Run (maze runner x reader)


Thomas, Minho and I ran as fast as we could. A large griever was chasing us. I looked back for a second and saw it turn the corner towards us. My eyes widened and then I sprinted up to where Minho and Thomas were because they were faster runners than me. I prayed that we had left Alby in a safe spot.

Me and Thomas were carrying Alby since we let Minho have a rest from running. We had walked through the maze for about 10 minutes and it was already torture. I rubbed the sweat off of my forehead and struggled to pick Alby back up. I knew Minho had some idea of where we were but it had changed due to it already being nightfall. Minho came up behind me and grabbed m,y hand. I knew he hated me being out here and to be honest I wish I hadn’t come. But I knew that Minho and Thomas could be dead and maybe with me they had a chance of survival. Who am I kidding? We are going to die out here and I am just going to slow them down. I just wanty to be in my bed or next to Newt and Minho laughing and having fun.

“Y/N, let me take him. You look dead already and it’s only been 10 minutes.” Minho said letting go of my hand and grabbing onto Alby’s arm.

“Thank you for that Minho, where are we taking him anyway?”

“Well, I suggest putting him on top of the walls,” Thomas stated. This brought back memories of Newt. I flinched and shook my head.

“That is the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard.”

“Set him down, set him down.” Thomas and Minho both said. We put him down and took time t rest and breath.

Screeches could be heard from the distance, we all turned out heads to look in the direction of them. Minho’s face had a sudden realisation and stood up quickly.

“This isn’t gonna work,. We gotta go now. Come on, we gotta go.” he yelled.

“What- what are you talking about? We gotta do something. We gotta hide him.” Thomas said.

“Where?” Minho said almost instantly after.

“I don’t know. Minho, just think. Tell me the- there’s not a single place we could take him”

Minho had a look of anger. He grunted and kept looking in both directions. \he was looking for a way out and he was yet to finds one which meant we were stuck with grievers surrounding us and now was not the time to fight.

“Guys,” I started.
Minho ran up to Thomas, grabbed his shirt and pinned him up to the wall. We were going to die and these boys are having a fight instead of thinking of a way out. Omg, what idiots. I tried looking around to see if I could spot an opening into another path or somewhere we could house Alby. Thomas was right, we can’t leave him, we have to hide him. He may be stung but he is our leader and our friend.

“Listen to me shuck face alright! Take a look around. There’s nowhere to go. “ I heard Minho say. Minho was angry, very angry. I don’t blame him but he didn’t need to take it out on Thomas. I had had enough of this arguing and decided it was time to finally do something. I looked over at Alby and thought about what he would do, what a leader would do.

“Minho, please stop. We are about to die and I don’t think arguing is going to get us out of here. Do you? Now I am sure I saw a hiding spot when we came up this way but thought it was too small. If we put Alby in there, we can distract the griever, alright?” I said to them but also not looking directly at them still wondering if the grievers were going o strike soon.

“You don’t get it, we are already dead,” Minho said with a cold voice. Thomas stood up, I thought for a second he might’ve punched or hurt Minho but his gaze said otherwise. He was focused on the large wall behind him. He looked it up and down and Minho followed his stare.

“You know that stupid idea. Yeah, I think it’s the only option.” Thomas said.

“What about m,y idea? Was anyone even listening to me? Omg boys swear to god.” I stared blankly at them before couching down again to pick up Alby with the help of Thomas.

We wrapped vines around Alby’s waist and pulled down the other vine. Alby was lifted quite quickly and I was pretty surprised by the strength of the two boys. Thomas heaved and Minho grabbed the end of the vine to help him. I stood behind mainly because I was a lookout but also because I would be no help whatsoever.

Minho face turned into horror. I thought it was because the screeches of the grievers had become louder. However, when he turned to look at Thomas again and said, “ Thomas we gotta go, we have to go now.” I knew something was seriously wrong.

I looked in the direction of Minho’s gaze and came eye to eye with a griever approaching us.

“Thomas, we have to go. Ably will be alright. Thomas please, we need to go.” I said, my voice laced with terror.

“No, come on, a little more. Stay with me Minho, come on a little more.” Thomas said grabbing onto the vine with all his strength.

“Sorry.” I heard Minho whisper into Thomas’ ear. Minho let go of the vine and Thomas fell forwards causing Alby to fall a little. Minho grabbed my arm and pulled me with him. I didn’t have much strength to pull away and I hoped Thomas would be right behind us. Minho came to a stop. I turned around but Thomas wasn’t there.

A/N: Kind of a small cahpter but hopefully it will be alright. Hope you like it. - Jess

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