Run (maze runner x reader)


“Wake up, Y/N,” Newt screamed into my ear.
“Ow, what’s wrong?” I said groggily.
“I need your help. It’s important.”
“I just saw Ben get banished, I need a breather.”


Ben screamed, “No, No, I’ll behave please no.”
He looked sincere but Alby’s mind was made up. I looked into his eyes. There was no Ben left, just a completely insane human. Newt was helping Gally, Winston, Zart and Jeff to put him into the maze. I flinched when Ben started kicking furiously. Thomas was strong as if he’d seen this type of thing before. It brought me back to my dream where he’d been there for me surrounded by death and he wasn’t surprised or scared; he was calm.

I shook the thoughts away as I saw the maze doors close right as Ben was pushed in. His screams echoed. He was gone but I felt no relief; just grief and guilt. I walked back to my hammock. I decided to skip dinner since I wasn’t in the mood. I stared up at the ceiling which was just logs. My eyes drifted to sleep slowly.

Flashback ended:

“I know Y/N, but I need to show you something that will take your mind off of it. I already told Alby, he said it was fine.” Newt said to me.
“Alright, I’m coming,” I said reluctantly. I climbed out of the hammock and Newt helped me up. He chuckled as I struggled to get out. I rolled my eyes at him and then we walked towards the entrance of the maze. As we got closer, I saw Thomas staring at the maze doors. We stood next to him but he didn't face me.

“So why are we here exactly?” I said still a bit grumpy.
“Well, I overheard Alby saying he’s going into the maze to look for the griever that could’ve stung Ben.” Thomas replied.
“Really, but no ones allowed in there except the runners.”
“But it is Alby, he’s in charge. He knows what’s best for us.” Newt faced me.
“Alright, so why am i here then?” I said, still staring at the wall.
“Well, if something happens to him, you and Newt will be in charge· Which means that you can make me a runner.”
“What? Absolutely not.”
“No, I do not care what you say, I am not using Alby’s death as a way to make you a runner. You can become a runner by proving to Minho that you're good enough. Can i go now?” i stated but before they could reply i stormed off. I didn’t look back. Why would they want to use Alby? He is a great leader and an extraordinary friend. I can’t believe Newt would go through with it.
When I got closer to the Homestead, Newt grabbed my arm.
“Hey are you alright? I know we shouldn’t have done that but Thomas told me that it would be the only way out of here.”
“That is bs and you know it. Thomas won’t be doing anything that we did or that Minho isn’t doing already.”
Newt nodded his head and looked towards the ground.
“Have you had any more dreams lately?” He asked, wanting to change the subject.
“Not any different ones, I had the same one a couple nights ago but all I could think about was Thomas not being scared or afraid of the death around us. He looked the exact same way whilst staring at Ben being banished into the maze.” I said quietly not wanting anyone to hear about the dreams.
“Right, so do you think it was a memory, have you tried talking to Thomas?”
“I think it was a memory, and Thomas is hard to talk to. I don’t know what i’d say to him.”
“Tell him, the dreams are coming back. I’ll be here always. You know that Y/N. Always and Forever.”
I smiled up at him and we locked eyes for a good few seconds. And that's all i needed to know, he was everything to me. I loved Newt but do i love him more than friends? No, he’s my best friend. Ugh shut up Y/N.

“You alright? You look like you're thinking about something.” Newt asked, putting a hand on my shoulder.
“I’m fine. I promise. Now we should get some rest. If Alby does go in the maze and does get hurt we’ll need to be there for the Gladers.” I said and then headed off to my hammock.
“Night, blondie.” i hadn’t called him that in years. I smiled at him and then walked off.
“Goodnight , beautiful.” Newt whispered under his breath, yet I still heard it.
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