House of Snakes

Theo Nott Does Eat Eggs

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I hope it isn’t confusing with when it’s Hermione speaking/doing something vs when it’s Theo. But if it is and you plan on following along with the story, then please either DM me or leave a review if it was confusing to follow. In my mind, I see the scene I’m writing, so it’s obvious to me, which I realise may not be the case for you guys! I tried to reiterate who it was every so often, just in case, but I didn’t want to make it too much and constantly repeat things like Hermione, actually Theo, etc. If it is, I’ll rewrite the chapter to try and make it more clear, that way the reading experience is a bit better for you guys!

RECAP: It’s the first official day of their sixth year. Hermione and Theo made a bet to switch places, using polyjuice potion, courtesy of Theo Nott.

WARNING: drug use, language, minor suggestive themes

“Still can’t believe my penis was the first you’ve ever seen,” Theo said incredulously, walking with a quicker pace than normal to keep up with the now 6" Hermione.

“Contrary to popular belief, Theo, I am not the femme fatale everyone at Hogwarts says I am,” she glanced down at Theo, who was currently polyjuiced to look like herself, with a smirk.

“The boys of Hogwarts will be sorely disappointed, Herm.” He looked up towards his own face with a devious smile. “Except the ones with a virgin fetish, that is.”

They continued their walk towards the Great Hall.

“I have seen one before,” Hermione’s breath halted for a moment, “just.. in a textbook,” she added before clearing her throat.

“Naturally,” Theo chuckled. “I’m glad our little polyjuice adventure has enlightened you further on the male anatomy. But forewarning,” Theo held up a hand. “Penises come in many different shapes and sizes. Not all will look as beautiful and godlike as mine. So don’t be too disappointed, yea?” He chuckled.

“My poor virginal eyes have been eternally ruined.” Hermione snorted and glanced down at Theo.

All jokes aside, she couldn’t help but think how his skills were quite impressive. She was the only other person their age, that she knew of at least, to brew a polyjuice potion. And he managed to get the potion to correctly alter their voices, something she hadn’t and actually forgot completely about and never went back to figure out her mistake.

I was rather focused on how to not look like a cat/human hybrid at the time and a little busy being paralysed by a ginormous snake, to be fair...

And how was he able to store the potion in it’s state prior to the addition of a piece from the desired subject? That was perhaps the most impressive part. He certainly had quite a few useful tricks up his sleeve and she wondered what else he was knowledgable about, besides polyjuice potions and portkeys.

“Theo, do you put in any genuine effort in your classes?” Hermione asked.

Theo raised an eyebrow at her curiously. “Not particularly, but when I need to. Why do you ask?”

“I think you’d be ranked second in our class, if you did. Might even come close to first, giving me a proper challenge for once.” Hermione smirked.

She would never admit to anyone that Malfoy had in fact many times, academically stressed her out. Much more than she’d cared for. The thought of her childhood bully besting her, sometimes resulted in far too many trips to the library, even by Hermione Granger’s standards. She was always a firm believer that knowledge was power. And she enjoyed feeling more powerful than Malfoy and her other peers. It was like a security blanket. Plus, it gave her a proper excuse to skive away from everyone else, which she would be needing much more this year than she did her previous years.

Theo whistled and turned around, walking backwards now. He gave Hermione a cheeky smile. She still was amazed that her body was able to make such a noise.

“The absolute highest of compliments that one should expect from the Hermione Granger, herself.” Theo bowed rather dramatically, still managing to successfully walk backwards a few steps ahead of Hermione. “This would be much more satisfying if you’d have said it when you were in your own body, though.”

She found it amusing, seeing him walk at a quicker pace to stay ahead.

He smirked at Hermione. “Though, I have to disagree. I’d easily surpass you.”

Hermione playfully shook her head in disagreement. “Even with me planning to relax,” she held up a finger when Theo’s head jerked and his mouth exaggeratedly gaped open in sarcastic shock, “a little. And occasionally pull things out of my arse this year, I’ll still academically outclass you, even if you decided to put in more of an effort. I’m just too good at being number one, Theo.” She shrugged with a smirk.

“You’re beginning to sound more and more like me, you know that, Herm? And is that a challenge?” He gave her a pointed look.

Hermione pushed the tips of her fingers into her forehead and closed her eyes.

