Nefarious (Dabi Fan fiction)


Nefarious: Wicked, villainous, despicable, revelation. The heart-wrenching pain of loving someone, but always wondering if it is enough. Alisa a girl with a secret past that few know of. But what happens when the villain Dabi is sent to assassinate her. And instead, falls in love with her? Will their love persevere or will it all come falling down? This will be sad like questioning life type of sad. Yeah um hm good luck if you decide to read this just be careful it might trigger you.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

They were doomed from the beginning.

Maybe they would’ve truly loved each other if they had more time.

Maybe they could have been happy.

Or maybe not.


I never understood why we hated the villains. The villains always had a reason, they were fueled by a deeper passion than any of the heroes were. For they would burn anything and everything in their path because their purpose is that powerful. Yet I don’t judge those who hate the villains.


Because the villains, unlike the hero’s, don’t have the illusion of the greater good, they are powered by emotions, just like us. So maybe that’s why we hate the villains. Because deep down we know if it were to be said out loud, we would be the villains and not the hero’s we so bluntly adore.

Villains are the heroes whose stories were never told, whose screams we’re never heard, and whose pain was ignored.

Villains are the broken hearts.

A villain is a hero who cared too much.

Maybe the only difference between hero’s and villains is who’s telling the story...

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