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Custom Made Demon King

Chapter 2: What Is the Most Important in the Twenty-First Century? Cheat!

This feeling of hunger was so sudden and violent that it threw Roy off guard.

A feeling of emptiness like a black hole came from his stomach, stimulating Roy’s mouth to secrete a lot of saliva. These droplets of saliva dripped out and fell onto the ground, corroding it and causing it to emit green smoke.i

Roy did not give a damn about this currently. He could not resist his body’s physical instinct. He was so hungry that he turned his head to stare at the eggshell that he just hatched from.

This broken, ugly, and black eggshell was exuding an ‘I’m delicious’ smell, announcing its existence to Roy…

I can eat, right? Definitely so, right? Don’t some creatures devour their eggshells after hatching?

Roy really could not think of anything else that could relieve his hunger from the surroundings, so he could not care less as he grabbed a piece of the eggshell, stuffed it into his mouth, and chomped on it vigorously.

Kacha Kacha. Unexpectedly, Roy realized that the eggshell was not that unpalatable. It was like chewing on crispy rice. He did not know if it was because of the magma beach, but it actually tasted as though it was baked. It was delicious.

The eggshell that he swallowed finally relieved some of the hunger in his stomach. However, before he could rejoice, a strange memory suddenly appeared in his mind, stunning him.

This memory turned out to be a kind of inheritance from the eggshell. It was short and only told him two things—one was regarding his identity, and the other was about his name.

Roy was stunned because he found out from the inheritance that his identity was a demon!

This was really too difficult to accept. Roy did not even think toward the direction of a demon when he realized his body’s strange condition earlier. He was still guessing if he had reborn into some kind of monster like Godzilla, which would have been frustrating but also quite novel.

Now, however, the situation was worse than he imagined…

Shit, did they get it wrong?! I died saving lives! Even if the merit of saving lives isn’t enough to let me go to Heaven, become a cute, chubby angel holding a small bow and arrow, and shoot at pretty ladies, I should have at least been granted another chance at life! Why did I turn into a little demon?! Did I fall into Hell instead of making it to Heaven??

He cursed inwardly but was unable to do anything. Roy had no power to correct this error even if something had gone wrong.

“Bacronsha Meryer Lacdiren Stanlis Lundisha… Ramos Osiris?!”

A lengthy name appeared in Roy’s mind as he devoured the eggshell. This had to be his true demon name if he had not guessed wrongly!

According to the memory, every little demon hatched from an egg would obtain a name after devouring their eggshell. This name was the true demon name, and it was a mark imprinted on the demon’s soul that must not be disclosed to anyone. If there was need, they could generally take a segment of their name from the whole string.

The reason why the true demon name had to be kept a secret was that once it became known to someone else, that person could bring indelible damage to the demon through special means! The disclosure of the true demon name was an immense threat to their survival! It was a common weakness among all demons!

This was like using a computer to create a document. The program would automatically mark the generated file with a page number. Once you knew the full name of a file, you would be able to locate the file accurately, even if there were millions of files… The true name of a demon was the ‘mark’ that the creator gave them! It could accurately locate the soul of the demon!

Now that he understood this point, Roy would not mention his true name anymore. Moreover, only a crazy person would read such a long name, and he would still use the name he had in his previous life.

However, this incident also put Roy on alert.

Him being a demon was an irrefutable fact that could not be changed once he had his true demon name. The first thing he had to do in an unknown environment and an unknown world was to adapt to this transformation. He must not get to know this world with his human thinking. Otherwise, he might die without knowing how if he was not careful!

Only those who had died once would know how lucky it was to be reborn. Who knew if he would be given another chance if he were to die again.

Therefore, whether as a human or a demon, it was most important for him to treasure his own life.

The surface area of the eggshell was not big, and Roy devoured the whole thing in no time. Just when he swallowed the last piece of eggshell and felt a slight satisfaction in his stomach, a voice appeared in his mind again.

“Custom Made Demon King System has activated!”

Roy was shocked. W-what?!

Before he could react, an illusory image appeared in his sight.

What appeared in front of Roy was a… panel! In the middle of the panel was a strange eye. It blinked at Roy and made a clicking sound. The sound immediately reminded Roy of the one his mobile phone made when he took a picture with it.

After blinking, the eye disappeared immediately. What replaced it was a picture in the blank space right in the middle of the panel.

