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M E L A N I N: Katsuki Bakugou x Black Fem! Reader


THESE ARE ONE SHOTS 🧍🏾‍♀️ also if you know me from Wattpad heyyyy 😚💕anywayssss this was my first Wattpad book ever so don’t bash it 😐

Romance / Humor
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Katsuki Bakugou x Black Fem Reader: Meeting

It's (Y/N)'s first day at UA high school. She's still at home struggling with her hair as always,but she'd rather miss school because she knows she'll be the only black student like middle school. She always hated getting stared at because of her dark skin and curly hair , but she never knew people just thought she was beautiful because of those things.

~Time skip~

(Y/N) managed to get to school on time. Walking to UA with her hair in two huge puffs she was starting to become excited.She got a little too excited and accidentally bumped into a blonde boy. Bakugou yells "WATCH WHERE YOUR GOING YOU DUMBASS" he turns and looks at you. You start to get kind of angry so you say " My bad ,but watch who your talking to like that because I'm not the one to play with." You walk past him and into UA's gates. Bakugou stands there shocked that anyone would talk to him like that. His eyes then trace your curves and hair infatuated with your body, hair ,and skin.


You were actually kind of early so you decided to get a water from the vending machine . When you come back to your classroom 1-A you see the blonde again. "Shit" you think. Bakugou just stares at you. " What are you looking at." You say Bakugou says "You. who else is here. What's your name dumbass" (Y/N) sits in the seat in front of him because people were starting to come in. "It's (Y/N) (L/N) what's your name blondie" (Y/N) says while looking forward. " It's Katsuki Bakugou and don't fucking call me blondie" Bakugou says and then squishes one of your puff balls. You turn your head around with a quickness "What?" Bakugou says. "Don't you know not to touch other people's hair" you say kinda embarrassed.Bakugou leans into your ear and whispers " It's not my fault I thought they were cute." He then smirks and puts his legs up on his desk. You kind of shiver until a pink girl comes up to you "HI!" She says in a loud voice " I'm Mina Ashido" she says with her hand out. "Hi I'm (Y/N) (L/N)" you say as you shake her hand. Then more girls come up to you. " Hello *ribbit* I'm Tsuyu Asui but you can call me Suy" Tsuyu says. "Hey I'm Ochako Uraraka and I think your really pretty." She says while spinning. "Thank you so much and I'm (Y/N) (L/N)" You say smiling a bright big smile.Bakugou stares at your smile thinking it's the most beautiful thing on earth.Then Mr.Aizawa comes in and everyone find their seats.

~Time skip~

(Y/N) and Mina we're walking to lunch when (Y/N) felt a big hand grab her wrist and pull her somewhere "The fuc-" someone pulls you into a closet "Who the fuck are you." No one answered. " I won't hesitate to slap a bitch" the light turned on and it was no other than Katsuki Bakugou. "Oi!" He says. "Oi? That's all you have to say after you pull me into a fucking closet. The fuck am I in here for?" He looks you in your eyes "Give me your phone number." He says in a serious way. " You couldn't have asked me in class?" You say confused. "S-Shut up and give me your number this is already embarrassing as it is." He says nervously covering his blush. "Aw shit your blushing !!! You caught feelings didn't you?" You say teasingly. "JUST GIVE ME YOUR DAMN NUMBER!" He says giving you his phone to put your number in. "Fine I'll give you my number." You say while laughing and you put your number in his phone "Can I go now ?" You ask. "No wait" he walks up close to you and you feel your heart beating fast and your face getting hot. He squishes your puffs and traces his finger around your face and full lips. "Now you can leave." He says smirking. "Stop doing that shit." You say covering your face and walking out of the closet with him.
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