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"Tell me your secret," he said. "How can your bones speak of sunshine when i always keep you in the dark?" She smiled and took his face in between her hands, caressing it, looking at his eyes as sparks rush through her. "Darkness, my love, not a single soul can keep the light out of me." She kissed him gently on his forehead. ... Ryndell "Ryn" Astroff didn't see herself as a typical Slytherin student. She thinks that the sorting hat made some type of mistake sorting her into a house of snakes. She didn't even have any traits of being one. Somehow, she managed to get through her 4th year, without failing any classes. Everything was perfect until she falls for the famous 'Draco Malfoy.' Ending her 4th year was a daze as she became "His." Through her 5th year she finds herself in a toxic relationship with Draco in which she escapes later on, but why is it that even if she was free from him why does her heart still ache for him? Love can be so secretive, Will she find herself back with him or will she move on to someone else? Follow Ryn as she navigate through her 5th year and uncover secrets the secrets surrounding who she really is. ... ⚠️ TRIGGER WARNING⚠️ this story includes smut, abuse, degradation, violence, mentions of rape, choking, blades/knives, underage drinking, bondage, and any way of self harm! if you are uncomfortable with any of these, please stop

Romance / Fantasy
emmy <3
Age Rating:


Ryn, Wake up!”

Groaning and turning in my bed, hearing my mother’s yelling from downstairs, I took the cover and tossed it over my head as the warmth and comfort of my lovely bed engulfed me and lulled me slowly back to sleep again.

The door slammed open and the cover got ripped off from my body as hands grabbed and started to tickle my sides.

Laughing out as my brother was so merciless with his tickle assault.

“Wake up sleepy head.” he said a smirk plastered his lips as he tickles me, almost falling off my bed,

“ELLIO!! STOP IT OR I'LL KILL YOU.” i said with rage, turning towards him with a pillow in my hand,

“Well what’s the fun in that Ryndell?, Still a-” I turned towards him and hit him not even letting him finish what he’s about to say,

I stopped to look at him, eyeing him down a scowl; he watched as my pupils change with a hue of red, my iris expanding as i looked him down,

His body froze, knowing what’ll happen,

“OK OK!!” he said, raising both of his hands in the air, a wave of panic mirrored his eyes as I moved closer, only to pass him, bumping his side as i sent him a grin,

“That’s what i thought.” I mumbled on the way out loud enough for him to hear,

I made my way towards the hallway to the stairs when i stopped and looked at the clock, i saw i had 40 minutes to get ready so I wasted no time speeding to my bathroom.

I don’t believe I ever had the fastest shower in my life. Brushing my teeth, doing my hair and putting light makeup, I peeked in my room to see if elliot was still inside but seeing he wasn’t, i got out and went to my closet to grab my suitcase out along with my robes.

I decided to wear plain black jeans and a black tank top with a fluffed coat,

I glanced at my clock, I saw I still had a few minutes left, so I grabbed my shoes along with my suitcase and robes and rushed downstairs to the kitchen where I found my mother by the stove preparing breakfast for us.

“Elizabeth, did you forget to set your alarm again?” my mother asked as she brought a plate of pancakes on the table for me to eat.

“I’m sorry mom but I was Owling Draco last night and just forget about it.” i said with as i took a bite out of the pancake,

“How is draco doing?” she asked, with a smile

Draco has been my boyfriend since 4th year. He and I met on the train in first year. since then we became best friends, not until he asked me to be his at the valentines ball. He really is an amazing boyfriend, but not the part where he spoils the heck out of me. But you know I love that boy to pieces.

“He’s doing great, he’s excited about seeing me later.” a smile crept on my lips as i faced my mother,

“Oh that sounds wonderful” she said, turning to the dishes,

As I was eating my pancakes, my brother came into the kitchen and kissed our mom on her cheek, and took a fork in his hand. I looked at him suspiciously as he was nearing my seat, and next, he did, he took a piece of my pancake and shoved it into his mouth.

“ELLIO!!” i growled, eyeing him down my eyes piercing with anger as he turned to mom,

“Mmmm.. these are amazing mom.” he said, turning his neck on me with a smirk on plastered on his lips,

“Mom tell ellio to take his own plate with pancakes, he is stealing minne” i groaned with an annoyed tone,

Mom just looked at us and chuckled, shaking her head.

