Run (maze runner x reader)


I gasped awake to be greeted by Thomas, we were in the maze. I had passed out before. Thomas was smiling at me. I tried to ask what the hell happened but my voice was gone. I couldn’t speak. Thomas kissed me on the lips. I flinched backwards. When he pulled away, he had injected me with a liquid. It was blue with some letters on the back that I couldn’t quite make out. The last thing I heard before I blacked our again was Thomas,
“I love you, Y/N. Don’t forget that. This is for your own good.”

I woke up after Newt tapped me on the shoulder lightly but enough to make me open my eyes. I looked around the Homeshed and saw the boys stop their work and go towards the maze. Newt had walked away already. I blinked quickly to check that I wasn’t dreaming. Everyone was standing outside the maze doors as I got to the entrance.

“What are we staring at?” I whispered to Gally who stood next to me.
“Ably and Minho should be back by now.”
“Wait, what time is it?”
“10 minutes till the doors close. Come to think of it, you’ve been asleep all day.”
I didn’t answer, I just looked at Gally confused. Why wouldn’t they have woken me up? Gally seemed to know what I was thinking.
“We let you sleep in since Alby wasn’t here. Newt suggested you’d get some sleep as you’ve been having nightmares recently.”
“Right thanks.”

We stood there for a good 5 minutes. I began to panic. Before, I thought that they’d be fine because Minho and Alby know what they are doing. Minho is the keeper of the runners for a reason and Alby is in charge of the Glade. It was about a minute till the doors were about to close.

“Come on guys can’t we send someone after them?” Thomas said.
“It’s against the rules,” Gally said. “They either make it back or they don’t.”

Newt came up behind me and put his hand on my shoulder,

“We can’t risk losing anyone else,” I said to Thomas. Thomas looked at me in disbelief and I knew he was right but if Minho and Alby are gone, then that is already too many gone.
A huge gust of wind came from the open doors. I blocked my eyes from the leaves and dust on the floor. We all looked up.

The doors started closing. It wouldn’t be long until they were fully shut. I looked at the entrance and played with my fingers. I imagined not ever getting out of here and I could sometimes cope with that but not knowing about anything out there, my parents and losing the people who made me cope with that was the worst of all.

“There,” Thomas said as he pointed into the maze. I looked up and I could see a figure. I heard them groan and heave something.
“Wait no, something is wrong,” Newt said as he stepped forward and pointed out.

“Come on Minho you can do it!” Chuck shouted through the maze. I looked closer and I saw Minho carrying Alby who was limping.
“Omg,” i whispered.

The whole glade was now shouting at Minho; encouraging him to do it. I looked around at Newt and Thomas and Gally. They weren’t saying anything either. I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t shout and I felt like something was going to go wrong.

Minho put Alby down and started to drag him by the leg.
Gally shouted now, “Minho you gotta leave him.”

I started shaking. I need to help. I need to do something and not just stand there.
“Newt, there not going to make it,” I said to him. He turned around at the sound of my voice and saw me shaking. He held my hand for comfort. I saw Minho heaving Alby towards the doors. I had hope for a minute. But then I saw Thomas’ face. His face of confusion but also determination. I knew exactly what he was going to do. I grabbed his hand and let go of Newt.
“I’m sorry Newt,” I said to him as Thomas ran into the maze with me following him.

Thomas fell to the floor and I went to my knees.
The doors closed behind us and Thomas looked at his hand and then me. I ran up to Minho and Alby.

“He’s been stung hasn’t he,” I said. He ignored me and looked at Thomas.

“Good job, you just killed yourselves.” and then his eyes travelled to mine and his face dropped.

“Y/N what the hell are you doing? You know what happens in here. People have died.” he grabbed my hand and I gave him a soft look.

“You and Alby deserve to be saved. I would have done this to any of my friends. I knew exactly what Thomas was going to do and I wanted to do it too.” I said to him. “Back to what I was saying, he has been stung by a griever hasn’t he?”

“Yeah, he has,” Minho replied.
“What happened to his head?” Thomas said as he came up to us.
“I did what I had to do.”

Thomas and I both looked at Minho with concerned expressions. Then, I loud shriek caused our heads to turn in the direction of the maze. I turned back to the doors of the maze. I wanted to see their faces; Newt, Chuck, Frypan and Gally all laughing with me. This was going to be a long night.
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