The Black Market King


Number Five, who later became Ray, was abandoned by his family and sold to the black market where he met another fawn-like him, only courageous. After escaping and being adopted by a Komodo Dragon, Ray was guided on how to live his new life, forcing him to take the path he was given. He soon took over the black market, becoming the second herbivore to sit in the office. At first, everything seems like he got what he wanted until he met someone he knew was valuable to him. This circumstance alone put everything he had built over his years at stake. == BEASTARS fanfiction

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 [Five and Four] Part 1 - History

“...I’ll do anything you want!“, begged the sheep as it was dragged on the grimy, stone floor, across the gloomy hallway walled by cells.

A deer woke up in one of those cells. He was curled up in one of the corners of the room, shivering and teeth chattering. He pulled his legs closer to him as he carefully raised his head just a tad, enough for his eyes to peer over the outline of his brown, skinny arms.

Just like most of everyone else, the deer had no idea why he ended up here in the first place. All he knew was, they were being kept alive for only one reason—to be sold in the black market. Either in pieces or as a whole. Dead or alive.

He found out from one time when he overheard one of the carnivores’ discussions about the situation of the black market. He arrived here two weeks ago. In a box.

He was heading home from his piano lessons. He skipped through the busy streets of the city with a glee on his face. He swayed his head side-to-side. He turned to his right and passed the wooden fences of his vibrant, simple home. As usual, when he opened the door, he would greet his parents and they would greet back joyfully. They had been doing it for years. His father would be reading the daily newspapers and his mother would be doing the dishes.

However, when he turned the knob and opened his mouth, he found his parents in the living room. His father was patting the back of his wife who was sobbing and sniffing with her back turned at the young deer. He was too young to understand the matured world outside his bubble. Though, it was his first time seeing them in this heavy atmosphere.

He stood there near the front door in complete silence before he went upstairs—into his bedroom where he would usually go after coming back from school. He slowly closed the door behind him and placed his backpack on the floor near his study desk.

He still did the things he would do to pass time—reading books, watching documentaries, homework, and whatnot. He was a polymath student. Always got high scores to obtain a scholarship. He was very thankful for it.

He stayed in his room for a few hours until he was called for dinner. His ears twitched when he jumped off the bed and rushed through the door and down the stairs. His parents were in the dining area, placing the plates and utensils on the small, basic, round table.

He sat down on his favorite stool which was situated across his father’s. His legs dangled as he watched his mother set his favorite meal, grilled asparagus, and Caesar salad. He had eaten many versions of these, and yet, he still preferred the ones made by his beloved mother. Once ready, they prayed and dug in.

The asparagus’ flavors burst as he munched them with great manners. After the asparagus, he moved to the salad and the first bite was undoubtedly delicious, that was until he got halfway when the flavor changed.

His munching slowed while his teeth gritted some hard stuff. It tasted more like a syrup. He kept eating even though he didn’t like the taste. He thought it was just the vitamins at first, but why would his mother do it if he doesn’t protest when consuming his medicines. It must be something. Though, by the time he was only a few bites left, he started feeling groggy.

He looked around as soon as his vision began to spin. His fingers felt numb and his entire body followed. He opened his mouth but couldn’t say anything to catch his parent’s attention. The last memory he had with them was just eating there in front of them like he didn’t exist.

He woke up in a small box with a tiny hole in one of the walls. A light beamed through it. His mind couldn’t grasp the idea of why he ended up in this cramped space. The entire thing was swaying greatly. He crawled to the hole where he peeked and with his foggy mind, could only make out that he was in a truck—due to the roaring engine.

Soon the truck came to a screeching halt and popped its back doors open. He could only hear deep voices and the cold wind blowing through the opening. He pressed his body close to the opening and watched himself get carried into an eerie alleyway decorated with distinctive lights hanged above.

The box was placed on the ground when more voices appeared, discussing it. He could hear them talking gibberish. He tried to call out for his parents but to no avail. As he did, the voices stopped and a few scraping footsteps were heard before a big deadly eye met with his.

“Well, well, well... look do we have here... a red deer.“, said the person who continued to eye intensely on the young deer.

The deer quickly backed up to the other side and did the only thing he could do in such a limited space, cry. The person chuckled devilishly as he watched the small herbivore tried calling attention in this kind of place. A place where sparking attention could automatically be a death sentence.

The box was then lifted again and brought to somewhere dark. The beam of light which was the deer’s hope vanished as the box jumps up and down repeatedly for a very long time. The deer tried to hold ground as the box moved about. The lid of the crate was pried open and the first thing that came into the deer’s sight was a vicious tiger.

