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Always And Forever

Pyjamas Party

It was now friday and Opheilia had come to the conclusion that the new Defense Against The Dark Arts teacher was pure evil. She was pink. But pure evil.

Ophelia was one of the few ones who believed in Harry that Voldemort had returned. She just had a feeling.

Not that she would speak about her believing him. But she did.

Here she was. Once again in the library reading at night and humming to herself. Because no one was there. It was only her and the books. Just how she liked it. Alone in her own world.

She was reading a book with a girl who was tasked to kill the prince. But she ended up falling in love with him instead. So when the person who tasked her to kill the prince finds out, she will hunt her down and kill her. And he does find her and kills her. The prince was so angry at him and devastated over he had lost her. He killed himself to be with her.

All stories don’t have a happy ending.” She thought to herself. She wanted her own story to have a happy ending. Even though she knew that would be hard to obtain. But that was a goal she had set for her life. She wanted a happy life. She was confident now. But still not really happy.

She wanted to live with the love of her life. To have kids and be a happy family.

It was all the way out in the future. But she kept dreaming. Because she was a dreamer. And dreamers never gave up.


She was alone in the library. Or so she thought she was.

What Ophelia didn’t know was that behind some bookshelves were Draco Malfoy himself. The prick who had harassed her in all her years at Hogwarts.

But this time he didn’t give her a filthy comment. He just stood there, listening to her humming. He liked the sound of her voice. Even though she wasn’t actually singing. He couldn’t see it was her. He just stood there as if he was in a trance. He didn’t dare move. Because what if she stopped humming? What if she saw her?

Ophelia stopped humming and Draco walked fast but still very slowly to not make any sound. Out of the library.

He wanted to see who that beautiful voice belonged to. But he still didn’t want it to seem obvious that he had been in there. So he just walked back to his common room. Careful not to be seen by anyone.


Ophelia thought she heard the door close. So she decided to stand up and see if anybody was at the door or had walked out of it.

She looked out of the door and saw that someone was walking very fast around a corner. She couldn’t see who it was.

She could just see some black robes swinging behind the person. She couldn’t see the hair color of the person either. The corridor was too dark.

Did someone hear me?” She asked herself.

She decided that she wanted to go back now. Just in case anybody else would come.

She didn’t really like when people heard her sing or just hum. She was very private about her voice. Not for any particular reason. She just didn’t like it when people heard her.

Ophelia walked back to her common room very quickly. She didn’t look around to see if she was passing anybody or if she was about to walk into someone. She just kept her gaze down.

And of course. She had to bump into someone. And that someone was Harry Potter.

“Sorry.” She mumbled and kept looking down.

“It’s okay. You are Ophelia Blackman, right?” Was he asking her if that was her? They have been in the same house for five years.

“Yes that’s me.” She said. Now she lifted her eyes from the floor and looked him in the eyes. He had green eyes. A bright green colour.

“What are you doing at this time? Shouldn’t you be in your dorm reading or something?” He said it in a very shy voice. As if he was afraid of her, just because she was looking her in the eyes.

“For your interest. I have just been in the library. And I do not always read. If that is what you think of me.” She lied a bit. She didn’t really do much besides reading and listening to music. She didn’t really have any friends to do anything with. And she was a bit frustrated over she had just gotten the mark “bookworm”

“And I could ask you the same. Why are you here?” She spat.

“I just had detention with Umbridge. And you don’t need to snap.” He said.

“Sorry. I’m just tired of everyone just thinking I don’t do anything else other than read. I mean. It is kind of true though. But that’s mostly because I don’t really have any friends here. So I just keep to myself. That’s easier than trying to make friends.”

On the first day of school. She hadn’t made any friends. Nobody wanted to be her friend. So she just learned to keep to herself.

And then after Draco had bullied her for some years. She learned how to show no emotions. How to close totally off. To not show anybody how she was feeling. Not letting anybody in. Not letting anybody come close enough to make her vulnerable. Because that was easier. Easier than trying and then just getting hurt.

So now, nobody could see how she was actually feeling. She could be crying inside. Nobody would know.

“Aren’t you friends with Ginny and Hermione?” Harry asked her. He sounded very confused.

“We can talk, yes. But friends. I don’t know. The other night they said they wanted to be my friends. But I don’t know” Ophelia kept a straight face.

“I didn’t know that. I thought you were friends.” He shrugged his shoulders. “Shall we go back to our common room?” Harry asked Ophelia.

“Yeah let us.”

They walked back to their common room. Nobody said a thing. There was complete silence. The only sound was from their footsteps in the corridors. And it was an awkward silence.

So when they reached the common room, they parted ways as quickly as possible. Harry walked up to his dorm, and Ophelia walked up to hers.

When She entered the room, Hermione and Ginny were sitting on Ginny’s bed waiting for her.

“We have been waiting for you.” Ginny exclaimed.

“Why?” Ophelia just asked.

“We want to be your friend. So we thought we could have a pyjamas party tonight.” Hermione said happily.

“A pyjamas party? I have never done that before.” She was a little nervous that they so suddenly wanted to do things like that with her.

“Then it’s the right time you try it. We promise it will be super fun.” Ginny said with a lot of enthusiasm in her voice.

“Okay then” Ophelia sighed.

“Yay. Go change into your pyjamas then.” Hermione smiled.

Ophelia walked to the bathroom and put on her pyjamas. She had put her golden hair in a messy bun.

When she came out from the bathroom, Hermione and Guínny had conjured some snacks that they could eat.

“I have never done this before. So can you tell me what you normally do?” She asi as she made her way to Ginny’s bed.

