his tongue could venture into mine. His kiss was harsh compared to Fred, but i liked it. He placed a hand on my thigh and began to move it up and under my dress. I pulled away, panting furiously.

“Not here my love.” I smiled.
“Okay, come with me.” He smirked.

I got off his lap and he pulled me up the winding staircase to the boy dormitory, all the way to the end. His private dorm resided right at the very end of the hallway. He opened the door and as soon as we were inside he slammed the door close pushing me against the door resuming our kiss. He pulled away gently.

“Rosie Mae Charles, i think i'm in love with you.” He spoke.

“Oh Draco, i love you too.” I smiled.

He moved his head down to my neck and began to kiss it gently. He held me against the door, on hand under my thigh the other on my waist. I placed a hand in his soft blonde hair and pulled lightly. He sucked on the skin below my ear leaving a harsh purple mark on my skin, he kissed it gently. He pulled both my legs to wrap round his waist and held me there for a second looking into my brown eyes.

“Do you want to do this.” He asked.
“Yes.” I replied, breathing heavily.

He pulled me away from the door still holding me, and placed me down on his bed, he pulled my dress up over my head and threw it across the room carelessly. He then got in between my legs and placed a few gentle kisses on my lips. I unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off his body. The skin on skin contact was electrifying. His kisses set currents through my veins, the burning desire to have all of him was becoming too overwhelming.

“Draco. Please.” I whined.
“Hold on Princess.” He whispered.

He pulled away and i groaned loudly. He unbuttoned his trousers and pulled them down his thighs, his erection very evident in his boxers. He tossed them across the room and began to kiss roughly down my stomach down to my groaning heat. He fiddles with the hem of my thong for a moment or two and looked to me for consent. I nodded my head quickly and he pulled down my underwear and threw it in the same direction as his trousers. He put his hands on both of my thighs and held my legs apart. Moving his head down to my aching pussy. I moaned at his hot breath on my womanhood, he held me down from moving.

“Dracooo.” I moaned.
“Wait baby.” He spoke.

With that he moved his mouth to kiss my now soaking folds, focusing on my clit he began to suck harshly his groans only vibrating through my body making the pleasure all the more electrical.

“Fuckkkk-“ I cried.

He plunged his tongue as far as it would go inside of me, flicking it up and down causing my load moans to echo around the room, his grunts muffled. He looked into my pleasured eyes, and a flash of lust filled his deep grey eyes. He pulled away.

“Fuck foreplay.” He groaned.

With that he unclipped my bra and threw it across the room his boxers following in suite. He pumped his shaft a few time and lined it up with my soaked pussy. He leaned over my body and placed a desperate kiss on my lips before pushing his cock deep inside of me.

“Shit Rosie, your so tight.” He grunted.
“Fuck Draco, fuck me.” I moaned.
“Thats what i'm doing Angel.” He smirked.

He began to thrust in me at an ungodly speed, the sound of our skin slapping together consuming the room. Our load moans synchronised, not caring who could hear us.

“Harder Draco.” I moaned.

Thats all it took for him to thrust into me harder than i thought humanly possible. His cock was buried balls deep inside of me. He wasn’t wearing a condom but i really didn’t care. His thrust were rough but thats how i liked it, my moans were loader than ever.

“Shit baby- such a good girl.” He groaned.

I arched my back and Draco began to hit my g-spot almost instantly. The feeling was completely euphoric. My whole body shaking with absolute pleasure, it was filling me up.

“Yes Draco, right there.” I moaned.
“Ahhh- Rosie, your so good taking me like this.” He grunted.

He thrusted in and out of me at the same ungodly speed, i began to feel a knot in my stomach curl up. I was reaching my climax, and by the contorted look on his face so was Draco.

“Im so close baby.” I moaned.
“Me too.” He grunted.

The knot in my stomach began to unravel as i came hard around his cock, my juices spilling out all over my thighs and the bed. Draco’s thrusts were becoming sloppy.

“Shit babygirl.” He moaned.
“Cum inside me baby.” I moaned.

Just like that he came deep in my core, releasing his hot spurs of cum in me. His thrusts were slow and messy as he rode out both our highs. One he was sure we’d both finished our orgasms he pulled out of me and laid beside me panting. I was trying to catch my breath, reliving the events that had just happened.

“We should probably shower.” He said looking down at the wet patch on his bed.
“Uhm yeah.” I smiled.
“Come on then Angel. Ill carry you.” He smiled.

Picking me up and taking me into the bathroom for a shower. He helped me shower, washing us both gently. When we finished washing he carried me out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel and placed me on the armchair by his desk. He pulled out his wand and cleaned up the bed with a simple spell and picked me up and placed me on the bed gently.

“Ill get you a top.” He smiled.

He went over to the chest of drawers and pulled out two tops and a pair of boxers. He pulled on one of the tops and the boxers and then sat on the bed beside me. He pulled the top on my body and we got under the covers and he wrapped his arms around me in a tight embrace and placed and gentle kiss on my lips before we both fell asleep.

word count:- 2415 words
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