House of Snakes

Puzzle Pieces

Warning: drug use, language, sexual themes


RECAP: “Uh yea, it has. Prefect meeting in ten minutes in McGonagall’s transfiguration classroom. See you then,” she smiled curiously at Hermione’s sudden warmth towards her. Hermione had always been friendly, but more reserved. It was strange for Padma to see her so open.

“See you then, Padma.” She shut the door in her face and started laughing. Theo came out of her bedroom, laughing and trying to shush Hermione.


“So, do you accept my dare?”

“Yeah alright. What the hell.” Hermione laughed and made sure to look down the hall before kicking Theo out and shooing him away. They both shushed each other, laughing quietly before Theo made his way down the hall and disappeared down some stairs.

Hermione shut the door and sat one the sofa. She realised that her and Theo hadn’t made any plans of where and how they would meet to take the polyjuice potions. She also needed to ask him how he stored his polyjuice potion to be used at a moments notice. That could be quite useful in the future. Her mind wandered to all kinds of places while simultaneously thinking of nothing. She closed her eyes and felt as if she was floating. Eventually Hermione grabbed another bonbon without thought and plopped it into her mouth, beginning to chew on it. Not even a second later, she spit it out and cursed under her breath.

She certainly did not need another bon bon right now. Not with the prefect meeting...

Hermione bolted up from the sofa and looked at the clock on the wall, which she then realised was futile, as she had no idea when Padma had actually come to her room to notify her of the prefect meeting in the first place. For all she knew, it could have very easily been thirty minutes since Padma knocked on her door. She was very bad at keeping track of time when she was high. Forcefully placing the half chewed bon bon onto the coffee table, she rushed to McGonagall’s classroom, pajamas and socks and all.

Hermione cleared her throat and fluffed her hair up, a small detail to add to the white lie excuse she would be giving for her tardiness, before opening the door just enough to slither in, which was her attempt at being inconspicuous. And it failed miserably. The door loudly creaked to reveal her presence, stealing everyone’s attention as she struggled in an attempt to hold the heavy door open just enough to fit her body without crushing herself.

“Sorry, sorry.” She managed to get out in between her heavy breathing.

The distance from her dormitory to McGonagall’s classroom was not small and she was positive she had made it there in record time. Once she was inside, she let go of the door, letting it shut behind her. She began to laugh, but coughed to cover it up when she noticed the strange stares she was receiving.

“Sorry,” she added once more with an amused smile that she was attempting, and failing, to conceal.

‘It’s a blessing and a curse to be high right now,’ she found herself thinking.

If she weren’t, she wouldn’t have been late to the meeting to begin with, but she would most definitely have been internally mortified by everyone watching her like she had grown a large beak on her face. To make matters worse, they all seemed to still be wearing their uniforms. Hermione certainly stood out amongst the dark colors with her silk pink pajamas that were adorned with large bright red hearts.

‘Don’t wear pajamas to late night prefect meetings. Duly noted,’ Hermione thought, smiling to herself before finding a place near the wall and leaning on it for support as she faced Professor McGonagall as the other students did. She blinked multiple times and attempted as best as she could to look ‘normal’.

One of the other prefects resumed speaking. She heard quiet sniggering to her left and became aware of the white hair that was so easily seen even in the far corner of her eye. She turned her head to look and saw Pansy mumbling under her breath as she nodded her head towards Hermione. Malfoy had a smirk on his face and turned his own head. His grey eyes, cold as ever, slowly grazed over her body before stopping on her face. The smirk fell off of his face when they made eye contact and his blank stare changed into an accusatory glare, almost as if to say ‘how dare you look in my direction’. It didn’t seem to matter that he had been doing the exact same thing.

’What a life it must be, to waste so many passing thoughts and have so much disdain for someone they barely associate with and who they consider to be less than dirt. And without any logical reasoning, only strange social prejudices they learned from their fathers and forefathers, who probably only did so to create a social hierarchy that allowed them to be the ‘elite’.′ Hermione thought. Ah. Now she was getting into her ‘deep thinking’ phase of being high, where suddenly everything sounded philosophical in her mind and needed to be analysed.