The picture had a squatting little demon with dark red skin and pointy ears. In addition to the pair of just exposed pointed horns, he had a bunch of messy black fetal hair. He looked unexpectedly cute!

I-is this what I look like now? Roy stared at this ‘selfie’ with wide eyes.

All right, putting aside whether or not he was cute, Roy noticed that there were some options at the top of the panel.

The first item was Beautify. He stretched his hand to touch it, and a series of tools popped up on the left side of the panel. These tools were Graffiti Pen, Erasing Pen, Coloring Pen, and some other special brushes.

Other than the beautify function, there were also Color, Special Effects, Text, Collage, Filter, 3D, AE, Save, and so on. Roy felt uneasy after seeing these functions. He searched all corners of the panel and finally discovered—Shit! What Demon King System is this?! Why does it look like the combination of a bunch of software like PS, 3DMax, and AE?

Being reborn with a cheat is all nice and cool, but what the hell is with these strange abilities?

At the same time, an attribute panel appeared beside Roy’s demon selfie.

Name: Roy

Race: Demon

2Bloodline: At least four different kinds

24Demon Name: Bacronsha Meryer Lacdiren Stanlis Lundisha… Ramos Osiris

16Form: Newborn (Premature)

Hierarchy: Bottom of the low rank

Attribute: Dark

Strength: 14

Speed: 12

Magic Energy: 9

Activity: 13

Loaded Materials: None

Skills: None

Talent Ability 1: Soul Peer

Explanation: After living beings die, you can easily discover the location of their souls.

Talent Ability 2: Demon Blood

Explanation: The demon race is bloodthirsty and warlike. It is very easy for you to go berserk whenever you enter combat. In addition, Demon Blood gives you better affinity with negative energies.

Talent Ability 3: Soul Devouring Addiction

Explanation: It is in a demon’s nature to devour and play with souls. It refers to the pleasure and ecstasy brought about through devouring souls.

Items: None

Number of Souls in Possession: 0

Evaluation: The complexity of your bloodline limits the upper limit of your potential. You did not even obtain the talent power of your bloodline, and your premature birth makes you the weakest existence among those at the same level… Cannon fodder, no hope, farewell!

After seeing this evaluation from the system, Roy had no idea what to say.

Roy had a feeling of novelty when he accepted that he was reborn as a little demon, but he did not expect to be so weak, making it difficult for even him to accept it.

Premature? I’m actually a premature baby? No wonder those demon eggs around me were dead silent. It is Heaven’s will to destroy me for breaking out first!

His evaluation by the system might have said that he had no hope, but Roy still wanted to struggle. And first, he had to figure out how to use this system.

Fortunately, although the system looked complex, using it was relatively simple. It did not take long before Roy finally figured out how to use this system.

On the first page with Roy’s selfie was his body displaying all of his current statuses. What Roy wanted to do was to upgrade himself by drawing and defining the material with special effects, colors, and so on before finally using collage to integrate it onto his body.

However, a special item was necessary to complete these operations—souls!

For example, if Roy wanted to give himself a pair of demon wings, he would first need to use the graffiti pen to draw these wings and then use the text function to define that it was a pair of demon wings that could be used to fly. He could also use the special effects function if he wanted to add on special abilities such as flames or frost to the wings. Finally, after consuming an equivalent amount of souls to save, Roy would immediately grow a pair of wings exactly the same as his design.

Throughout this entire progress, things like the materials for drawing and special effects did not cause any consumption, and he could use them as much as he wanted. However, the final step, saving, required the consumption of souls!

The more detailed the drawing, the more complex the definition, the more gorgeous the special effects, the more the quality and quantity of souls required during save!

Simply put, this so-called Custom Made Demon King System was actually one of Asia’s big four evils, PS technology. You could draw anything as long as you could imagine it and then create it through an exchange of equivalent souls. No wonder this system is named the Custom Made Demon King System…

Drawing was not a problem for Roy. His previous job before being reborn was in art design. The problem was the acquisition of souls.

This beginning is a little difficult! Where should I obtain my first soul?

The moonlight from the purple moon began to shine brighter as Roy pondered. The radiation became stronger, like a signal. The large number of demon eggs on the beach began hatching one after another. The little demons within began breaking their eggshells and drilling out. The silent beach suddenly became lively with all kinds of weird growls…

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