“I’m painfully aware. And please, merlin, no,” she groaned. “If this turns into a competition, my entire being will force me to actually obliterate you,” she looked up, “academically speaking, of course. And I don’t have the mental capacity for that this year. I’m already stressed with the thought of putting on the act of goody-two-shoes Hermione around the rest of Hogwart’s students and faculty. Not to mention, there will be an actual competition here at Hogwarts this year, that I’ve already very much planned on winning.” She looked down into her own brownish hazel eyes. “But if you are serious, Theo Nott, I will win. And with pure, honest hard work.” She gave him a brazen side eye.

She was already in a competition with Malfoy, unbeknownst to him, as it was. What’s one more annoyingly smart Slytherin.

Theo turned back around right before they rounded a corner and they began walking down the stairs.

“I’d definitely beat you, then. I’m quite devious, Herm. Remember? And now we’re too good of friends for you to rat on me.” he said with a wink. “But I digress,” he clasped Hermione’s broad shoulder with his dainty hand and gave her a solemn look, “I most certainly will not be pulling anything out of my arse this year, as I’ve done every year, in fact. I’m just going to let the shite fall,” Theo gracefully motioned his hand downward, to further emphasise his meaning, “out when it does. And what’s left sitting in the toilet, is what I will proudly hand to my professors.” He mimicked scooping out the shite and handing it to an invisible figure ahead of them.

“Thank you for that visual.” Hermione gave him a strange look and chuckled.

“You’re the one that brought arses and shite into the conversation, I just gave it some character.” Theo quipped.

Hermione playfully rolled her eyes before lightly shoving Theo with her shoulder and laughed once again when he stumbled much more than she thought he would.

“Gently, Herm. You’re wielding the muscles of a powerful man.” Theo straightened himself upright.

“Please, look at my body. A first year could push me over.”

“I just hope you’re better at grasping your wand than you are a penis, then” he added, causing laughter to spill out of both of their mouths.

Theo had a talent for bringing out Hermione’s childish side. She had been so busy playing mother with Harry and Ron, and everyone else kind of placed her in that box as well, after that. She never really had the time nor opportunity to surrender to more childish antics and no one seemed to want her to either. Except Theo. Hermione never was aware how much fun she was truly missing out on. She smiled at him, and he smiled back.

“So, what’s this about a competition at Hogwarts?” Theo asked when they finally were able to catch their breaths.


Once they finally reached the entrance to the Great Hall, they became silent as they walked in together. It was quite loud and rambunctious, more so than normal. But it was always like that at the start of term. Everyone was finally able to catch up with those they hadn’t seen over the summer and missed on the Hogwarts Express. Many students received packages from home as well, which consisted of small gifts or things students had forgotten to pack in their trunks.

Hermione stuck a foot in the direction of the Gryffindor table, purely out of habit, before she stopped herself and began walking towards Slytherin’s. Blaise Zabini had noticed Theo and nodded his head towards her as a greeting, which caught the attention of Pansy Parkinson and Draco Malfoy. Hermione smirked upon seeing them. Pansy was always rather touchy-feely with Malfoy, something he did not reciprocate. One could chalk it up to him not being into public displays of affection, but Hermione liked to imagine he was suffering inside. The sour expression on his face whenever Pansy would run her hands through his hair, certainly sold the idea enough to Hermione. They both looked at her for half a second before their eyes flittered to the polyjuiced Theo. It was interesting to Hermione, to watch both of their eyes glare at the same moment, upon seeing her own body, and odd that she had not technically been the recipient this time. When their eyes darted back to her, as Theo, there was no longer a glare, but a cautious stare.

Blood supremacist pricks.

She rolled her eyes at no one in particular which is when she then noticed Theo still beside her, also walking to the Slytherin table. She looked back at the Gryffindor table and saw Harry and Ron talking rather enthusiastically with Seamus Finnigan, unaware of her presence. Ginny on the other hand, was watching Hermione with a confused expression on her face, her brows knitted together.

Hermione slightly shook her head before effortlessly grabbing the back of Theo’s shirt with one hand and lightly shoving him in the direction of her house’s table without a single word, all while continuing to walk over to Blaise. Her and Theo both met each other’s gaze with raised brows and an almost challenging look.

“What-” Theo began to ask.

Hermione nudged her head towards the Gryffindor table with a pointed look. Theo casually held up his hands in defence before turning his head back around and walking to the table, which caused Hermione to laugh under her breath. It was entertaining, to say the least, seeing her own self mimic all of Theo’s classic body language. She’d have to work on that, to not cause too much suspicion.