“Okay, are you done as we have to go or we’ll miss the train” ellio asked me as he took his bag and tossed it over his shoulder.

“Yeah i’m done, thanks mom, it was delicious!” i said grabbing my bags,

“You're welcome, honey. Have a good day both of you and ellio don’t cause professor snape trouble” she wailed while i made my way to the car,

“Oh come on mom! He’s the one with anger issues not me!” ellio said while getting in the car,

“I mean it, Elliot James!” She warned and gave him a look,
“Yes okay, i’ll be an angel.” I scoffed when I heard him say that.

We continued on to his car and drove off to Kings Cross Station.

Both Elliot and I are wizards and witches, I happen to be a cross breed between a hender and a witch.

Henders are the ones who are born, with an ability to have different powerful desires that they wish to have - in my case I had some form of neuroelectric interfacing that allows me to both read thoughts and also give my targets waking nightmares.

Elliot is my half brother, his dad works in the ministry as an auror.
My dad on the other hand isn’t really in my life,

My father left when i was only 3 years old, since then she never heard of him,

She became a single mother at the age of 25, even though he left she never really stopped loving him, she always told me that one day when i’m ready he’ll come home.

It’s a shame that i believed her,

Mother met dad when ellio was a year old, he was such an incredible man as mother says,

She always had stories about how good he was, he had such a good soul,

He never was the type to hurt anyone even the ones who crossed him,

Mom never told me what he did for a living, all I know he’s someone that a lot of people look up to.

We go to Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry.

We have been there since year 1 and now i’m in my 5th year and ellio’s in his 7th.

I’m in slytherin and ellio’s in gryffindor,

i was quite sad that we weren’t in the same house as ellio but luckily hogwarts allows other houses to sit with each other and be in each others common rooms, only before curfew,

We arrived at kings cross and crossed into platform 9 ¾, i searched around everywhere for draco but i didn’t see him,

That’s unlikely of him, where could he be

i thought to myself, walking with ellio by my side to enter the express,
“See ya later rynie.” ellio spoke, while kissing my forehead as i watched him disappear in the crowd,

I walked inside and split my way towards the 5th years compartment and searched for empty ones,

When i finally found a vacant one i headed towards it, with my books held upon my chest and my suitcase by my right,

I opened the compartment and fixed my stuff, laying down i looked and watched how beautiful nature was,

The trees danced to the rhythm of the wind while they disappear oh so quickly with the speed of the train - it’s pretty sunny

I finally decided to read the book my mom gave me, it’s a slow burn love story about a boy and a girl who despised each other; I was on chapter 15 when i felt myself getting dizzy, and before you know it i was out like a light,

“Ryn! Ryn!, We’re here come on” I heard hermione hovering over me with her books pressed tightly to her chest,

Hermione’s my best friend, we practically lived at each other’s house since we were 4. Our families are quite close, having my mother and her mother as my best friend, she’s practically a permanent in my life that’s for sure,

behind her was Harry - yes the famous Harry potter - with ron behind him eating - does this boy ever get full,

I stared at them blankly as i fixed myself and gathered my stuff, surprisingly harry helped me with my bags,

Hermione and Ron are practically my siblings.

Both of our families have known each other for what seems like forever,

They both were beautiful inside and out.
Hermione with her brown wavy hair that ends in the middle of her back, with her hazel eyes and tanned skin, While Ron has pale white skin tone, and well beautiful red hair, he had blue eyes like the sky and freckles splattered in his face,

They both were truly attractive and tall,

Being a half-blood witch it was natural to be teased, but somehow i never was, mother always told me that my dad was irresistibly attractive,
It was natural for me to have people turn heads whenever i enter a room,

“Oh my God, have you heard yet?” Ron said well spit as he spoke with a mouth full of pumpkin pasties,

“Heard what? I just got here.” i chuckled, taking my gaze off my book to see him seating himself in front of hermione,

I saw Hermione give ron a look as he was about to speak,

“Oh nothing ryn” ron said with a smile,

I know my friends and i know when they lie, guilt plastered ron and hermione’s face as he sweat and shifted uncomfortably in his seat while hermione was panic reading,

As i was about to speak harry came in with blood dripping from his hand, i watched in panic as he wiped it off in discrete, thinking that nobody saw him,

I turned my gaze back to my book when I felt someone burning holes in my back, I clocked my neck and there I saw him, with her.

