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U.A.’s demon (KNY x BNHA crossover)


Seiji comes from the world where demons are an enemy to man kind.He was the twin brother of Shinobu Kocho,and the Poison Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps.He devoted his life to find the demon who killed his elder sister ,and to killing Muzan Kibutsuji.But that dream comes to an end when the said demon king turns Seiji into a demon. Finishing his final battle ,he fell into a river.This was where he thought his story would end,but turns out, fate isn’t done with him yet.Walking into an empty abyss he hears a voice.Telling him it’s not over yet. He fall directly into the classroom of the 1-A Hero class, severely wounded and confused.As he progresses throughout this world, he feels an overwhelming power awakening inside of him.Which side will he end up in?

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How Seiji despise them.

Because of them his parents.


were dead.

He vowed to kill all of them, but never did he once think that he’d become one...

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