She looked forward again, noticing the strange stares she was getting from quite a few of the older Slytherins. Hermione sat down in the empty spot opposite to Blaise Zabini. Two or three spots down was where Pansy and Draco sat, also opposite to her. It appeared Draco had lost interest in Theo’s presence, now that Hermione was no longer by his side. He was focused on something in his lap. Pansy, on the other hand, looked like she was contemplating what to say.

“Going to elaborate what that was all about?” Blaise gently pulled a strawberry from his fork with his immaculate white teeth.

She had always been rather aware of teeth, given her parents were dentists, and the insecurity of the size of her own teeth once upon a time. It was Blaise Zabini’s teeth that had caused Hermione Granger to first notice him last school year. After that, she sometimes found herself occasionally studying him. He hung around Draco more often than not, but he was always so reserved and quiet. He was different, to her, at least she assumed, which peaked her curiosity.

She wasn’t sure how to respond to Blaise. If he was like Draco, and her assumptions were incorrect, it would be better for her to be vile. Wouldn’t it?

“Oh you know.. just playing with fire.” She casually added as she grabbed a plate to help herself to breakfast, not quite sure how to respond and most definitely not feeling casual.

‘Playing with fire? What does that even mean, Hermione?’ she thought, hiding the confused look on her face.

Hermione scooped some scrambled eggs onto her plate. Blaise raised an eyebrow, his face remaining stoic as ever. She glanced at his face and froze for just a second.

Does Theo not eat eggs? Stop. You’re overthinking things, Hermione. Just act natural. Today, Theodore Nott eats eggs.

“That’s all you’ve got to say?” he asked, sounding slightly surprised.

Hermione let out a small breath of relief. See? The eggs were a perfectly fine choice.

“Uh..yeah, I guess.” Hermione responded as she picked up her fork.

“Theo Nott, finally a man of few words.” A cheeky smile slowly crept onto Blaise’s face and he leaned forward. “Mate, is there something going on between you and Granger?” He had an amused glint in his eyes.

Why do Slytherin’s love jumping to that conclusion? In that moment, she thought perhaps Lavender and Parvati were sorted into the wrong house.

Hermione shoved a bit of eggs into her mouth as she blinked, staring Blaise in his eyes. She had no idea what to say or how to act. He didn’t look angry about the notion, which Hermione took as a good sign and it surprised her just a little, while also confirming he was different, like Theo. Her other hand, still by her lap, inched towards Theo’s large robe pockets, where she felt three small balls. She internally thanked him before quickly finishing the food in her mouth. She imagined she looked like a deer in headlights.

I need to be high for this. She plopped one of the bonbons into her mouth and leaned forward.

“Possibly,” she said in a whisper and raised a brow. “She’s gotten quite fit,” she shrugged and cleared her throat before plopping another bonbon into her mouth.

Really high. She thought to herself.

If she learned anything from the countless cheesy romantic comedies that her parents watched, it was that, that was always excuse enough for the main male character to deviate from his normal behavior. She hoped that transferred over in real life as well. Hermione racked over what she knew about boys. It wasn’t much.

They’re quite physical, aren’t they?

And according to Lavender Brown, they might as well live and breathe for the sole purpose of getting a quick snog from one bird to the next. She could work with that. Blaise returned to his normal position, perfect aristocratic posture, and a hint of a smirk still dancing on his lips. Hermione began to feel the effects of the weed bon bon. It wasn’t as intense as last night, but she still felt herself become more relaxed.

Already wore off a bit, perhaps that’s safer for today.

“She has, hasn’t she.” Blaise responded, looking down as he grabbed a cluster of grapes and placed them onto his plate.

Hermione did her best to hide her slight shock, but it was mute. She had just taken a sip of pumpkin juice, choking on it at Blaise’s response. She hadn’t expected him to agree with her. Although she did consider herself to be attractive, she didn’t expect others to, much less a pureblood who grew up being taught that her kind was less than dirt, to think so. The only time she received male attention at Hogwarts was from Viktor Krum and the night of the Yule Ball.

But again, he’s different. Like Theo.

She forced the rest of the gulp down her throat and wiped the bit of juice that had managed to dribble down from her lips. The early signs of stubble was felt on her chin as her fingers glided upwards against it.