Draco was sitting with astoria, their hands interlocked - i looked over and saw her wearing the sweater, the one draco gave me before summer break,

It angered me more, he was never a fan of holding hands yet alone being romantic in public,

I scanned the both of them eagerly, i watched them as they laughed on something blaise had said,

Astoria turned to her right, giving me a good look,
I hated how good he looked, how his hair flipped to the side and the other messed, how his tie was undone, how the loose buttons on his shirt gave away a view of his bare skin,

As i gazed on him he turned to his left and there i saw, a purple bruise, my mind went frantic as soon as i caught on what i just seen,

I started to question myself,
did he have sex with her? Are they together? Have I done something wrong?

I was fuming with anger and rage that i felt my legs shaking, i felt every little part of my body go numb as i turn towards hermione; Guilt and sadness plastered her face, as she tried to look directly into mine,

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, avoiding eye contact, "you knew about this!?" I staked her. Trying to calm myself, I knew that she had a speech prepared in her mind, explaining why she didn’t tell me- how it’s not her place to tell - a million times,

They watched, puzzled as I stood up, flinging my bag over my shoulder, "where do you think you're going?" She huffed, "Look i'm sorry i didn’t want to hu-,"
"To my dorm," I state, shaking my head at them, before turning around, marching out of the hectic dining hall,

I rushed through the hallways, knowing that i’ll break down once i see him - why am i so stupid,
My breaths hitched in relief as i walked through the doors of the common room, traipsing towards my dorm,

Third Person POV
In a dark room, Ryn was lying alone in her big soft bed, barely covered under the quilt.
She couldn’t process what she had just seen, she shifted and curled uncontrollably on her bed, reeking of embarrassment as she replayed the scene in the hall.
She panted as the image vividly replayed in her mind, she started to scream uncontrollably.
She grabbed the bottle of fire whiskey and chugged it to her extent,
Adrenaline shot through her faster than she expected, standing up she started punching the wall, that resulted in her smearing the blood off her knuckles,
She went and straddled to her bag, pulling out her blade. glading it down her arm making lines that covered her entirely as blood started to appear,
She was shaking uncontrollably,
She then fell down on her bed and cried.
Her eyes bloodshot as she chugged down her 5th bottle of whiskey, not giving a fuck on whoever walks in,
She decided to go downstairs, and sit alone in front of the fire, placing a coat over her small body, she struggled to walk as her weak body dripping with blood, made her way towards the sofa,
She sat there in silence while watching the flame and how it grew every second, small droplets of tears fell onto her robe, damping a part on her shoulder,
Suddenly, the door opened, and ryndell’s entire body tensed up as she grabbed onto the pillow tightly.
“Hey” he spoke softly as he headed towards her, with the room dark as night, the fire served as the only light,
He couldn’t see her, with that he went and sat close to her, slowly colliding his hands onto hers,
She was astounded by what he did, she couldn’t even look at him,

“Get your hands off me!” I demanded, my voice rising as I slapped his hands off mine. - I flinched - how dare he touch me after seeing him with her?
I stared at draco, my supposed boyfriend. He stood towering in front of me, tall and muscular. His platinum blond hair was now gelled up and back. His grey, nearly dark eyes glared all the way to my core.
“Ryndell what the fuck is your problem” he bit out, yanking my arm to him. He put his hands on my back and shoved me forcefully into his dorm.
“Draco let go off me!” I shot back as I pulled my arm from his painful grip. I flinched as he slammed the door shut behind us, trapping me alone in the room with him.
“What’s with you? Why haven’t I seen you on the train? Or at the hall?” he roared as he advanced toward me with rage in his eyes.
“You’re sleeping with Potter huh? You’re such a slut” he said, his eyes now; dark his body tensed more when I stayed silent.
My heart pounded as I stumbled backwards. I knew that wild look. My stomach burned as I frantically searched for a way out of his room, away from the out-of-control person in front of me.
“I’ve told you not to talk to them, but yet you still do” he continued his angry rant as he grabbed my arm and yanked me roughly towards him. “You just don’t ever learn, do you?”
His arm suddenly swung, his fist colliding with my left cheek. I crashed to the floor from the hit. It felt like a damn brick had just made contact with my face. Tears burned my eyes, but the monster was not done yet.