She had never done anything to Malfoy except breathe in his same air or poke back when him and his friends took it upon themselves to try and play a game of Provoke the Mudblood. He had been quite a thorn in her side during her time at Hogwarts, especially last year with Umbridge. Hermione’s body recoiled at just the thought of that vapid woman. She wondered how he would manage to top last year, bringing her irritation of him and his friends to new heights. They really needed to find some hobbies. How boring their lives must be, if that was their main source of entertainment. They weren’t even that good at it.

Hermione finally realised why Malfoy’s stare had turned into an active glare. She had been smiling while looking into his eyes. It must’ve confused him, as she had never done that before. He probably wondered what the punchline was. And she was still smiling. Merlin, Theo’s special blend of wizard marijuana was too good. How long had she been standing there and smiling at him?

‘It couldn’t have been for more than a few seconds, surely,’ she thought as she nodded.

Fuck,′ still staring and, still smiling, like an idiot. Her gaze flittered to Pansy for a moment before back to Malfoy. To Hermione’s relief, Pansy’s interest in her was short lived, as she was currently examining her nails. Malfoy had kept her gaze the entire time, his glare still rather apparent, but now confusion had taken over the rest of his face. His lips opened and he mouthed something to her, which she couldn’t distinguish.

She honestly thought it looked like he mouthed the words ‘I love you’, which caused her to smirk, as she thought back to Theo and his ridiculous theory about their ‘relationship’. It was probably more along the lines of something that contained the words ‘filthy’ and ‘mudblood’. A classic Malfoy statement. He was rather consistent with his bullying. Didn’t really leave things to the imagination. Hermione nonchalantly smoothed one of her eyebrows down with her middle finger and wiped the corners of her mouth with it as well, with a large smile on her face. She could see his irritation as the confusion left his face. He continued to glare harshly at her while his tongue rolled against the inside of his cheek before finally conceding and turning away. Hermione smiled at her minor victory before turning her own attention towards the front of the classroom again.

The boy had just finished speaking about whatever it was. Hermione hadn’t heard a single word.

“Thank you, Mr. Macmillan.” McGonagall nodded curtly at him before directing her eyes on Hermione. “Ms. Granger. How fortunate for us that you’ve finally graced us with your presence.” Professor McGonagall spoke sharply, as she always did.

If Hermione hadn’t known her so well, she would have not been able to pick up on the concern in her eyes. Hermione smiled sheepishly. The last thing she needed was the head of her house to keep an eye on her out of concern and discover her new past time activities.

“Sorry, professor. I’ve been pretty exhausted as of late. I must’ve dozed off for a few minutes, but I immediately left my dormitory when I came to. It won’t happen again.” The fluffed up hair and pajamas would only help her case, she hoped.

“You fell asleep? I just spoke to you only fifteen minutes ago?” Padma commented.

‘Ah, so I’m only five minutes late.’ Hermione noted.

“Yes, it was unexpected. I only shut my eyes for a second, but here we are. Crazy, how the human body functions, isn’t it?” She smiled amusedly at Padma.

Padma’s brows were furrowed, but she returned the small smile. “I suppose so, Granger..”

“Well you two can finish your discussion on the functions of the human body another time, hm? Take a seat at the empty desk near Mr. Malfoy and Ms. Parkinson, please.” McGonagall added.

Hermione was thankful there would be no more deliberations on her tardiness. She gladly took the seat, not caring much on who it was next to, simply happy for the attention to center back on her professor. She casually leaned forward on the table and folded her arms as she rested on it for support.

She heard Pansy whisper, “That would certainly be a short lived conversation. It would end before ever getting to the more interesting functions. I bet they’ve only been kissed. If even that.” and did her best to ignore it.

So it had finally gotten to this. Now making remarks of her sex life.

