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Run (maze runner x reader)


Y/N is the only girl in a glade full of boys. Her best friends Newt and Minho, help her figure out her dreams about his boy. While Thomas figures out how he knows this Y/N. A maze runner fan fiction.

Adventure / Romance
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I saw a boy, just a few years older than me. He had long, black hair and dark brown eyes. He held my hand with a firm grip. He kissed my forehead and then proceeded to pick me up.

I looked around. There were tubes and medical supplies everywhere. I examined the table I was sitting on. There were bodies. Dead bodies. Everywhere.

I shot awake; gasping for air. I looked to my right. Newt and Minho were already rushing over. I smiled at their concern.

"Hey Y/N, are you okay?" Newt said grabbing my arm and crouching down next to me.

"Yeah, I'm fine, just another nightmare," I said smiling at them. "Is the box coming up today?"

"Yeah I should be, I've been dying to get some hair wax," Minho said stroking his hair. Newt rolled his eyes and I shook my head.

Me, Minho and Newt were best buddies. We'd hang out either when Minho wasn't running in the maze or when Me and Newt weren't gardening. I hated my job, but ever since I hurt myself in the maze I couldn't go back in according to Alby. It was okay though since I got to spend time with Newt. Newt was second in command, I was third. After Alby came up in the box, he had to survive here for a month until Gally arrived, then Newt, then Minho and then me. Everyone after that had to stick to 3 rules.

Gally was quite the handful but he was a very close friend and quite protective over me, for example, one time Ben was watching me get changed and Gally punched him multiple times and then threw him in the pit.

Me and Newt got to work, as usual, saying goodbye to Minho and then grabbing shovels and buckets. Usually, I'd help Fry with cooking after my work was done but today fry was cooking a special meal for the new greenie and me and Newt were needed to get at much food grown as possible.

"What was your dream about?" Newt asked still concerned about this morning

"It wasn't interesting if that's what you mean. Don't worry about it." I said grabbing the bucket of fertile.

"No seriously Y/N, what happened in it," Newt said coming closer to me.

