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Always And Forever


It was her fifth year at Hogwarts. Ophelia Blackman had never been really beautiful. She had never really had any friends either. Yes she could speak with Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley. But they just spoke a little together now and then. It was really nothing more than that. Draco Malfoy a pureblood Slytherin. He had always been after her. Bullied her through all her years at Hogwarts. He never walked past her without a filthy comment.

Romance / Fantasy
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New Changes

A/N: ENglish is not my first language, so if I make typos I'm sorry.

I hope you like my book anyways:)


It was her fifth year at Hogwarts. Ophelia Blackman had never been really beautiful. She had never really had any friends either.

Yes she could speak with Hermione Granger and Ginny Weasley. But they just spoke a little together now and then. It was really nothing more than that.

Draco Malfoy a pureblood Slytherin. He had always been after her. Bullied her al through her years at Hogwarts. He never walked past her without a filthy comment.

Even though she was a pureblood. He didn’t like her. Maybe because she doesn’t think muggles are scum. And maybe because she likes the Weasleys. But that was okay.

Ophelia had always loved to sing. And her grandmother had always told her that she had a beautiful voice.

Her parents had died a year after she was born. They were killed by death eaters. They were a part of the old Order Of The Phoenix. Her parents were captured and killed because they didn’t want to give them the information they needed.

She did think of them quite often. She thought how it would have been if they were alive. What it would have been like to have them to see her grow.

But she lived with her grandmother. And it was fine. Her grandmother had always been so kind to her and she would tell her stories about her parents and how they were. Show her pictures from when she was still a baby.

She loved her very much. And if she had had to live in an orphanage she wasn’t sure she would have made it through the years. She has heard how bad they can be.

This year everything would change. Puberty had hit her over the summer. She had become more curvier and her acne had cleared out. She considered herself beautiful this year. She had also become more confident. Because now she felt beautiful. She had learnt how to take a compliment. She finally felt good about herself.

And this year, no matter how insulting Draco’s comments might be, she will let them glide off of her. That was one of the main goals she had set for herself this year.

So there she was. Standing at the platform with her grandmother in a black skirt with a white button-up and her long golden locks hanging on her shoulders, waiting to board the train.

The platform was filled with people. Wizards and witches in all ages, with their families, hugging and kissing goodbye.

And now was the time. She gave her grandmother a hug and said goodbye. Then she took her trunk and boarded the train.

She was one of the last ones to board it. But she managed to find an empty compartment all to herself.

Her grandmother had bought her an MP3 player for her birthday some years ago. So she found it in her trunk. She always packed it. And then she put on some music.

When she listened to music she was completely in her own world. She just focused on herself when she listened to music. Nobody else.

After some time she began humming a little to the sound of the music, and even when she hummed it sounded angelic.

She had always felt a very deep connection to music. She could kind of just understand songs on a whole other level than normal people would.

A lot of sad songs just felt so real to her. She felt like a lot of sad songs just hit her, and she felt like she could feel what the singer was feeling when he or she had written the song.

She was just sitting and looking out of the window. She wasn’t paying attention to her surroundings. So when there suddenly sat a flaming red haired girl in front of her she jumped in her seat.

“So Ophelia, what have you been up to this summer?” Ginny asked with a big smile on her face.

Ophelia was a little taken by surprise that Ginny was speaking to her. They never really chatted on the train ride.

“Uhm. Not much. I have been reading. My grandmother bought a lot of books for me. She also bought me a record player and some records.” She answered her. Not with as much enthusiasm Ginny had spoken with. “What about you?”

“i have just been at home with my family. Harry and Hermione came too.

“Sounds nice.” Ophelia gave Ginny a weak smile.

“It was” Ginny smiled. “I would just hear how your summer had been. So I’m going to find Harry, Ron and Hermione. See you at Hogwarts.”

“See you.”

And with that Ginny opened the compartment door and left.

She put her headphones from her MP3 back in so she could get back in her own world.


Some hours later someone was shaking her to get her to wake up.

It was a light haired girl who was shaking her lightly.

“Hi. I’m Luna Lovegood.” The girl said.

“Hi. I’m Ophelia Blackman. Thanks for waking me up.” I smiled.

“No problem.” She said in a dreamy voice.

She stood up and got her trunk from the top shelf. And she walked out of the train. Luna walked to the other end of the train to see if there were anymore people asleep.

She walked towards the gate where she placed her trunk with all the others and she began walking to the carriages. Again she found one without anyone in it. Just like she liked it. She took a book she had magiced down to a little size so it could fit in her pocket. Turned it big again and began reading.