They’re certainly not wrong, though.′ she thought.

Malfoy sneered and also whispered, “I’d hardly call anything Weaslebee does with his lips a kiss.”

Pansy quietly laughed. ”Oh, I can see it now. All wet and drowning her in his slobber, like a hound. Is that how it is for you, Granger? Shall I lend Draco to you, show you what proper snogging is?”

Pansy stuck a finger to her opened mouth and pretended to gag at even the notion. Hermione laughed through her nose and smiled, focused only on Pansy critiquing Ron’s snogging capabilities. The weed had painted quite a vivid picture in her head, one that included Ron with a hound’s head. Under normal circumstances, the image wouldn’t have been that entertaining to her, but that was why she enjoyed getting high. Everything became funny. Both Draco and Pansy took her smile as more sarcastic.

Malfoy turned to look her up and down again with a smirk, “No. This one’s too much of a prude. Isn’t that right, Granger?”

Hermione finally gave in and turned her head towards the two slytherins.

She smirked at Draco before focusing on Pansy and whispering, “spending your free time worrying whether or not I’ve had a proper snog, then, Parkinson? Maybe you should offer yourself next time. I just might’ve been tempted.”

Hermione smiled at Draco’s reaction. ′How’s that for a prude, prick?′

His eyebrows shot up for a split second in surprise. He actually managed to deviate from his normal expression of constant displeasure that he wore whenever in her presence. She wasn’t sure what to make of the expression. Malfoy almost seemed worried? Maybe he was seriously worried that Pansy might just be exploratory enough to mix saliva with a ‘mudblood’. Pansy raised a single eyebrow, albeit much more slowly, and before either of them could speak, McGonagall beat them to the chase.

“I expect you all to be thorough on your rounds at night and do not hesitate to get a teacher if there is any threat or even the feeling of a threat. These are dark times. And because of that, we will not deviate from the scheduled rounds. No switching up partners or shifts this year. We don’t need things to become miscommunicated along the grape vine and lead to chances of potential neglect. Now onto bigger news, and I expect everyone’s full attention now.” She glanced at Hermione, Draco, and Pansy and cleared her throat.

“As prefects, you all are privy to information before the other students. I’m not sure how many of you have ever heard of Fordaeo Magisk Skole or the Dikastir family?”

Draco and Pansy shared a skeptical look before watching Professor McGonagall again. Hermione piped up in her seat with intrigue. She had heard of Fordaeo Magisk Skole as did a few others apparently. Hermione noticed it was only the purebloods that seemed to, but the half-bloods and the only other muggle born didn’t. McGonagall nodded her head and continued speaking.

“Yes, well, it is a very prestigious wizarding school in Norway. And the Dikastir’s are an old wizarding family with ties to Norway and the biggest benefactor of Fordaeo Magisk Skole. This year they have decided they wish to give some of their top students the opportunity to study abroad for a better understanding of the wizarding world and have chosen Hogwarts to be an acceptable option.”

Draco scoffed quietly, enough for only Hermione and Pansy to hear.

“They want them to experience the slums, it seems. Life among the peasants.” Pansy added with a smirk.

“Dumbledore and the head of the Dikastir family have come to an agreement, that it would be beneficial for some of the top Hogwarts students to be given the same opportunity at Fordaeo Magisk Skole. The Dikastir family, the other benefactors, and Dumbledore have spent the summer working together and devising a tournament of sorts that will take place this year, that will challenge students from both schools. In some ways it will be similar to the Triwizard Tournament,” McGonagall took in hesitant breath, as she watched the students with a sorrowful look in her eyes, “but with much more supervision. To avoid similar tragedies. Everything has been planned with utmost secrecy and some of the main benefactors, as well as..a heavy amount of security guards, of sorts, from Fordaeo are here now,”

Draco and Pansy once again shared a knowing look.

“to help oversee the tournament. I now open up to questions and will answer to the best of my ability.”