A large paw with sharp claws reached down, clamping on the deer’s neck who attempted to wiggle. He was doing everything he could do just to escape the firm grasp of the large feline. The deer was lifted from the box and was greeted by the horrible sight of cells—bloodstains everywhere and innocent animals behind bars, pleading to live.

He was thrown into one of them, smashed his head against the cold wall of the cell before crashing down to the floor. The impact knocked him out for a long time.

These past few days, he thought about the actions he did for him to end up in this place. He was always obedient and well-disciplined by his parents. He loved them straight to the core. If there was anything he could do to reverse this, he would do it without a doubt.

However, seeing the number five stamped under his right foot with pure black ink contrasting with his brown fur, the chance of seeing the outside world again in full colors was slim to none.

He remained in this corner ever since. He still had hope for his family to come and save him, or even the police, at least someone, anyone. One of the real questions was, which would last long? His life or his hope of being rescued. Time would only tell.

As the days continued to pass over the deer’s head, the hope of seeing his family again finally faded into thin air. His memories with them, their soothing voices and warm touches. Oh, if only he could show how much he missed them.

The only warmth he could acquire so far was the soup being served to them with immense rations. He was indeed getting thinner and weaker every second. He missed his bed, he missed everything beyond this place.

He had gotten used to the noises of the other people who continued to beg for their dear life. Like everyone, this deer still had dreams. He wanted to change the world, a better and safer place for everyone to thrive alongside one another. He closed his eyes as he rested his maw in between his knees. He began to visualize himself successfully reaching that point in his shortening life.

Another scream pierced through the place. The scream he could never forget in his entire life.

The deer peeked his eyes out once again as the noise of someone being dragged got closer. The same tiger who brought him here had another fawn in his hands. He looked identically the same in all aspects, except for the color of their eyes. The tiger stomped and stopped in front of the cell’s door—unlocking it and throwing the newcomer.

The deer watched the other groaned and shouted at the carnivore who did nothing but to show an intimidating smile. As the deer watched the other, he caught a glimpse of the newcomer’s number—four.

After some minutes of looking at the other deer, Number Four finally regained his control and looked back at his cellmates or his fellow livestock. Everyone in all the cells had numbers under their foot. Specifically, the right one. Number Four stood up and waddled slowly to Number Five since they were the only two same species inside the cell. Others were sheep, cats, and whatnot.

Number Five held his tongue as he kept his eyes on Number Four. They didn’t start any conversations for several days until Number Five finally had the guts.

Number Four calmly looked at Number Five who was obviously waiting to hear something from him. Number Five assumed this fawn to be mute or deaf. Either way, Number Four’s actions towards the tiger recalled the moment where one herbivore managed to escape its respective cell.

It didn’t reach far, unfortunately. Just a few minutes after it passed the doors, which lead to the elevator, a loud gunshot was heard along with some roars and something snapping and being torn apart.

Number Five looked down and slid his head back to face the front. His ears remained flat. His body remained shut to everyone who he considered to be strangers. Though, if this was where his life would end, he might as well make new friends while he still could. To at least make his death less miserable.

Number Five watched the carnivores nearby talked about one of the animals inside the other cell. They must be picking someone.

Number Five only knew one thing about the place. He knew for a fact that the elevator at the end of the hallway was the only way in and out of this area. Newcomers came from it and were placed randomly in a cell. Sometimes the carnivores would come, pick, and drag one out of the cell and back to the elevator, never to be seen again.

Number Four scooted closer to Number fie all of the sudden. Number five darted his eyes at him and leaned slightly away from the stranger. Finally, his ears slightly stood up with curiosity after years of resting on his skull.

Number Four rested his head on Number Five’s shoulder. The sudden contact was appreciated wholeheartedly by Number Five. This action alone somehow formed a force that bonded the two, despite in a place where the only thing delaying their death was the roaming customers in the market, glancing over the meat sections of the stalls, seeing which would satisfy their senses.

From this point on, Number Five began accepting every positive thing he could find in this cell or beyond it, big or small. At least it would make him a little bit better before his death.

The warmth of the other fawn on Number Five’s shoulder gradually grew deeper and influential, spreading throughout his body along with the maturing friendship they formed in such an environment.

Few more days have passed, the two deers had gotten even more closer and trustworthy to each other. They slept together to produce and trap more heat. They shared food when they got served rationally. The two were getting along just fine. Their energy somehow brought light and colors not just in one cell, but to the rest of the entire area.