"I was in a lab, there was a boy, he helped me up. I think I was in love with him. Then I saw medical supplies and tubes coming out of me. I looked around the medical room and I saw dead bodies lying around me." I said shaking in the process.
Newt grabbed my hands and held them to his chest. I smiled at him, my eyes were starting to tear up. I blinked the tears back however they streamed down my face. Newt wiped them with his thumb. At that moment, I felt something was different.
"It's alright, darling. I'm here." Newt said as he grabbed my head a put it on his chest. My stomach filled with butterflies and I stopped thinking about the dream altogether.
Then I heard a squeaking noise. I pulled away from Newt and he knew exactly what it was. We ran over to the box and all the other Gladers were following.
Gally was already there. He opened up the lid to the box and were all gathered around to see who was in there.
The light hit his face. My eyes went wide. He was n my dream. That was the boy. Gally hopped in.
"Day one Greenie, Rise and Shine" and held his hand so the boy could grab it.
I stood back from the crowd around him trying to cope with the fact that it might've not just been a dream. I looked at the boy's face, his dark brown eyes locking with mine for a split second. I stepped back. I needed to get out of there and process this.
I ran back to my camp. I looked back out to where the boy had emerged from the box to see him running. he was fast, really fast. Almost as fast as Minho and that's saying something.
The brown-haired boy the face-planted. I giggled as I heard all the there boys cheer come to a wincing sound. I shook my head. I turned around to see Chuck watching me watch the boy.
"Hey Y/N, what are you doing?" Chuck said.
"Nothing just watching the new greenie faceplant, that's been the highlight of my week. What are you doing?" I replied.
"I was about to find Alby, he told me to come to look for him when the box came up."
"Alright, well don't let me stop you." and then he hurried off to the map room.
It had been an hour since the boy entered the Glade. I've been watching Alby giving him the tour and telling him the rules.
"And this is our third in charge, Y/N." Alby introduced.
"Nice to meet you Greenie, how's Alby's famous tour?" I smiled at him while shaking his hand.
"Good thank you. I'm just so confused. I can't remember anything"
"Yeah, it happened to all of us. Don't worry about it shank, we'll get you all caught up. Y/N, can you carry on the tour tonight at the bonfire?" Alby asked.
"Sure, come with me Greenie," I replied. I led the boy through the Glade and we ended up next to the pits.
"And this is were your put if you go against the rules unless you do something worse and then you get banished to the maze."
"Right. So how come your the only girl?" the boy asked.
"Oh yeah, well I'm not totally sure about that one. One day, woke up in the box just like you, no girl has ever come up since." I explained poorly.
I led him to the tables where we eat. Half the shanks had already begun eating although it was still daytime. I rolled my eyes.
"Boys, you know you have to wait, greedy shanks," I shouted. They huffed and walked back to their jobs.
Me and the boy, who still had no name, approached Newt. Newt was with Winston and Zart. newt's eyes lit up when he saw me and it made me blush. I knew I had to tell him about the boy and my dreams but I didn't know-how. Did it mean something or was it just a coincidence? All I knew was that Newt could help me figure it out.
"Newt, can I talk to you for a minute?" I asked him as we got closer. "I'll be back, Winston and Zart, can you find Chuck? Tell him that I need his help with the Greenie. Thanks, guys" i said to them as they walked off.
I dragged Newt over to the woods. He looked confused. I smiled at him.
" So there is something wrong." I started. I immediately mentally slapped myself. What a way to start Y/N.
"Go on," Newt said no holding my hands.
"You know that nightmare I had this morning," he nodded."Well, I told you about that boy, with dark brown hair and brown eyes that I was in love with. Yeah, so that boy is the new greenie." Newt's mouth gauged open. I looked down at the ground.
"You mean to tell me you're in love with the new greenie."
"Well no, not in my real life, but in my dream yes."
"Y/N why didn't you tell me this earlier? Does he know?"
"You and Minho are the only ones that know about my nightmares and Minho doesn't even know what they are about," I stated.
"Right, do you think it's just a coincidence?"
"I have no clue, that's what I thought you would know."
"Well did the dreams feel real, or were they just like a thought or an imagination?"
"It felt like, I was actually there."
Newt signed and he started to head back to the boy.
"Newt, where are you going?" I yelled after him.
He ignored me and carried on walking. I huffed and rolled my eyes at his stubbornness. I ran after him, but before I could catch up to him a hand grabbed my wrist. I turned around to see Minho smiling at me.
"You made it back. Sorry, I wasn't there, I was with Newt but now he's gone somewhere and I can't find him." I smiled back at him.
"Yeah, he looked pretty mad when he came out of the woods, what happened?" he said.
I thought about telling him. Maybe he could help me and Newt figure it out. Newt was probably about to tell people anyway.
"Well you know my dream this morning, well there was this boy and I was in a lab and there were dead bodies everywhere. And I think me and this boy we-"
"Hold up, dead bodies."
"Yes dead bodies, everywhere. Som with lab coats, some with armour on. Anyway, as I was saying the boy that was there. He was holding me and then he kissed my forehead, I think we were in love. And then this morning, the box came up with the new Greenie and he was the boy in my dream, the boy I was in love with." I said with loads of hand movements.
Minho just started at me He chuckled.
"It's not funny, Minho," I said while crossing my arms.
"Of course this would happen to you of all people." I rolled my eyes at this comment.
"Newt asked me if it feels like I was there in the dream or if it was just like daydreaming. And when I said it was like it was real, he stormed off."
Minho nodded and took my hand. We looked everywhere for Newt but couldn't find him. I signed. Where could he possibly be? I mean it's not like he would go in the maze right? I snapped out of my thoughts when I bumped into someone.
"Sorry bout th- hey Greenie."
"This is the guy in your dreams?" Minho said.
"MINHO, you weren't supposed to say that. God do you not know anything about secrets." I put my head in my hands.
"Wait, I was in your dreams, you dreamt about me."
"Don't flatter yourself, I didn't even you before the dream. It happened before you came up in the box." I said looking up at him.
"That's weird, I thought you looked really familiar. And is that why your boyfriend came up to me using me a bunch of questions?"
"wh- Newt, first off he's not my boyfriend, second of all, how am I familiar to you"
"Maybe we knew each other in past lives before we were sent up here."
"Do you think the dream were actually memories from my past life?"
"I'm not sure, should we tell anyone?"
"I think Newt already has."Minho interrupted. He was looking in the direction of the map room. I followed his gaze and saw newt walking towards us with Alby, Gally and Chuck. I signed. I didn't want anyone to know. Newt should've known that. He knows everything about me. I would've thought he'd respect my privacy. Then again, I didn't tell him not to tell anyone.
Alby was the first to speak.
"What is happening?"
"I think we are having memories form our pasts, I recognise Y/N and she had a dream about me which I think is her memory."
I looked at the ground the whole time. I didn't want this to be public. Minho rubbed my arm. I looked up at him and he nodded as if he knew what I was thinking.
"I think Y/N needs some rest. I'll take her to the hammocks. See you at the bonfire." and we walked off.

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