House of Snakes


Voldemort is not the only one with corrupt wizarding ideals that has managed to gain a substantial amount of power. What happens when it's discovered that the looming second wizarding war was only a mere battle? Forget two sides of a coin. Hermione Granger must decide for herself which side of the dice she will follow and even the brightest witch of her age can be fooled. 6th year.

Mystery / Fantasy
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AN: I definitely do not own anything Harry Potter related.

I’m spam-posting all of the chapters I currently have written, since this is my first time on this platform. Please bear with me while I figure it out haha.

The story begins sixth year at Hogwarts, which is the Half-blood Prince. I will be doing a warning before each chapter. I have the plot planned out but no other minor details or how it’s going to get to what I have planned. So keep your eyes out for that if certain things makes you uncomfortable!

Warning: minor drug and alcohol use. cussing. minor suggestive themes.



Hermione sighed as she stepped out of the shower, her exhaustion finally catching up with her. It was moments like these where she truly appreciated having her own prefect dormitory. She could walk out of her insanely long shower and head straight to bed without anyone asking any questions or shooting her concerned looks. After casting a quick drying charm on herself, she put on the fresh pair of knickers and bra that she had placed by the sink. She looked at them pleasingly in the mirror. Her face my have looked like death itself, exhaustion clearly eating away at her, but at least she was finally allowing herself to be a girl. It made her feel powerful, if that made sense. Just another secret to add to her every growing list, which she was internally very happy about. She liked having a private life, separate from those that had put her on some pedestal that she did not asked to be put on. She loved her old friends that helped her survive Hogwarts growing up, but the unsaid expectations they had for her was wearing her thin. And to make matters worse, last year was a complete shit show. That was when Hermione had really noticed a change within herself. She tried to fight it at first, lying or chastising herself for having a thought that was not typical ‘Hermione’, but after Voldemort reappeared, something inside of her broke. Maybe it was hope. She wasn’t sure. As soon as she entered her bedroom that summer, she collapsed onto her bed and had several realisations.

She had become rather numb to lots of things, and she no longer cared about that anymore. Obviously, it wasn’t the most healthy coping mechanism, but she had no plans to try and change it. Instead she found herself welcoming it, feeding it. She felt it was the beginning of a long spiral towards something incredibly wrong, but would deal with that in the future. There were too many other pressing matters to think and worry about, which involved a very dark wizard who was very much like a cancer, constantly a part of Hermione’s life since even her very first year at Hogwarts, becoming more terminal with time.

She did not care for Harry, Ron, or anyone else important in her life, for that matter, worrying about her. Not for their sake, but her own. She knew that they would take it upon themselves to feel guilty for the way Hermione had changed, especially Harry. She truly loved them, but she wanted to be left alone, to deal with her demons in silence and not worry about anyone else worrying over her. If she wanted her own demons, she had the right to have them to herself. She knew without a shadow of a doubt, that they would make it their life’s mission to try and ‘fix’ her. She honestly hated the thought of that. She most certainly did not want anyone watching over her like a sick dog, especially her friends.

“Definitely could be a lingerie model,” she said to herself sarcastically before opening the bathroom door rather abruptly.

“Well isn’t this...cozy. It-” Two figures stood in her private common room and stopped speaking, being surprised by the noise Hermione had made from opening the door. She could practically hear the smirk in the voice of one of the figures, but she didn’t have to guess for much longer as she saw it once he turned around.

“Fuck.” The word left her mouth as she quickly processed the situation in front of her. She slammed the door shut just as quickly.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” she closed her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose in frustration before letting out a deep breath. Hermione rushed to put on the dirty clothes that she had tossed on the floor prior to her shower, worried that the two people might disappear after being discovered. She forcefully opened the door once again, only this time, her heart seemed to be beating with the same forcefulness.

“How did you get in here? What are you two playing at?” Hermione demanded as she held her wand between the two tall figures that occupied her sitting room. She wasn’t sure who to fix her wand at as she pointed it between the two of them. She decided it was probably best to focus it on her childhood bully.

“So this is your dormitory, then?” Draco’s brows furrowed. “I’ve been made a prefect-”

She cut him off. ”You’ve been made a prefect..again? Hah,” she let out a breathy laugh. Blaise chuckled. Draco’s cold, grey eyes stared irritably at his friend before freezing hell itself when he glared back at Hermione.

