Run (maze runner x reader)


I seem to have fallen asleep in the med-jack hut. Newt and Thomas were beside me chatting about god knows what.

"What are you guys talking about?" i smiled up at them. Newt pulled me into a hug and i reluclantly hugged him back. He'd never been this concered before. I looked worringly over at Thomas. He shrugged and then pulled me into a hug after Newt had let go. I closed my eyes and smiled at the two.

“So are you going to tell me?” I insisted.
“Well, we’re talking about Ben getting banished,” Thomas said quietly.
“Banished, so h’s not going to get the antidote?” I asked kind of relived.
“Well, before we came in here, they were planning on tying him to a pole and dragging him to the maze entrance,” Newt explained.
“Oh right, well how long have I been out. I wanna go watch.” I said point-blank.

Thomas and Newt stared at me before Thomas said, “He’s probably still here, you were only out around 10 minutes after we came in here.”
“Cool, let me get up.”
“Are you sure, darling?” Newt said but helping me up anyway.
“Yeah, he bit me. I’m not sure what he expected to happen to him.”
“Alright,” Thomas said as e looked at Newt still concerned with my behaviour.

They walked me over to where Alby and the others were tying Ben to the pole. Even though I wanted to see him suffer, I didn’t expect to feel pity for him. He was still human…..well I’m not sure there is any humanity left. His pupils had turned completely black. He was still struggling and shifting underneath Gally and Winston’s grasp. I saw him directly into my eyes and he grinned as if he enjoyed watching me watch people suffer. I shook my head and held onto Thomas’ arm for comfort. Newt put his hand on my shoulder and I looked up and smiled at him whilst Thomas put hi shand around my waist. Gally came over and asked if I was okay. I couldn’t compensate for what was happening so I just nodded. He smiled apologetically. Minho had come back from the maze early since he heard what was happening this morning at breakfast which I skipped due to my injury.

Minho walked over to us. His smile turned into a frown when he saw my face. I nodded at him and then went to hug him, letting go of Thomas in the process. He hugged me tightly. I told him that the bit this morning was from Ben and his face turned serious. Deadly serious; serious enough to want to kill Ben, which at this point I think everyone did.

“I’m going to kill that son of a bitch.” He muttered to me.
“Trust me, me too. But I just don’t like seeing people get hurt. The thought of it made me relieved but when I saw it, I completely froze. He was one of us. But now he’s gone.” I said back pulling away from the hug that we’d been in for about 5 minutes. I turned back to Thomas, Newt and Gally.

By the time they had finished tying him to a pole, it was getting nearer to dinner. I was sat down on a log by myself to clear my head. I did want Ben to pay for biting me, but he was out of his mind. He wasn’t himself and he still isn’t. I tried to shake the thoughts from my head but I kept thinking it was my fault that he’s about to get banished. He could die out there, and it would be all my fault. I saw Thomas and Chuck having a chat, Minho and Newt were having a conversation and I was alone. And it felt good to be alone but I also didn’t want to deal with this on my knowing that in the past when I dealt with things alone, it caused others to get hurt too.

Flashback, in present voice:

I thought back to when I was in the maze with Minho and Newt. We were mapping our way through when Newt went in one direction and Minho and I went another. I didn’t want Newt to go alone but he insisted and at the time he was the best runner. I and Minho carried on running when we got to a cliff. We sat down for a moment to catch out-breath. I grabbed my water bottle from my backpack and me and Minho enjoyed this still moment. At that point, I was quite the difficulty. Alby had put the rules into place, and I was getting furious, and my mood would change instantly. Just before we had set off to run that day, I argued with Newt. It was about him being too protective over me. He had had a frown on his face ever since and I felt terrible. When Minho and I had finished our break we were running back to where we left Newt since it was getting late. We had waited for about 5 minutes until we heard a scream. I knew Newt had got hurt. We searched for him everywhere when we found him in the vines. He was all tangled up. I climbed to the top and grabbed him. Minho caught him from the bottom and we ran back to the Glade. Jeff said he’d broken his leg in two places and couldn’t run again. I felt awful. I knew it was my fault. The next day, \newt told me he didn’t want to be here anymore and he wanted it to be over. He knew something was missing. And when we argued, he’d thought he’d lost me too which made him go over the edge. I cried all night and prayed he’d be okay. That night, I was out late, walking around the Glade, collecting my thought. I fell over into an open pit. I sprained my ankle. But that was enough, to never let me run again.

End of flashback:

I shook my thoughts and went over to Newt. I hugged him from behind. He turned around and smiled. He hugged me back.

“What was that for?” he asked.
“I’m not sure, just missed you,” I said.
“You guys are weird,” Minho said as he went to talk to Thomas.

“Do you remember that day in the maze?” I said but careful with my words making sure not to upset him.
“Yeah, every day, I wish I never did what I did. You saved my Y/N, if it wasn’t for you, I probably wouldn’t be here.”
“I love you Newt.”
“I-I love you to Y/N.” he kissed my forehead.
“I think I might even prefer you to Minho, and that’s saying something.”
“I must be pretty special then.”He smiled down at me.
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