“And not just her face. She’s not drowning herself in her school uniform and robes anymore. Perhaps that’s for you? She looked quite eager to come join you for breakfast.” He quirked his eyebrows up and nodded his head towards the Gryffindor table before plopping a grape in his mouth.

Someone’s observant and being rather pleasant.

He could’ve been a lot more crude, in all honesty. She expected him to, after last nights little episode and the comment he made.

She didn’t think her wearing a more flattering size of uniforms would be noticeable to anyone. It was more for herself, really. She looked back at Theo, observing the fit of her uniform on her body. As this was the first time she was actually able to see her body from someone else’s eyes though, she had nothing to compare it to.

“You think so?” When Hermione turned her head back around, she caught the stare of Pansy and Draco again.

“New goal to become an official blood traitor by the end of the year, then, Theo?” Pansy pulled a grape off of her fork, giving Hermione’s body, that was seated next to Ginny Weasley, a pointed glare before turning her attention back to her housemate.

“Right, Pansy. He’s got to marry a mudblood to be an official blood traitor. Even having a bastard doesn’t qualify for such an honour.” Blaise spoke, not even bothering to look in her direction.

Hermione wondered if what Blaise said was true, finding it more fascinating than anything else. She had years of experience, not give a flying rat’s arse on how she looked in the eyes of her pureblood schoolmates. Instead, she found herself more curious with their traditions and etiquette, but there wasn’t much information about such things in the Hogwarts library, which only intrigued her more. Like forbidden fruit. She made eye contact with Pansy and had the sudden urge for mischief.

“Jealous, then, Pans?” Hermione added with a smirk.

“Excuse me?” Pansy recoiled at Hermione’s question.

“If Draco’s not satisfying you enough, you can just say so, you know? We won’t laugh. At you.”

Hermione’s insinuation along with the weed made her mind wander for just a moment.

Could I get someone pregnant with Theo’s child? Could he get pregnant in my body? How would that even work?

She missed what anyone else had said, but was rather aware of the irritated and yet bored expression on Malfoy’s face as he glared at her, clearly waiting for a response.

“Mate, it’s still too early for him. He doesn’t even know what you’ve just said. Look.” Blaise said, pointing his fork up at Hermione’s face.

Hermione cleared her throat, overtly aware of her protruding Adam’s apple, as she simply shrugged and began finishing her eggs. The gnawing feeling of hunger seemed to grow, so she took a few slices of toast as well. She spread a gracious amount of strawberry jam on one of them and as she brought it to her mouth to take a bite, she noticed everyone staring at her.

She sighed in irritation, but couldn’t help but feeling like she had done something un-Theo-like. Why else would they all be staring at her like that?

Alright, you know Theo. Time to play him up, Granger. She spoke to herself, much like her muggle little league coach did to her back in the day.

“Might I be so bold in asking everyone to kindly fuck off?” She rolled her eyes rather dramatically before aggressively taking a bite of the toast.

This seemed to appease them. Breakfast ended shortly afterwards. A few students went up to leave, but most stayed, as there was still an hour till their first class. Hermione pulled Theo’s schedule out of her robes, curious to know what classes he had chosen.

Her eyes landed immediately on Alchemy. Not putting in an effort, Theo? Complete bollocks. Maybe he could beat me for the top spot.

He clearly had received the highest of marks, if he was able to take Alchemy. Given it was such an advanced and niche course at Hogwarts, Hermione had been informed that it was small enough for all the houses to be combined into one class and there would be very few students, even less than those in the Advanced courses, which she also happened to notice on Theo’s schedule.

What a liar. His schedule makes him look like a complete me. She rolled her eyes.

If one failed their O.W.L.s, they would have to repeat the classes they failed, over the summer.

If they passed them with the bare minimum, they were allowed to continue taking their classes at a regular level which covered a broad study of that year’s material, while also preparing them further to retake their O.W.L.s and begin to introduce them to N.E.W.T.s preparatory coursework as well.

If their marks were above average, they would be allowed to take an intermediate level class that delved even deeper into the subject, focusing heavily on an abundance of in-depth scroll essays and preparing for N.E.W.T.s, naturally. Most students would be taking intermediate classes, as it was the normal next step.

And finally, if the student received extremely high marks on their O.W.L.s, then they would be allowed the option of taking advanced classes for the subjects they received their high marks in. It is quite clear by then, that the student has shown a plethora of knowledge for the subject and therefore would have less busy work and tests, instead rather focusing more on a small number of time consuming, demanding, and difficult projects. Professors would be there to oversee the class and offer a helping hand when needed, while keeping and eye on the projects.

