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Feel me_Dramione



Her stupid hair is always in her face when she reads , it just makes me want to reach and fix it for her...but no- I cant , that 's Hermione Granger we are talking about , she would probably not let me put a single finger on her...but oh how I wish she would

I Don't even bother calling her names anymore because she is clearly not affected by it and there is no reason that he would want to bully her again , I don't know why but it just did and he wanted to get rid of it but he liked the feeling, that whenever she passes by and her scent of "vanilla" fills the room...he never wanted her to leave, he just wanted her , but that cannot happen, or so he thought

I'm walking in the corridor with Blaise by my side , I don't know what's he's saying but I guess it was funny because he kept laughing beside me , but I couldn't focus on what he is saying right now ,

I look up and I see her talking to that Weasly girl , and she is smiling- and- laughing and I loved every second of it, it was like everything else was in slowmo

Draco- Draco? DRACO! , I get cut off my fantasy because of the great Blaise Zabini... "What?" I reply with a hiss , You zoned out for a good 5 minutes there mate, you good?

"I'm good" , I give him a small smile then we went to potions class together since we had the same class at that time which is with Hermione as well , this will be great...

We arrive at potions and she is not here yet...me and Blaise sit down ,

Class is already starting and she is no where to be found it's very unlikely of her.

Ok get all your books out now , today we will just be doing some reading for the 2 part Quiz tomorrow.

"Yes professor Snape" we all say in sync

I get my book out of my satchel then I hear the classroom door opening

Miss Hermione Granger , You are late! Minus 10 points from Griffindor...the Griffindors all sigh while me and Blaise chuckle to ourselves

I'm sorry professor I forgot my robe and I was going to get it but realized I was already late for class so I rushed in here , she says then sits down next to Luna Lovegood

Every now and then I look up from my book to look at her and all I see is huge block of curly hair, but I'm not complaining, with hair like that ,it would be easy to grip on while-

Draco- your drilling a hole on Hermione's head and I'm pretty sure she feels it , says Blaise the great then I quickly look away and look back at my book

Then suddenly her Wand fall, and it went rolling- and rolling and- it stopped right behind us , she stood up and for a second she looked at me straight at my eyes and this made me smirk at her for no reason at all...

she went to bend down and fuck- without her robe I could see her perfect legs and how her skirt hiked up a bit , this already made him hard and he couldn't control it, why her? why is it always her that can make me do all these fantasies in my head late at night with my hand doing all the job , cum all over my toned abs

oh how he wished it was her instead

She stood back up and straightened her skirt , Shit! did she feel my eyes on her? Great , I hope I didn't make her uncomfortable...

fantasies roam back his mind and now he is really hard- hard as fuck that it started to hurt , the way she looked at him was just-something else

and so he wondered , would she look at him like that in bed? he shakes his head and went back to studying
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