The place which was once dreadful and eerie was now sometimes filled with laughter. It had been several days ever since the last newcomer arrived. No one was taken out from any of the cells. As if the carnivores had forgotten about their existence. Maybe because they didn’t favor any of the positive vibes from these cells.

Everything was going well until the door to the elevator swung open.

The rainbows glistening above the innocent lives were wiped upon the arrival of a peculiar middle-aged red deer. A dark suit, a pair of glasses, a tie, and a briefcase showed everyone that the stranger meant serious business. One thing stood out though, his pair of antlers.

His heavy footsteps tapping against the floor echoed through the barren place. A carnivore trailed behind him, grasping his own hands in front.

Number Four’s and Five’s bodies were pressing to each other, they were asleep when the matured deer made his presence.

“This is the room huh?“, questioned the stag.

“Yes sir, I never would’ve imagined the great Oguma of the horns conglomerate would set foot in a filthy place like this.“, responded the carnivore.

After another quick chat, the carnivore next to Oguma nodded as he pulled out the keys to the cell. Metals clanked for a few seconds before the cell’s door creaked open. Everyone in the specific cell scurried away from the two fawns, watching the carnivore entered and gripped Number Five’s hand, pulling him out of the cell.

Number Four however protested and grabbed Number Five’s other hand, tugging him back to their corner. The stag watched the three fought inside the cell. The look on Oguma was somehow life-threatening and life-saving at the same time.

Oguma instructed something to the carnivore which led to Number Five and Number Four to win over the tugging. However, the situation didn’t end there.

The carnivore bared his fangs and suddenly moved towards the other fawn. Number Four fought against the carnivore even with his small size. Number Five on the other hand was only staring, back pressed against the wall, watching in fear as the carnivore dragged his only friend out of the cell. The only one he trusted in this place was now nowhere in his reach.

“Hey, calm down! You’re going to live!“, said the carnivore.

Number Five kept his eyes wide open, listening to their conversation and crawling frantically towards the bars. He slid his muzzle between the two along with his right hand—desperately reaching out for Number Four, urging to join his life. The awoos of his friend gradually silenced, dragged into the elevator. He heard what the carnivore said just moments ago, about Number Four being saved. With that, he shouted as loud as he could and as clear as possible to calm him down.

“It’s alright! You’re safe! Promise me you’ll come back!“, he inhaled hurriedly, “I’ll wait for you!”

After the screams of protests, everything was silenced by the elevator doors shutting between the sight of the two dependent fawns. The dark atmosphere returned and loomed atop everyone.

Number Five slid down on the floor, wanting to see his friend again. If only he knew this would be their last time with each other, he would have cherished it. The lonely deer managed to regather his senses and waddled back to his corner where he spent more days. He was first chosen but was outcast by the bravery of Number Four.

Waiting for something or someone who would likely kill or save him from this hell was pure agony.

Number Five remained in the corner, pulling his legs close to him, and wrapping his arms around them. He missed his friend’s warmth. The only deer who he decided to spend the rest of his days with was now gone. His ears that were once standing returned to their flat state. The place had indeed gotten quieter. Everything went back to normal ever since the two got separated.

The deer fiddled his fingers around his knees when he heard the elevator chime. His body hurriedly rose and crawled over to the bars, peering over the end of the gloomy hallway. He expected to finally see Number Four again. The elevator doors slid to the side, revealing one of the carnivores who taunted and guarded this place.

“Number Five! This must be your lucky day!“, said the carnivore who stood in front of the cell, staring at the only deer in it. He smiled and chuckled deeply while opening the gate.

Number Five froze and only stared at the cheetah in horror. The carnivore grabbed the deer’s arm and dragged him out of the cell with ease. No protests.

The deer was brought to the elevator where the only source of white light in the gloomy hallway. It was like he was staring at the gates of heaven. The only way out of this hell. He looked around, passing through the cells of animals, just waiting for their turns to get slaughtered or eaten.

He noticed the handgun in its holster on the right side of the cheetah.

He had watched a documentary about guns. It was basically point-and-shoot.

Once in the elevator, the cheetah pressed the button to the second floor and stood there calmly. The deer knew what he had to do, he just didn’t know if he had the courage to do it. But heck, if this was his only way of escaping this place, he might as well take it.

As soon as the doors closed and the elevator began its ascend, the deer snatched the gun and aimed it at the cheetah. Without hesitation, he squeezed the trigger at the same time being kicked to the corner. The sound of his body hitting the steel wall was drowned by the deafening gunshot.