No one was surprised that Hermione Granger was the first to raise her hand.

“Ms. Granger.”

“How will it be decided who will enter the tournament?”

“I believe there will be a series of preliminary tests, and it has been decided that it is a requirement for all fifth years and higher to participate. Those who pass, will partake in the tournament. I must also add that there is not one singular champion, unlike the Triwizard Tournament. Multiple students will have the opportunity to be successful.”

Pansy immediately spoke once McGonagall’s mouth had closed. “Given the overkill appearance of multiple benefactors plus the high security, is it safe to assume that some of the students will be apart of the royal families, then? I mean, Fordaeo is the only school that most Nordic wizarding royalty deem acceptable to send their children.”

And it was no surprise to anyone that Pansy had thought of such a thing. McGonagall nodded. “Yes, it is safe to assume so.”

“Do you know which students?” Pansy added.

“No. I am not privy to that information. Not until they arrive and their security measures for their protection have been put in place. I do know that there will be a total of ten students arriving though, Ms. Parkinson.”

Pansy slumped in her seat, bored again. Her attention returned to her nails.

“So only ten students will be chosen from Hogwarts to attend Fordaeo? And for how long will they be here and we be at Fordaeo?”

Draco lazily rolled his head to address Hermione. “Already assuming you’re going to be chosen as one of the select few who get to go to Fordaeo, then, Granger?”

“That’s n-”

“Mm,” He nodded his head and hummed, looking amused. “Of course not. But you do realise, most tournaments require more than just information you can gather from a book.”

Hermione sarcastically gasped as she smiled. “Maybe you’ll have a shot for once, Malfoy!”

McGonagall opened her mouth, “Alright, let’s settle down.”

He slipped his long legs out from under the wooden desk and turned with his whole body to face Hermione with a sneer. “What exactly do you think you’re implying?”

Hermione, still feeling the affects of the weed, laughed and smiled again, only riling him up further.

“Sorry, Malfoy,” She reached out her hand and patted his shoulder. He recoiled, the middle of his back bumping into the side of Pansy’s shoulder, and looked at where she touched his shoulder with disgust, before glaring back at Hermione.

"Ow." Pansy interjected, clearly annoyed. She rolled her eyes before watching the scene in front of her.

McGonagall took off her spectacles with one hand and pinched the bridge of her nose with the other as she let out a sigh. “Ms. Granger, Mr. Malfoy-”

A breathy laugh left Hermione’s mouth before she continued speaking. “Shall I try and simplify it for you to better comprehend, drama queen? I run circles around you and Pansy combined, when it comes to books. And let’s not forget, that information usually transfers quite easily for me in application. Just look at the class ranking for each of your previous years at Hogwarts, if you need a little help remembering. But I’m sure your parents are very proud of having their lovely son ranked at number 2.”

She smirked, “I mean, top five.” While giving him two thumbs up of encouragement she added, “What a feat!”

The other prefects chuckled. Draco lurched forward again, staring down his nose at Hermione. The grey in his eyes were almost non-existent, covered by the blown up black pupil.

His voice dipped into a low menace but the silence that had fallen upon the room made it easy for everyone to hear. “Shut your mouth, mud-”

“Enough!” McGonagall interjected. “Another syllable, Mr. Malfoy and that’s five points.”


“And if that isn’t enough to hold your tongue, then I can easily arrange a two week individualised detention plan arranged by both Mr. Filch and Professor Snape?”

Draco and Hermione stared into one another’s eyes, neither willing to break away first. She could feel the heavy breath that Draco resiliently pushed out through his nose, on her cheeks. His jaw was clenched and his tongue once again protruded from his cheek, sliding from the top in a downward motion, disappearing once it reached his lips.

“And what about Granger’s punishment? She escalated the situation, Professor.” Pansy spoke, offended for Draco.

“Yes, Ms. Parkinson. I may be old, but my hearing is very much intact.” She gave a pointed look towards the students. “Ms. Granger, you leave me with no choice. Five points from Gryffindor.”