A string of swear words spewed from his mouth as he kicked me in the side with his booted foot, sending me flying into the air and crashing onto my back. The wind rushed out of my lungs as I frantically tried to suck oxygen back in.
He stood above me, screaming about how this was all my fault. I stared at him, unable to breathe or even cry. I pinched my eyes closed as I hoped his vicious attack was over. He had been once my lover but, in moments like this, he was exactly what i had escaped.
He moved away from me, still cursing as I watched him walk to the door. He ripped it open as he looked back at me. “Not a word to anyone. Understand.” he said while wiping my blood off his knuckles.
The door slammed shut behind him and my rigid, my body instantly began to relax. I had survived another attack. I was okay, well okay as I could be at the moment.
Air slowly began to trickle back into my lungs as I struggled to my feet. I hated this side of him, he always does this even if he was the one at fault. He started after our anniversary, I caught him with Astoria on his lap. That was the first time he cheated on me, yet I still forgave him, even after what he had done I still couldn’t bring myself to unlove him. Also the fact that I already introduced him to my family. I just didn’t want to deal with my mom bringing him up whenever we’re together.
My head began throbbing, my cheek still reliving the force of his punch over and over again. I gingerly moved my jaw, making sure it wasn't broken. My fingers trailed to my tender side. I was pretty sure he didn’t break a rib this time.
I inched over towards the empty bed in the room and sat down. I dropped my head into my hands as tears drained from my eyes. How the hell did I end up like this?

I coughed. And coughed again. A third cough woke me from my sleep . I groggily opened my swollen eyes. My throat was scratchy and felt swollen. My breaths hitched as my body tensed up from the air. Why was it suddenly so cold?
I sat up too quickly and the memory of what had occurred in this room slammed back into me with shooting pain in my side and the dull throb in my cheek. I rubbed my eyes, realizing I must have fallen asleep on his bed.
I stood up, my movements much slower and cautious now. I looked at the clock and saw I had 10 min before class started, I grabbed my wand and used the healing spell over the scars. I practically mastered the healing spell since the first attack draco had with me. They faded into the air as I shuffled my way to my dorm, putting my uniform as fast and eager as I could.
a path of goosebumps trailed my skin feeling my heated flesh collided with the icy air. I sprinted my way towards the corridor where I saw no student in sight. Silence came over me as my body collided with a tall figure, i looked up frightened and saw fred, his hair was a mess, he didn’t even bother to tie his tie.
A smile appeared on my lips as soon as i met his eyes,
“Hey ryn, didn’t see u there” he said with a grin,
“Haha yeah ur tall and im small get over it” i rolled my eyes playfully as i slapped his arm,
“Oh come on ryn, why so gwumpy” he said in a baby voice while smiling vigorously,
I smiled in response on how adorable he was, fred is one of molly weasley’s children, i always adored him and his personality, never failed to make me laugh or even smile even in times i couldn’t bother to do so,
“Why don’t you skip class, considering you’re 30 minutes late already” he said looking down at me,
“Well as much as I'd want to, I would rather not.” i said as i clamped my books near my chest,
“Why not” he asked
“’i’ll just bore myself” i said with a smile,
“Well it wouldn’t be boring if i were there, wouldn’t it?” he winked as i felt my cheeks heat up,
I smiled, nodding my head in response as he grabbed my bag and placed it on his shoulder, motioning for me to go first.

“Im bored” i said as i threw my pillow at him,
He chuckled and a smirk formed on his lips, “wanna do something fun?” he said,
“What do you have in mind?” i said looking at him,
He didn’t answer, instead he made his way to me, i sat straight and gulped under my breath, his eyes was now dark and his sights were narrowed to my body,
He came near me and took my face in his hands.
“F-fred” i stuttered, panicking on how close he was, only an inch separated our face,
He slid his hands down to my thighs as he looked up to me almost asking for approval, i nodded in response,
He took his hands and made its way to my chest, massaging it as he looked down to my lips, finally having the courage to do so, he broke the space that was once there,
A moan escaped my lips as i sunk into his lips, his hand was on my neck while the other was in my chest,

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