But of course. Draco Malfoy came to it and sat down opposite of her. Just what she needed.

“So the bookworm is reading again, huh?” He said in a mocking tone. Just like always.

She chose to ignore his comment. She didn’t want to let it get to her. Not this year. She didn’t want him to bring her down. Not this time. Not ever again. She had dealt enough with a bad body image over the years, because he always would either comment on her looks, her acne and stuff like that. Or his comments on what she was doing, like reading or always studying so she could get good grades.

And when he was really in a good mood, he would comment on her having no parents. And often that was when she would either get so angry at him she wanted to slap the crap out of him, or just begin to cry. Not in front of him of course, she didn’t want to show him weakness.

She was tired of his crap. This was the year where she would block him and his comments out.

“Why were you even in Gryffindor? You would have dióne way better in Ravenclaw with all the nerds.” I gave her a smug smile.

This time she needed to answer to set him in his place. “First of all. Ravenclaws aren’t nerds. They just love reading and being creative. Second of all. I wasn’t put in Ravenclaw because I value bravery and courage over books and cleverness.” She still had her book in front of her face.

“You, brave? I need to see that before I believe it.” I let out a laugh.

Now she lowered the book. “I may not be very brave, but I value it. I value it in other people. I value it in myself. And I may not have a lot of courage but I value it. And I don’t need a prick like you to tell me which house I would do better in. You don’t know me at all. You don’t know how I am as a person.” And then she put her book back up to her face.

Draco kept silent under the ride to the castle. She had put him in his place. For now.

They came to the castle and parted ways. They both walked towards The Great Hall, but in different directions.

When Ophelia got into The Great Hall, she walked over to Gryffindor table and sat down alone, like always.

Or Hermione, Ron, Harry and Ginny were sitting almost beside her but they didn’t normally talk together.

But today was different. Today they talked to her.

“So Ophelia, how was your summer?” Hermione asked.

“It was fine.” She just smiled and then went back to her plate with food. SHe tried to keep it healthy so she wouldn’t gain any more weight. She had just lost a lot of pounds. She didn’t want them back.

Again she found herself in her own thoughts. Just like always. And because she was in her own thoughts, she missed Dumbledore’s start of terms speech and the new teacher’s speech.

She didn’t really care though, she just wanted to go to her dormitory so she could be by herself again.

And finally what she had been waiting for, she could leave.

She walked quickly to her dorm. WHen she got there she found her trunk by the end of her bed, and found her MP3 player and a book. SHe put some music on and began reading.

She began to sing a little. Not very loud, because she didn’t want anybody else to hear her.

Suddenly she saw Hermione and Ginny standing by the end of her bed. She was sharing a dorm with them.

“Wow, you sing beautifully Ophelia.” Ginny said in a shocked and excited voice.

“I agree, it sounded almost angelic.” Hermione nodded.

“Thanks.” Ophelia smiled. She had always kind of thought that it was just something her grandmother had told her, just she had something to feel good about.

“Why have we never heard you sing? We share a dorm.” Ginny asked.

“Because I don’t really like singing in front of others. I just like to sing for myself. Plus you two always hang out with Harry and Ron. So we have never been close enough for me to feel comfortable enough to sing when you were there, too.” She smiled weekly.

“We need to change that this year. We want to become friends. Better friends than we are now.” Ginne answered. “Right Mione?”

“Right you are Ginny.” She smiled.

“Okay girls.”

Then they left. Ophelia did want to become their friend. But she also just wanted to be by herself. And she felt kinda weird that they first now wanted her friend.

Maybe they had wanted that for a long time, she had just pushed them a bit away.

But nevertheless how much she loved being alone, she would be happy if she got some friends. Some friends she could trust.

After about an hour more of reading and listening to music, she found herself in the bathroom brushing her teeth. She was pretty tired, even though she had got a long nap on the train ride.

She finished brushing her teeth and put on a baggy t-shirt and some booty-shorts. She put her hair up in a messy bun, and massaged some cream into the skin on her face.

She then unhooked her bra, and walked back into her dorm where she put it in her trunk.

She got into bed and was fast asleep.

She would normally lie and keep tossing and turning because she couldn’t find a comfortable position to lie in. But today she could.

Half an hour later Ginny and Hermioen came into the room. And Ophelia woke up because they were a little loud.

“Sorry. We didn’t know you were asleep. We didn’t mean to wake you.” Hermone said with an oplegic smile.

“It’s okay. Don’t think about it.” She smiled.

They walked out to the bathroom and got ready for bed.

They came back and said goodnight to each other and Ophelia.

And ophelia was fast asleep again.

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