It appeared that Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger did have some things in common. House points were probably at the very bottom of the list of things that she cared about. At one point it had been at the very top, right after her class rank, of course. Hermione wondered if perhaps they both also had pretences that they felt they had to adhere to. Right now, she had to play the role of the righteous and overly caring Hermione Granger who worried about such things like house points. She quickly smirked at Draco before actively scowling and leaning back in her seat with her arms crossed, looking irritated. He continued staring after her, and could just see the upturn of the corner of her mouth, as if she was amused.

The image of the swotty Hermione Granger that he had created in his mind from their time at Hogwarts was not fitting this girl that he had gotten in now two heated arguments with, in only the span of perhaps three hours, nonetheless. She never wasted much of her attention on him before. Draco had learned fairly early on that Hermione Granger was more of the ignoring proud and quiet type, but that didn’t seem to be the case recently. He was once again leaned back in his seat, his legs outstretched and surpassing the wooden desk, with his hands reached out and folded together. Draco impatiently tapped his pointer finger as he fixedly stared at the wall behind McGonagall, unaware of the resentment that adorned his own face. His lips formed a straight, hard line that matched his glare. No one ever dared to speak to him that way.

‘Who does she think she is? Filthy mudblood bitch.’ he thought.

He hated her. He hated how her, nothing but a mudblood, made him always feel so...inferior. She should be begging for his attention, happy that he even chose to insult her, picking up any crumbs he gave her, like Pansy did. And yet, she never did.

As if she could sense he thought her name, Pansy inched closer towards Draco and placed her hand on his leg, closer towards his knee, before sliding it gently up his thigh. Her eyes stayed focused on McGonagall. Draco glared over at Hermione once more before attempting to force the swot from his mind. He couldn’t help but notice the glazed over look in her eyes before doing so, though.

‘Just another puzzle piece,’ he thought.

He didn’t like people deviating from the profile he had of them in his mind, which was exactly everything that Hermione was doing. Draco had always been rather observant and saw people as puzzles, fitting things about them into their own unique boxes, to use at a later time, if deemed necessary or simply for entertainment purposes when he was bored. He didn’t like change, so it was only natural that this sudden change in her attitude was taking up more of his thoughts than he liked to admit.

Pansy began to rub small circles with the pad of her thumb along his inner thigh. He let out a breath and closed his eyes for only a moment, focusing on the slight tickling sensation, before listening once again to McGonagall.


A few more questions were asked about the tournament and prefect duties before they were dismissed.

“This term’s updated prefect rounds should appear in your dormitories in their usual spots. I advise you to take a quick look tonight before you head to sleep.”

Draco began to lean forward and stand up, but stopped from the sudden pressure he felt on his leg. Pansy had squeezed his thigh firmly and smirked at him when he looked at her. He wore an uninterested expression before slowly standing up and placing a hand behind his neck as he stretched it. Everyone began to file out of the classroom back to their dormitories until only him and Pansy were left. She casually sat down on top of the desk and tugged on Draco’s arm to bring him closer to her.

“What are you doing, Pansy?” He stood in between her legs, towering over her, looking uninterestedly in the distance rather than her eyes.

“You know or you wouldn’t have stayed behind.” She spoke softly as she grabbed his chin and forced it downwards.

Draco sighed before finally looking into her blue eyes. Pansy stretched her torso, keeping eye contact with him as she reached to capture his lips with her own. Both closed their eyes as soon as they touched. She slowly wrapped her hands around his tie and gently pulled him even closer, beginning to part his mouth with her tongue. He allowed her entrance and propped one of his hands on the desk for support as he leaned over her. His other hand found the back of her head and threaded through her short bob, slightly tugging on it. She wrapped her legs around him, and roughly pulled him towards her, causing their hips to collide and touch. As her hips rolled forward, Draco’s grip on her hair tightened and he deepened the kiss, sucking on her bottom lip. He rolled his own hips and pulled her head back, trailing kisses from her lips to her neck and biting on the skin just near her collarbone, causing her to shiver.