“Lower your wand, would you?” His voice had certainly become deeper over the summer. If Hermione wasn’t consumed by her hatred of Draco, she may have even found it threatening. He may have chosen words that one would normally assume to be a request, but Hermione realised years ago that out of his mouth, everything sounded and most definitely was a demand. Draco glanced at the tip of her wand with annoyance before directing that same irritated gaze straight into Hermione’s eyes once again. He looked like he might as well have taken a sip of vomit. How lovely. It appeared that this much communication with her, a mudblood, was taxing for him.

She laughed again, yet there was no trace of a smile or amusement on her face. “You really are becoming quite the comedian, Malfoy. Who would’ve guessed.” Like she would lower her wand when he was staring at her like that. His relaxed and casual stance only irritated her further, causing her to tighten her grip on her wand.

“And now I’ve got a lick of jokes I could say about those poor excuses for fucking breasts.” He purposely lowered his gaze to Hermione’s chest before making eye contact again. Seeing the slight shock on her face made his signature smirk return to his face.

“Alright, let’s hear them then.” She challenged Draco with a raised eyebrow as she nodded her chin towards him. Blaise amusedly looked at Granger before slipping his hands in his trouser’s pockets and tilting his head as he watched his friend with curiosity.

Draco lazily folded his arms and leaned against the wall. “Unlike yourself only moments ago, Granger, this isn’t a free show. And you don’t really have anything to offer me, do you, mudblood?" He roamed his eyes over her body once more, to iterate his meaning.

Hermione slow-clapped her free hand to the one holding the wand before steadying it once more. “Very clever. You got me there, pureblood.” she emphasised her last word to sound as venomous as his had. “It appears you’re a one hit wonder then, Malfoy. I bet Pansy could confirm that though,” she smiled. Blaise seemed to have sucked in air before releasing it in the form of heavy laughter.

Draco glared at Hermione. If looks could kill, she was sure his eyes would have poisoned her right then and there.

“Good,” she thought. She hadn’t realised before how eager she actually was to receive and throw back more insults. Years of hypothetical arguments she had with him in her mind had apparently prepared and excited her. She never thought of herself to seek out drama, but here she was. Another secret to add to the list.

He closed his eyes and pushed air out through his nose before looking back up at her. She was rather disappointed when she could practically see the anger roll off of him. He looked around the room with disinterest.

“Why aren’t you in the head girl dormitory?” he asked.

Hermione spoke slowly, as if Draco were slow. “Because I’m not head girl. This is sixth year, Malfoy.”

“Yes, because clearly I wouldn’t know what year we’re in, you stupid bint.” He rolled his eyes.

“Then why even think I was head girl, you stupid bint?”

“Clever, Granger. Brightest witch, indeed.” he smirked. “Thought McGonagall would make an exception for you and all. Certainly did for Potter, placing a first year on the quidditch team. How much more difficult could it be to give the seventh year Head Girl spot to a sixth year?” Draco held up one of his hands and turned his attention to his nails, forming a circle with his thumb and middle finger as he inspected them. “You three have somehow managed to stick her head up your arses all at the same time. If that’s not magic, I don’t know what is. You’ll have to teach me that spell sometime.” He flicked something invisible off of his fingers before returning his gaze to Hermione and smirking.

“Well, I’m sure you don’t need any help learning how to shove heads up your arse, Malfoy. I mean, you’ve managed to shove your own head up there since at least first year.” Hermione smiled. “Oh and let’s not forget Crabbe and Goyle. That’s three heads up your own arse at the same time. I guess you’d consider that magic as well then?”

“The cheek on you. Someone’s changed over the summer.” She was disappointed by the amused expression on his face. She had really hoped that he would take the bait.

“As exciting as this is, can we get a move on, Draco? Unless she plans on showing us her knickers again, I’d rather not spend the rest of my evening in Granger’s dormitory.” Blaise smirked at Hermione before turning to Draco. Hermione scowled at them both and felt her cheeks becoming slightly warm.

“Yea, alright. Don’t want to be breathing in this filthy mudblood air for any longer.” He pushed himself off the wall. Draco looked at Hermione once more and smirked when he saw her glare before walking out after Blaise.

“Maybe we’ll take the prefect dorm closest to this one.” He paused and turned back around, his hands confidently in his trousers’ pockets. “What do you think, Granger? Will you be a good neighbour and give me a cup of sugar when I come knocking?”

Blaise turned around as well, rolling his eyes at his friend.