The cheetah laid unresponsively atop the deer. Number Five crawled out and hurriedly climbed up the gate of the elevator to reach one of the buttons. It was at the exact time he pressed a random one when the elevator arrived on the second floor. Different carnivores were sitting on either side of the room and stood up with salivating mouths.

“That looks like that one deer who tried to kill himself!“, shouted the slim lion.

The carnivores’ eyes were magnetized by the cold body inside the elevator, bathed with its blood. The ferocious animals growled and roared while they zoomed towards the leaving elevator.

Number Five, fortunately, arrived at the garage of the black market tower. He stepped out of the elevator with the pistol shaking. He regretted it immediately when he stumbled onto a group of carnivores chatting nearby. Without hesitation, the deer raised the gun and released a fusillade of bullets at them.

“The deer has a fucking gun!“, shouted one of them who quickly took cover.

The deer emptied the clip before bolting from their sight. Though, he knew he wouldn’t be able to escape their powerful noses and sheer speed. He found a door in front of him where he escaped.

He was greeted by the dark sky, water pouring down along with gusts of winds, and booming thunders dancing around the heavy atmosphere. He looked back and forth as he kept running away from the place as fast and as far as possible.

Once the deer got away still in one piece, Number Five became known as the luckiest herbivore alive. Though, the problems didn’t stop there.

He got to the busy streets of the bustling city, boring through the larger bodies which were blocking his path. He could hear from the far back of someone shouting. He assumed some were chasing after him. He had to do something fast.

He slipped and tripped on the ground when he found a dark alleyway nearby. Without any hesitation, the deer got back to his feet and dashed to the alley. He didn’t dare to look back. There was a dumpster situated on the side of the building. It was a complete dead end. He frantically looked around and only found boxes next to the dumpster.

Number Five lowered his body and hurriedly slipped himself under one of the large boxes. He picked the driest one before flipping the entire thing over to himself—disappearing like a small rat.

He cupped his hands on his mouth to dampen the noise of his uncontrolled breathing. His ears twitched from the footsteps running towards the alleyway. He knew those were the ones looking for him due to their out-of-breath voices.


“Maybe the kid went over there...”

“If we don’t find him this instant, I assure you we’ll be eating bullets for tonight!”

Then, the carnivores decided to ran in another direction.

The deer meanwhile was still trying to get a hold of himself after the unplanned escape, add the fact he never expected to reach this far. His hands slowly let go of his muzzle and shakily lifted the cardboard box just by little, enough for him to check.

His breathing lightened upon seeing the clear sight of freedom standing, waiting for him with open arms. He carefully crawled out of the box with great relief. He didn’t walk out of the alley yet, he waited for a couple more minutes before doing so. A part of him claimed he wasn’t in the clear yet.

He wanted to make sure they were gone for good. While he waited, he thought of what he should do next.

He checked himself for any injuries when his nose picked up something mouthwatering. He sniffed the air and turned his head in the direction where he found a small plastic cup with some vegetables in it.

His starving mind focused all its attention on the small object placed on the floor of newspapers. He licked his rough lips as his hands moved to his rumbling tummy. He began his slow approach and kneeled on the newspapers.

His left hand slowly reached out for the cup and as soon as he wrapped his skinny fingers on it, something clicked.

He darted his eyes around and as soon as he looked up, a cage fell on top of him. Number Five’s breathing worsened along with the amount of adrenaline being pumped in. He tried lifting the cage, but his energy was all spent from running.

The situation turned worse when his ears picked up some people coming.


“And you thought you’ll get away from us... looks like you have forgotten about this.“, one carnivore tapped his nose while eyeing down at the cage.

“Looks like we’re having venison tonight boys!“, cheered the other carnivore who high-fived with the rest who were completely salivating.

The hyena kneeled and lifted the cage, snatching the deer. His hand gripped the deer’s neck firmly, allowing for it to still breathe, but with intense difficulties. The hyena gave a slimy lick across the deer’s face before opening his mouth wide, enough for the fawn’s body to just slide down in ease.

The deer’s eyes trembled.

Was this where his life would end? After all these years of being thankful for his family who drugged him and ended up in the black market for few weeks, this was the result? At what point in life did he do wrong? What did he deserve to be in this situation where he had no choice but to accept his death without saying his goodbyes?

He had already lost his friend, now he would be losing his entire life.

The cheetah grasped the entire deer’s body with both of his hands as he lowered Number Five to his mouth, head first. The deer shut his eyes as the putrid, hot breath of the hyena greeted the fawn’s face.


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