“Salazar. I loved how infuriated you got at that mudblood bitch earlier.” Pansy breathed out.

Draco paused for just a second before resuming to kiss her neck.

“She seems to have forgotten her place. The way she’s talking to us, like we’re beneath her." Pansy scoffed.

Draco rolled his hips into Pansy again and tried to stay focused on the sensations. He used one of his hands to undo the top three buttons of Pansy’s shirt and pull the fabric away before wrapping his arm around her waist as he pressed his other hand into one of her hips. He then proceeded to trail kisses along her collarbone and towards the other side of her neck.

“Imagine if she actually wins the tournament and gets to go to Fordaeo?” Draco could hear the bitterness in Pansy’s voice.

He bit down harder on her neck, trying to ignore the irritation that began rising in him.

“Ow. Careful, Draco.”

“Sorry,” his voice was low as he mumbled into her ear before tugging at the earlobe with his teeth. Pansy sighed with content and rolled her hips forward again, this time with more pressure and at a steady pace that he mirrored, rolling his own hips opposite from hers, grinding upwards when she rolled down and vice versa. She smirked when she could feel how hard he was becoming.

“I just hate that bitch. Fucking, Granger.” Pansy breathed out, sounding more unsteady as they continued to grind against one another.

He sighed with irritation before attacking her mouth with his own and tightening his grip on her hips and picking up the pace as he pushed her harder against himself. Pansy moaned and slid her hands up his chest and around his neck, interlacing her fingers. After a few moments she pulled away and began to kiss his neck.

“I swear,” she said against his skin before pulling away again. “If there’s a prince coming and he takes a weird fascination in Granger, like Krum did, I’m going to lose my shite, Draco.”

Draco pulled his entire body away from Pansy, leaving a few inches of space between them as he stared down at her with both of his hands still gripping her hips. She looked at him with confusion.

“Will you shut up about Granger?” Draco stared down at her with his cold, grey eyes.

“I’m just saying. She’s a mudblood, yet all these boys seem to have some curious fascination with her. Don’t you find that strange? I bet she put a curse on that Krum. The way he was all over her. You know I saw them at one point in the library. He was getting all cozy with her. We started placing bets, seeing how far they’d go. But of course the prude was completely oblivious to it all.” Pansy wrapped her hands around Draco’s arms to bring him back, but he pulled them out of her grasp and glared at her.

“What’s your problem?” She glared back at him.

“I thought you wanted to snog, not recite a whole scroll on reasons you hate Granger. You can do that on your own time. It fucking disgusting talking about that shite while we’re snogging, Pans. I’d rather not have images of that mudblood pop into my head. Fucking killed the mood.” A look of disgust stayed on his face as he ran his fingers through his hair.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t really think-”

“What’s new?” He sighed with frustration and walked out of the classroom.


Draco could hear Pansy following. She hurriedly rushed behind him, having to walk twice as fast to catch up with him due to his long legs. He turned the corner.

Pansy was looking down, buttoning her shirt as she spoke. “Wait, Draco. I’m sorry, Can you just turn arou-”

She collided into his back, but he didn’t move from the impact. “What the fuck, Draco?” She asked incredulously, finishing up the last button.

“What are you two doing together?” Draco spoke.

Pansy immediately looked up and stepped from behind Draco to see who he was addressing. Her face contorted into a seer.

“Granger,” she hissed.

Theo and Hermione immediately stifled their laughter upon discovering they weren’t alone.

“What are you two doing together, Malfoy? The prefect meeting ended a few minutes ago.” Hermione nodded her head between Pansy and Draco.

“I think that’s quite obvious, H-...Granger.” Hermione gave him a warning look, as if Theo had come close to revealing a secret. He started laughing.

Hermione joined in for only a moment before once again stifling it and stared at the wall, forcing the smile from her face, trying her best to look serious, before returning her gaze towards Draco and Pansy.