“You really never shut up, do you? Leave before I actually shove your head up your own arse, you prick.”

“Honestly, Draco. Get a move on,” Blaise added as he began walking off. Draco smirked as he slowly took a few steps walking backwards, keeping eye contact with Hermione before finally turning around and following Blaise. Hermione forced the door shut with her wand and made a mental note to change the password tomorrow morning.

Now that she was alone she had time to process what had just happened. Did Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini actually see her in just a bra and knickers? She honestly didn’t know whether to be relieved or mortified that she had decided to wear a more attractive set. At least she wouldn’t have to worry about them thinking twice about her body, whether that was because she wasn’t a pureblood or due to the fact that her breasts were truly poor excuses for breasts. Malfoy had been spot on about that. There were hundreds of thousands of better breasts than her own. From what she heard from the girls she lived with her previous years at Hogwarts, boys preferred bigger breasts, and hers were decent at best, if that was the case. She shook her head. There was no doubt in her mind, they would speak of the incident to their housemates. Why wouldn’t they? Well, no matter. Human brains were shite at visualising, something she was never grateful for before that moment.

She sighed and went to her bedroom to put on a clean set of pajamas, picking a short-sleeved light pink silk button up with large red hearts and long matching bottoms that cinched higher up at the ankles. A knock on her door a few minutes later caught her by surprise. She had become all too familiar with that knock from over the summer.


“Hey, Herm.” There was Theo Nott leaning against her doorframe with his arms crossed and a cheeky smile.

“Theo.” She honestly didn’t expect their friendship would continue once they were back at Hogwarts. He casually wrapped his arm around her waist and placed a light kiss on her cheek as he entered her dormitory.

“Does every Slytherin plan on visiting these living quarters tonight? Don’t tell me Pansy’s making her way here as we speak?” Hermione shut the door behind her.

Theo took a quick walk around and opened the doors, taking a quick peek in each room as he spoke. “Nice dormitory. Other Slytherins are coming to your bedroom, Herms?” He winked at her. “Cheeky,” he added before collapsing onto the sofa, resting his long arms across the back. “I just hope you’ve used the scouring charm..” he looked along the sofa and raised an eyebrow at Hermione.

“I can assure you, if there was any of that..” she cleared her throat, feeling slightly awkward, “many scouring charms would be cast, Theo.” She raised an eyebrow back at him.

“Scared I’ll bite? Come sit, Herm,” he patted the empty spot next to him and smiled.

“Back to calling me Herm, then?” She asked as she plopped down next to him, albeit slightly hesitant. Still, she returned the smile.

“We’ve yet to establish any sort of relationship at Hogwarts. Can’t have myself falling for you here in Hogwarts when I’d done so well over the summer,” he lightly tapped her nose before shoving his hand in his pocket. “The whole star crossed enemies to lovers thing, you know? That’s quite alluring, don’t you think?” Theo threw a small bag on the coffee table in front of them. Hermione looked at it, knowing all too well of it’s contents.

“Shall we crack on then?” he looked at Hermione and noticed her furrowed brow. “Unless, that was just a one and done summer thing for you?” He asked curiously. There was no mocking or judgement in his voice, which was another big reason that Hermione had spent so much time with Theo Nott over the summer. They had never really spoken a word to each other before then.

“I guess I expected we would go back to how we always were once we got back to Hogwarts.” She shrugged.

“Well, that’s a bloody fucking depressing thought, Granger.” He chuckled at her. “You clearly need this more than I do.” He tilted his head towards the small bag.

“I mean we never really spoke about it. And you’re a Slytherin, I’m a Gryffindor. What would Malfoy and everyone else say?”

“Granger,” he folded one of his long legs onto the couch and turned to face Hermione, any trace of smile gone from his face. “Despite your entire time at Hogwarts revolving solely around you, you’re little golden trio and slytherin trio and all that, there is actually a vast," he dragged his hand in the air above his head in a half circle” and I mean vast majority of other students who attend this school. Some might even say they’re...” he looked around the room and leaned in closer before whispering “dare I say it, normal.” Theo smirked before pulling back and once again leaning back on the couch.

Hermione rolled her eyes but couldn’t contain the smile that now adorned her lips.

“So?” he nodded towards the bag again. “Were you planning on forgoing weed along with our friendship?”

“The friendship would’ve been missed, but the this point, it’s necessary for my own sanity.”

“Well lucky for you, Herm, I’m right here where you left me, with weed as well,” he winked.

