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Mistake || Draco Malfoy Fanfic


He was the biggest mistake I ever made. NEVER love Draco Malfoy! Love, Sex, Anger, Sadness, Death, The Curse, Toxic. HARRY POTTER FANFIC *DRACO MALFOY*

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1


“Do you have everything?” one of my mothers asked

“Yes mom, I do” I say turning to her and grabbing her hands to reassure her

“How are my two favorite girls?” my other mother says walking my room

“Keelin remind me why we are doing this?”

“Because Freya, Thea is our daughter and that means that she has the curse which also means that if she kills a mortal she will have to deal with that, and if she keeps hanging around in New Orleans or even Mystic Falls she will end up killing someone!”

I love my mother’s very much but sometimes they become too much to handle. As one of my mom’s are Freya Mikaelson and the other as Keelin Malraux.

Over 16 years ago my mothers found a way to have a kid with both of their genetics. Then came me.

I have been very careful not to trigger my werewolf curse. Being a Mikaelson and living by the words “Always and Forever” doesn’t help. My parents decided that the safest place for me right now is this magic school called Hogwarts.

“You guys ready?” Freya asked

“Yeah” Me and Keelin said

I said my goodbyes to my family and then waved my hands and appeared at Hogwarts.

I found the professor I was supposed to. Her name is McGonagall. She told me that I will be going before all of the first years for my sorting.

“We have a new student joining us this year! She will be in year 6! Please welcome Ms. Thea Mikaelson!” The headmaster announces

I walk in and go towards the front, walking like a badass the way I was taught! All eyes go to me. I hear a girl say “Her outfit is amazing!” I mean it was, I was a Mikaelson of course I have a great sense of style.

I sit down on the stool provided. The hat was placed on my head and started to speak. “Ah courageous! Brave, cunning, A Mikaelson witch! If I were you guys I would be scared-” I laughed at the word scared “-You are very ambitious and prideful! I am going to put you in SLYTHERIN!” The Slytherin table got up and started to cheer.

I walked over to the table and sat down next to a boy who was offering the seat next to him. I exchanged hellos with some fellow Slytherin’s such as; Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini, Pansy Parkinson, and Alex Parkinson.

I walk with my house to the dungeons, we arrive at the door and someone spat out the password ’pureblood’ I find the room with my name on it. I walk in and see my personalized room by my mother’s.

I quickly go to my laptop after unpacking. I write my novel.

I hear a knock at my door. I go and open my door, a brunette girl stands in front of me. “Hi I am Emily Longston! We didn’t get to meet earlier” she says “I’m Thea Mikaelson, here come in” I open my door more for her to enter.

She sits on my bed as I sit at my desk chair. “So how did you get this awesome room?” she inquires

“My mother’s”

“Mother’s?” she questions

“Yeah my mother’s Freya and Keelin” I state to her

“Wow that’s cool! So you are a Mikaelson, what’s that like?”

“It’s chaotic, how do you know the Mikaelson name?” I ask the girl

“Well my stepfather was a werewolf and um Kl-Klaus kind of turned him into a hybrid a few years ago” She says while fidgeting with her fingers

“Oh well I am sorry” I state

“Thank you,” She said looking at me.

We end up talking for hours and getting to know each other very well.

-The Next Day-

I walk to each class. I get to Defense Against the Dark Arts. Our professor announces that he will be assigning our seats for the semester. He calls out names and then mine and a certain blonde haired boy I met yesterday.

We get to the table that was assigned to us, luckily we were the very last table in the class.

“Now class, I want you to read over the first lesson in your textbooks and answer this questionnaire” Snape announces.

I start to do the work. “Let me guess you are a goody goody girl” he says, giving me a look, I don’t pay attention to. “The very opposite actually, I was getting into trouble of course and that pushed my parents into me going here” I state which is partially true. They hated how I was constantly sneaking people in and out of the house. I would go out to the club all of the time and certainly go to parties too much.

The bell rings and I leave class.

I decide to go to my dorm and start to work on school work.

Once I finished my work I started to write my novel again. It might be weird that I am a virgin to at least guys but I still write romance and very good at that.

I realize it is time for dinner so I walk to the dining hall.

Once I finish with dinner and share some laughs with the other Slytherin’s, I go back to my room and take a shower.

After my nice relaxing shower, I start to write again because I got inspired. But this time I needed a change in scenery, I walk to the common room. I sit down on one of the black leather couches, I place my macbook on my lap and begin to type.

The mixed sound of typing and crackling fire filling the room.

The beautiful sound gets interrupted by a door. A door from the boys dorms opens. A tall blonde walks to the landing and spots me.

We make eye contact.

“Hey Mikaelson” he says

“Malfoy” I say.

He starts to walk down. He gets to the other couch and sits down.

I look at the clock on my laptop, it says 12:27am.

“What are you doing at midnight?” Malfoy asked

“Writing and you?”

“Writing? What are you writing?”

“My novel” I respond

“A novel about what?” he says

“Romance” I say.

He rests his back against the couch, with a devilish smirk.

“Romance? Huh?”

“Yes, why?” I ask

“What’s it about?”

“It’s about a mafia who kidnapped a girl when she was a child to raise her to be an assassin, and one day she will marry the heir” I say wondering why Malfoy would care.

“And who would read that?”

“New York Times is wanting to buy my novel” I say with a smile

Right as Draco was going to say something, I get a text message on my laptop.

It was from my mother, Freya. It read “Hayley is missing come to New Orleans, asap. I already told Dumbledore”

“Shit, I have to go to New Orleans” I say getting up and waving my hands causing my laptop to go back to my room and my phone appearing in my hand.

I wave my hands again and arrive in New Orleans.


Dumbledore calls an important meeting in the Great Hall.

Everyone stumbles out of bed, I start to wonder if it was about Thea.

My god she is beautiful. She has beautiful curves, her ass is perfect and the same with her breast, she probably doesn’t even have any stretch marks. Her long dirty blonde hair with highlights, her mixed colored skin.

Each and everyone arrives at the Great Hall and Dumbledore announces “Sorry to wake you at midnight but we need to help our classmate and her family in New Orleans! Thea has already arrived in New Orleans and we will in the morning to help find her cousin’s mother!” Everyone looked around confused. “I want you to pack for 5 days max, then go back to sleep and we will leave at 7am! Goodnight and see you in the morning” Dumbledore sends us off.

What the hell is happening in New Orleans?

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