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Wedding disaster| Aot


Eren and Jean are getting married :D that’s good right ? Wellll :)).. ull see what happens next :0

Drama / Action
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Chapter 1

Eren woke up next to Jean and smiled while waking Jean up “Good morning love ❤️ u know today is a special day for us” Jean woke up and smiling “hehe I knew I can’t wait to finally become your husband <3” Eren and Jean got up and showered And made breakfast while waiting for Connie and Armin to pick up Jean to get him ready for the wedding. Then they heard knocking on the door.

Eren opened and saw Connie and Armin “Hi guys come in” Connie and Armin greeted back “Hi guys are y both nervous of today?” Connie said “We sure are haha 😆 but we hope for a good day”

Armin stayed silent since he wasn’t very happy of them both marrying each other...Armin liked eren since when they were kids and was sad...so he created a plan to sabotage the wedding....

“Well Jean come on let’s get u all handsome for ur wedding” “Ok!” Jean looked back at eren “I’ll see u there” Jean says smiling while looking at Eren “Yes I will I love u ❤️“ Jean smiled and kissed him goodbye and they left while Eren waited for Mikasa and Sasha. Then heard knocking on the door.

“Hi! Come in” Eren greeted “Hi ereh! How are u today happy that ur now marrying the love of ur life?” Mikasa said “Yes I am haha I know I made the right decision” Eren said happily “Well eren let’s go! Let’s make u look handsome for Jean ;D” Sasha said Then they all left and headed to the salon to get eren ready.

Meanwhile with Jean and Connie and Armin

“Alrigt Jean let’s put this flower on ur suit and ur ready! U look handsome!” Connie said while Armin went to get roses for Jean to hold while walking to the alter, “Thx Connie! I’m so nervous but at the same time happy” Jean said smiling with joy “That’s nice :D! Ok Armin can u get the car ready I bet the guests are already at church waiting for Jean” Armin nodded and went to start the car till he realise this is his time to sabotage so he grabbed a knife and slashed a tire while smirking. He then put a act on and went inside “Connie there’s a problem! Someone slashed the tire !” Armin acted. “oh no! Really?!”

To be continued...

Thx for reading I will update tomorrow
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