“Let me grab my wand and the bonbons,” she shook her head as she chuckled and got up to go to her bedroom.

“Cute pajamas,” he spoke loudly enough for Hermione to hear.

“I know,” she retorted back before throwing the bonbons down next to the small bag of weed.

“My favorite.” Theo rubbed his hands together. “Up until this summer, you’ve been wasting your magical abilities. Now I truly understand the brightest witch of our age thing,” he smirked.

“Yea, yea. What were you thinking this time?” she held her wand at the ready.

“Just something simple. Let’s infuse it into the bonbons and then have the bag refill itself for 24 hours?” he shrugged.

“I already taught you how to do that on your own?”

“What? Thought I’m just using you for your talents? I do consider you a lad, Herm.” He smiled.

“A lad? You’ve definitely been spending too much time with muggles, Theo.” she chuckled and looked at him. It was surreal that they were having a laugh together at Hogwarts. Sometimes when she would think back to the summer, it felt so strange to think she had spent it with none other than Theo Nott. She was eternally grateful for him though in more ways than one.


The first week of Hermione being home had turned her into an empty shell. She didn’t dare let her parents know what was happening in the Wizarding World. Out of fear that they would not let her return and to protect them. The charade of being the old Hermione was so draining. She spent a lot of time in her room, blaming it on her studies, which got her parents out of her hair for at least a bit. She needed some sort of release. Something to take her mind off of things. Once the weekend arrived, she thought maybe walking around the city centre and getting some fresh air would help. That’s when she saw the pieces of papers stapled around about a party at University of Westminster, a university not too far from Hampstead, where she lived. It was like a light went off in her head. She needed something normal, muggle, and juvenile. Three concepts that were sorely missing from her life. It was a perfect distraction. She made a mental note of the time and address. The party was tomorrow evening. She found herself feeling even a little excited as she shopped around for an outfit to wear. Hermione had neglected her feminine side for far too long, and decided it was time to try something new.


Being a witch in a muggle world had many benefits. But when said witch was underage and unable to practice magic outside of Hogwarts, it made life that much more irritating. There was a slight thrill to sneaking out of her home like a proper muggle teenager though, she had to admit. After her parents went to bed, she snuck out of her window, being grateful it was only on the second floor rather than the third. Perhaps it was overkill as her parents were pretty heavy sleepers. If she were to simply walk out the front door, she imagined with mindfulness, one could easily manage it. But tonight, she didn’t want to take any chances. She smiled to herself after successfully driving off towards the university with a newfound purpose.


The party was being held in a pair of flats nearby the university. She parked her car along the pavement along with the many other cars that crowded the last three streets. The music could already be heard from way down where she parked. Hermione stopped for a second.

“Am I really doing this?” she thought. Her mind began drifting back to just a few weeks ago and before she was swept up by more memories, she shook her head and got out of the car. The closer she got to the party, a strong smell flooded her nostrils. She may have been in the wizarding world for most of her life, but she was quite familiar with that smell. Muggles really enjoyed weed. Hermione made the decision then and there that she would as well that evening.

Immediately upon entering the party, she felt overdressed. Hermione had bought a sphagetti strap rouched black velvet dress that hugged her body and ended around her mid thighs. Her shoes were black to match and had a strap that wrapped around the ankle. She pulled out her old hair straightener as well and took the time to make sure she had smooth, straight long hair. She had really looked at herself in the mirror after putting on makeup and was proud of how pretty she thought she looked. It had been a while since she took the time to get herself ready. Now that she was at the party though, she regret the effort she put in. Girls were wearing jeans and tshirts and the guys as well.

“Honestly, what else would they be wearing, Hermione...” she thought to herself. Obviously they would be wearing casual clothes, it was a party. In a flat.

She held her head up nonetheless and decided she would need a drink sooner rather than later. In the kitchen was a collection of drinks. She decided to go for a classic beer and held the top of it on the counter to pop the it off before taking a long sip. She coughed afterwards, wrinkling her nose as she wiped her mouth.

“Not so much into beer?” A deep voice spoke.

Hermione turned around to see who it was. He looked oddly familiar. She couldn’t quite place her finger on it. “It’s my first.” She wasn’t in such a talkative mood. Perhaps that meant she needed another sip, which she took, this time drinking more than last time.

He chuckled. “You seem to be drinking with a purpose, so I guess telling you to take it slow wouldn’t be smart?”