Pansy watched them with a look of horror and Draco’s expression was blank, but his jaw stayed clenched. His eyes continued to suspiciously shift between the two, not able to decide who to focus more on.

“Theo, tell me my mind is playing tricks on me.” Pansy sounded almost desperate.

Theo ran his fingers through his hair before shoving both of his hands casually into his trouser’s pockets as he sighed. “Rowena’s tit, Pans. I was just sneaking around and Granger caught me. I was trying to flirt a little to see if I could be let me off with a warning.” He leaned in towards Pansy and Draco and made eye contact with both of them as he obnoxiously whispered loud enough for everyone to hear, “between us three, I don’t think it’s working.”

Theo shrugged dejectedly and smirked before standing back up straight and looked at Hermione, who coughed to cover her laughter.

“And that explains why you two are having a laugh like best mates?” Pansy scoffed.

“Want me to say we were snogging like you two then? Would that make you happy, Pans? Draco?” Theo motioned his head at them, slightly irritated, and rolled his eyes.

Hermione’s face contorted into a look of disdain, laughing as if even the notion of that was ridiculous. Draco found his eyes lowering to look at both of their lips.

“No, Pansy.” Draco made it a point to look down at Hermione and took a step closer towards her. “Theo wouldn’t lower his standards to a,” he inched forward just slightly. “,filthy..” he inched some more.“,little..” and again. “,mudblood.” Draco smirked. “And besides, this one’s the greatest prude of her age, after all.”

He stood back up straight and took a step back, once again creating distance between the them. Hermione began laughing.

"Clever, Malfoy. Good to know that Mr. Filch has been teaching you his intimidation tactics. Vey effective.” She laughed and smiled in Theo’s direction before looking back at Draco. He was too annoyed at her to notice the glazed look in her eyes.

What’s with all the fucking smiling?′ Draco thought irritably. It was unnerving to see her smile at him or Theo for that matter, especially when he was insulting her, and she him.

“Whatever. Let’s just go then, Draco and Theo.” Pansy tugged on Draco’s shirt.

He stared between the two of them once more before allowing Pansy to successfully pull him along by his shirt down the corridor. “Come on, Theo.” he instructed.

“Yea, alright. I’m coming, mate,” Theo added before taking a step closer to Hermione, resting one hand on her elbow. “Alright, tomorrow then. Ten minutes after breakfast starts. Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom.” he whispered before winking.

Pansy was walking with a purpose, her grip not loosening on Draco’s shirt. He rolled his eyes but continued to allow her to lead him. When he didn’t hear any noise from Theo, he turned his head around, still continuing to walk, to see how far away he was and saw him and Hermione still standing next to each other, this time whispering. His gaze flittered down to where Theo’s hand was resting on her arm and his eyes narrowed.

Are Theo and Granger actually snogging?′ he felt sick to his stomach at the thought. It was one thing to make jokes about it, but to actually get that intimate with a mudblood. Everything about is was just so..wrong. Draco turned back around, trying to push the image from his head.

“Yes. Perfect.” Hermione couldn’t contain the large grin on her face as she thought about switching places with Theo the next day. “Better head back with your..friends." Hermione made a face, as if she felt sick.

“Alright, alright, Granger.” Theo yelled out, his hands up in defence as he began walking backwards, still looking at Hermione. “Just the five points, then. No need to take five more. I’ll stop with the flirting. I’ll go with the ‘fucking wankers’, as you so nicely put it. A little immature, coming from a prefect, but that’s just my two cents.” He chuckled and Hermione shushed him before laughing herself. He turned around and jogged to catch up with the other two Slytherins, who would have to have been completely deaf to not hear Theo.

Hermione shook her head and began walking the other direction back to her dormitory. It would take her an extra five minutes, but she didn’t want to press her luck any further and catch Malfoy once again, in the prefect tower in one of the corridors. She gathered that all the sixth years were probably on the same floor.

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