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U.A.’s demon (KNY x BNHA crossover)

001.The Chase

Why did this have to happen?

Why me?

Out of the hundred of things that could’ve been done,why did the gods have to bestow this fate upon me?


The deafening hiss of multiple nichirin blades could be heard.

They’re getting closer.

Am I gonna die?

His sweat trickled down his forehead as he picked up his pace, running away from the number of slayers chasing him.He was confident he could get away.

But nothing is never easy ,is it?

He glanced back at the slayers chasing him.Leading the charge was his sister, Shinobu Kocho.The look on her face held sadness,anger,and guilt?

Jumping on a tree branch he made a sharp left.Getting away from the wisteria-filled mountain.

“Please!Please, go away!I don’t want to harm anyone!,”He begged.He didn’t want to kill anyone, but he didn’t want to die either.Not until someone flashily came into his peripherals.With a poison filled sword pointed towards him.Instinctively raising his own purple and white nichirin sword to counter hers, but she was quicker.The blade went right through his eye.He let out a pain-filled scream.He could already feel the wisteria poison spreading.His entire body was on fire,yet he didn’t attack.He didn’t want to be a monster.On the other side Shinobu wanted to help him.He was the only actual family she had left, but she couldn’t.

Why?Why me?Why do I have to die?What did I ever do to deserve this?

He had stopped running.The wisteria was close to paralyzing him.He held his eye,gritting his teeth trying to resist the urge of attacking.

Shinobu once again attacked, giving a kick, as he deflected.He couldn’t resist the urge any longer.He needed to eat.And so he tackled Shinobu.He was towering on top baring his fangs, trying to take a bite.Before he couldn’t.He started crying.He couldn’t do it.He can’t kill family.

*Flashback 5 years ago*

“Ne,Kanae-nee chan?” ,Seiji asked

“What is it otouto-san?”,the eldest Kochō sister responded.

“If I was a demon, would you still love me?”, he whispered avoiding eye contact

She looked shocked and confused for a bit, but went back to her smile in seconds.

“Of course”

That answer shocked him for a bit, but he was relieved.

“Why did you ask that question?”,she asked

“I...I don’t know...”,he replied

She giggled in response.

But even if I’m a demon I promise to always protect my family!” he declared ,making a fist on his heart.

“I’m counting on you then!” she responded ruffling his hair

*Flashback end*

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