She nodded her head, “Correct.”

“I think you’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen in real life.” He stepped closer to Hermione, trapping her between him and the counter. She could feel the body heat radiating off of him. Her heart fluttered in her chest. She had yet to have her first kiss and wasn’t sure how one could tell when that was about to happen, but she was positive that close proximity such as this was necessary. He stared her in the eyes and smirked before taking a step back and opening a can, taking a sip. She released a breath she didn’t realise she had been holding.

“So, is it a breakup then?” he asked.

“Excuse me?”

“The reason you seem so intent to get drunk?”

“I wish it was a breakup. That would be a lot simpler.” She chugged the rest of the bottle, grimacing still at the taste.

“Care to elaborate?” He raised an eyebrow to her.

“Its big enough to make me want to get shitfaced. You wouldn’t understand a single thing though.” She felt the effects of the alcohol just begin to hit her. A small smile spread on her face. “You’re a muggle.”

“I’m a what?” He smiled back at her.

Hermione grabbed a similar can to his. Once she tasted it, her eyebrows rose in surprise. She took a long drink.

“Better?” He smirked.

“Much better.”

“Let’s dance.” he grabbed her hand before she could answer him, but she was more than willing. This is exactly what she wanted. They made their way to the sitting room where the music was the loudest. The only source of lights were purple lightbulbs that someone had replaced all the lamps with.

“I’ve never danced like this!” she shouted over the music. He smirked.

“Here!” he grabbed her hands and placed them around his neck. Afterwards he placed his hands on both sides of her hips and they started to move to the music. The alcohol was slowly starting to affect her more. She found herself actually able to laugh. They continued to dance and once the alcohol fully affected her, she was completely focused on dancing and her partner. She looked at his face, wondering why he looked so familiar and then it hit her.

“Oh my god!” she said and pulled back slightly.

“What?” he yelled back.

“I know who you remind me of!”

“Who, love?” He smirked again and pulled her closer.

“That pureblood prick, Draco Malfoy!” she yelled into his ear.

“Seeing as he’s a prick, good thing I’m not him then.” he spoke into her ear and pulled her close enough to where their chests were touching. The bass from the music was loud and slow. After a few moments, Hermione remembered how she made the decision to get high that evening.

“I’m going to find some weed, I think!”

The guy chuckled and grabbed her hand, pulling her towards some stairs. “It’s in the room by here. There’s some rich bloke here who always brings a fuck ton of weed and just hands it out. Fucking mental, but none of us complain.”

He opened the door to the room and it was filled with smoke, which made Hermione cough. There were two sofas separated by a coffee table. Four guys were in the room, playing a game of cards around the table. The small pile of money suggested that they were gambling. Hermione’s eyes widened as she actually did recognise one of the guys who was focused on the card game.

“Mate, I’ve got a shite hand!” one of the other guys shouted out.

“Nott?” Hermione asked incredulously. The last person she would have expected here at a muggle party was Theo Nott, a pureblood Slytherin. She quickly glanced at the guy she had been dancing with, worried that it was actually Malfoy, but let out a sigh of relief when it wasn’t.

AN: Alright, I think I’ll end the chapter there! It’s getting longer and longer, which isn’t necessarily bad but I think that’s a good stopping point haha. Next chapter will continue with Herm ;) and Theo’s first encounter and then resume back to Hogwarts in her prefect dorm before they get into a little mischief.

I have a whole plot planned out, but it gets quite intense. I was hoping for this story to be a little more serious, as I was inspired by pieces like Manacled and the Auction, but we’ll see what happens as I’m not as skilled of a writer. As I was writing this chapter, it was definitely not coming across as dark or serious as I was initially intending, but I think I’m ok with that for now. This is sort of a beta and something to improve my writing. This is my second Dramione fanfiction I’ve ever written, but technically first since I only wrote one very short chapter for my last one and never continued it haha.

After writing the chapter, I decided that I am hoping for the story to start off more juvenile now, as they’re all still on the more innocent side, being quite young and at Hogwarts. But as things get more serious for them and time passes, their personalities will begin to grow and become more serious in a sense, at least that’s the plan. So I think I’ll attempt to have it slowly progress into a more serious tone as things get more intense with Voldemort lurking around the corner and all...but as I’m just writing this one chapter at a time, I honestly don’t know how exactly this story will end up, but thanks for checking out the story so far!

Reviews are appreciated! I’d love to know what you guys’ thoughts are!

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