His first class on Monday, today, was Advanced Ancient Runes, like her. Professor McGonagall had informed her yesterday that many of the students who had passed their O.W.L.s. had dropped the course altogether this year, much to her surprise, so that was another class that would include all houses. She would see Theo yet again, but still not Harry or Ron. They had both decided to drop the course.

The second class was Advanced Potions. Their year was always paired together with Slytherin, ever since first year, but now, since only a select few could take the advanced course, it was once again going to be all houses. She knew Harry and Ron were in advanced potions as well. That was going to be interesting. Hermione couldn’t help the small upturn of the corner of her lips as she thought of them becoming aware of Theo and her’s friendship.

Next on his schedule, after lunch, was again, similar to hers. Advanced Arithmancy. She had no idea he had taken arithmancy.

And after that, before dinner, would be Advanced Defence Against the Dark Arts, now combined with Slytherin starting this year. As to why they decided to do so their sixth year, was unknown to Hermione. She rolled her eyes at the thought, remembering the existence of Malfoy. No doubt, he was just smirking when Snape informed the Slytherins. Yet another class where no other students were there to stand in the way of Harry, Ron, herself and his bullying.

Hermione folded the schedule and placed it back in her robes, not bothering to look at the rest of the week. This year, fifth year and up would only have classes Monday through Wednesday, to give students time to focus on their homework, studying, and the upcoming competition that was to be announced at dinner that evening with the arrival of their new guests from Fordaeo Magisk Skole.


Pansy gently pushed her hands against the large table as she stood up, stealing Hermione’s attention. She leaned into Draco, tracing her fingers along the back of his hand.

“I’ll see you for potions, yea?” she half whispered, but it was still loud enough for both Blaise and Hermione to hear.

Draco still hadn’t bothered to look up, completely ignoring Pansy.

Her and Malfoy taking regular potions? Hermione smiled to no one in particular, looking rather smug. She had wondered if they would be in any of her advanced classes when Professor McGonagall informed her about how they were organised. Malfoy was always second to her in their class rank, but O.W.L.s were different than classwork. He could have very easily been a horrible standardised test taker. She may have said a silent prayer that he failed them all... Granted, she was a little surprised to hear that he wasn’t in advanced potions, as she assumed he was quite skilled in the class, but she never paid too much attention, to be fair. Still, she knew a blessing when she heard one.

Hermione opened her mouth, speaking a little too loudly to Blaise. “Suddenly the title blood traitor is sounding rather appetising, wouldn’t you agree, Blaise?”

Blaise raised a brow, looking between the two. Pansy straightened her back, glaring harshly at Theo’s face. Her lips were in a tense smile.

“Always something funny to add.” she folded her arms. “Does your father know that your jokes about mudbloods and blood-traitors are starting to involve yourself, Theo?”

“You know,” Hermione lifted a finger in the air, as if to recall something. “I don’t think I owled him my list of jokes that I would be using for this year, yet. I should probably get on that.”

Draco scoffed in amusement, causing Hermione to look over. His face was looking down into his lap still, and had been down for the majority of time that Hermione had been there. His response only fuelled Pansy’s irritation, as she hadn’t managed to get one, even with all her appeal..

“It’s alright, maybe I’ll do it for you then. Save you the fucking trouble.”

Bollocks. She wouldn’t actually do that, right?

Hermione didn’t know too many details of Theo’s father, but she distinctly remembered him mentioning that dear old Raf, Theo’s nickname for the old man (rich arsehole father), made Lucius Malfoy look like Godrick Gryffindor, and that said plenty.

Backtrack, Hermione.

“Come off it, Pans. You know I’m just madly jealous of Malfoy. I mean, when are you going to stroke my hand like you do his?” Hermione almost dry-heaved, but managed to stay composed. She even added a wink for good measure.

She had to admit, she enjoyed being a Slytherin, so far. For once, she wasn’t being looked down on by them, which was a nice change. And she still got to argue with them. It was a win win situation for her.

Pansy’s sputtered, unsure what to say. Draco had finally looked up.

“Always the flirt, but never flirted with, it seems.” Hermione smirked at Pansy, which seemed to snap her out of her daze.

She casually stepped over the long bench and walked closer to Blaise before leaning forward on one arm and grabbing Theo’s tie, roughly pulling Hermione forward.

“I was simply confounded by the idea that you think we would ever,” she tugged even further on the tie, their faces only now only a few inches apart, “ever, be on the same level, Theo Nott.”

“I mean, I think I’ve made it quite clear, I don’t mind slumming it, Pans.” Hermione gave Pansy a daring look, inching forward. Neither of them were smiling.

“I won’t let you make taking the mick out of me your new past-time activity to try and forget about your fucked up life.”

Well, she’s spot on, isn’t she. Hermione wasn’t expecting her words to hit so close to home with her.

“You sure about that?” Hermione tilted her head tauntingly, a tight smile returning to her lips. “Who’s the one that came all the way over here, getting this close to me, just to make a point?”

A sneer appeared on Pansy’s face as she released her tight grip on Theo’s tie. Hermione straightened her back in the exact moment and smirked at Pansy as she readjusted her tie around her neck.

“Don’t even think about speaking to me the rest of the day, Theo Nott.” She turned her back on them and marched out of the great hall.

“Getting her to not speak a word to you for the whole day?” Malfoy spoke.

Why was he looking in his lap for so long? Hermione found herself annoyed with even the minuscule things he did. Like when words came out of his mouth.

He slid down his seat next to Blaise, placing a paperback book on the table.

Reading. She wondered what book, but it was turned over.

“Mate, teach me your ways.” Draco looked amused as he made eye contact with Theo.

You wouldn’t be looking so happy-go-lucky if you knew who was really sitting in front of you.

It was strange for Hermione to even think about being nice to Draco. She wasn’t sure how to do the whole ‘friendly’ thing with quite possibly her childhood arch-nemesis and she couldn’t very well flirt with him like she did with Pansy.

I mean I guess I could. I could even see Theo doing that. She fought back the gag in her throat at the thought. Nope. I can’t.

“What the fuck was that? When have you ever spoken more than ten words to Pansy?” Blaise inquired, resting on his crossed arms.

“Clearly, a mistake on my part. Bloody annoying.” Hermione added.

Draco raised an eyebrow, skeptically and spoke accusingly. “But Granger isn’t?” He looked at his friend, Theo, grimacing at the idea.

“To the rest of us, she’s quite funny.” Hermione rolled her eyes.

“Us?” Draco looked askance at Blaise.

“I haven’t personally witnessed her humour, but she seems tolerable enough.” Blaise shrugged.

Draco leaned forward, displeasure on his face as he spoke harshly. “Need I remind you both, she’s a fucking mudblood." he hissed the last part and sharply stood up, grabbing his book, before storming out of the Great Hall.

“Fucking wanker. It’s too early for this shite.” Blaise unfolded his arm and ran his hands along his face with a deep sigh before interlacing his fingers on the table again.

“The prick has the audacity to lecture us when he’s reading a fucking muggle book.” Hermione shook her head with disbelief.

Crime and Punishment.

AN: And the day has just began ;)

Again, if it’s confusing between Theo and Hermione, and who’s the one speaking, etc. let me know and I’ll try and make it more clear. If this is the case, I will also add add in the beginning AN of the future chapter(s), something like: when I say Hermione in this chapter, I am referring to Hermione in Theo’s body, kind of a thing.

Also, I re-read the previous chapters of this story and wow chapter one and two were super roughhhh. So I am in the process of rewriting them, just trying to make them sound a bit better and not so juvenile? I’ll probably end up fixing up all the current chapters with time, including this one. The main plot points will stay the same so there won’t be a reason for you to reread an older chapter unless you want to. If there is any major change, then I will add an AN to whatever next chapter I post.

My Draco and Hermione all over the place. I feel like they’re not quite so consistent? So that is another main reason I want to fix up the other chapters as that’s important, especially in the beginning haha. Hermione, I know how I want her to be, but I find myself struggling to really envision her in my head. And Draco, I think I’m just torn between all the different type of Draco’s I read in other Dramione fanfictions that my brain is just going all over the place when writing his character, but WE WILL GET THERE, guys. I promise haha.

Thank you for the reviews and enjoying my story! Currently the Theo/Hermione relationship is saving this fanfiction hahaha.

I appreciate everyone for answering and I’m really glad you guys like the friendship dynamic between Hermione and Theo! That’s been the most fun part to write so far and the most natural as well, so it makes me happy to get all the positive feedback on it! Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter, let me know what went through your head when reading :)

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