“You do a lot of stuff. We can have a pillow fight later. We talk about boys. We share secrets-” Urgh there were those two words “ share secrets” Ophelia wasn’t fond of those words. She wasn’t fond of the concept of sharing secrets with anyone.

“-We can eat snacks. And maybe go over to the boys and mess with them” Ginny finished.

“Sounds...Fun enough.”

“Right? Let’s get started then.” Ginny said. Her voice was still filled with enthusiasm and excitement.

“Girls?” Ophelia siad.

“What’s up Ophelia?” Hermione asked.

“Can I put on some music? I have a record player in my trunk I shrunk down so it could fit. And some records.” She asked shyly.

“Of course you can!” Ginny almost shouted with a very big smile on her face. As if she had been waiting for her to ask.

Ophelia smiled and walked over to her trunk and took out her record player and some records. She found one with Spice Girls. One of her favorite girl bands.

She got the record player back to its normal size and put it on.

“I have heard this band before. They play them all the time on radio back in the muggle world.” Hermione said.

“It’s one of my favorite bands.” Ophelia smiled.

Ginny slowly picked up her pillow so none of them would see her do it.

She then snuck up behind Hermione and shouted: “Pillow fight!” And then began attacking both Hermione and Ophelia with her pillow.

Ophelia was quick and took her own pillow and began hitting back.

And now Hermione had joined in, too.

They were all hitting each other with their pillows and having fun.

They were laughing loudly. They were screaming and shouting. But having fun.

It was the most fun Ophelia had had in a long time. And somehow she couldn’t wait for another time like this. She could get used to this.

It would take her a long time to open just a little up to them. But she would try. Because they seemed like nice people. They seemed like someone who would be nice to her. Someone she might could trust.

After their pillow fight they were lying on the floor. Really exhausted from all the hitting, screaming and laughing.

The music was still playing in the background.

“You know what we should do?” Ginny asked.

“No, what should we do?” Hermione and Ophelia said in unison.

“We should walk to the boy’s drom, and scare them. Wake them up.” Ginny had an evil smile on her face.

“Okay. Let’s go.” Hermione said and got up.

Ophelia hesitated a bit with getting up. She didn’t know if it was a good idea. But Ginny and Hermoien eventually got her convinced.

So they snuck out of their drom and very slowly and quietly went into where Harry, Ron and Neville slept.

When they got in they looked around a little. They would see if there was anything they could use to make very loud noises to wake them and scare them.

But they didn’t find anything.

“What shall we do to wake them?” Ginny whispered.

“We could always just scream at them to wake up, from the top of our lungs” Hermione suggested.

“Sounds like a good idea Mione,” Ginny said.

And so they did. They screamed from the top of their lungs at them.

“WAKE UP YOU LAZY ARSES!” They all screamed in unison. And all three boys woke up with a scream.

Ron rolled on to the floor with a bunk. Neville sat up and looked very confused and scared. And Harry was clutching his wand tight and it was lighting while he was pointing it at the girls.

“What the bloody hell was that all about?” Ron said as he was taking himself to the head and standing up.

“We just thought it would be funny to mess with you.” Ginny smiled innocently.

“I-it was not f-funny at all.” Neville stutered. Still looking quite terrified.

“Sorry Neville.” Ophelia said in a low voice. But loud enough for him to hear her. So now he just looked at the other two girls.

“Sorry Neville.” Hermione and Ginny said.

“And you’re going to say sorry to us?” Harry asked still with his wand pointed at the girls.

“Nope. You deserve it.” Ginny said. She always knew just what to say.

“Why did we deserve it?” Ron asked. Now he was up from the floor, sitting on his bed. Looking rather tired.

“It was payback from the summer. When you two came to our room and woke us up in the middle of the night.” Hermione snapped

“That was funny.” Ron said with a grin on his face.

“No it was not. So we decided to do it to you. And we will leave again. Good night gentlemen.” Ginny had the last word. They didn’t get to say anything after she had said that. Because they left as quickly as they came.

They were now back in their dorm, laying on their beds. Talking about boys. A subject Ophelia couldn’t really say anything about. Seeing that she hadn’t had a boyfriend. Not that the others had either.

But at least they had crushes and boys they would like to kiss. Or it was mostly Ginny who had that. But Hernione came with comments on it and said things like “Yeah, he does be pretty.” Or “I agree.”

Ophelia just kept quiet. Just like she always did.

“So Ophelia. Any boys you like?” Ginny had a big smile on her face.

“Not really.”

“Then any girls?”


“Okay. So you don’t like anybody here. Anybody outside of school?”

“Not that either.”

“So there isn’t anybody you like?”



“I think I just haven’t found the right one I guess.” Ophelia knew exactly why she didn’t like anybody.

Mainly it was because none of the boys was really her. But it was also because she had learnt herself not to show emotion. So even if she got a crush on someone. She would just let it glide off and just forget about it.

She was afraid of what it would do to her if she let anybody in. If she let anybody near her heart. Yeah it could make her happy. But it could also make her vulnerable. And that was the last thing she wanted to be.

She had at the start when she started at Hogwarts. Had a little crush on Malfoy. But that quickly disappeared after he began bullying her.

But she still wanted a happy life with someone who would love her. It was a big problem for her.


Ginny and Hermione kept their little talk going about boys. And Ophelia got the need to take a shower.

“Would it bother you if I took a quick shower?”

“No, not at all.” Hermione smiled.

Ophelia nodded and walked out to the bathroom.

She cast a silencing charm on the door, so she could sing without them hearing her.

She took off her clothes and turned on the warm water. She felt herself relax when the water hit her skin. So she closed her eyes.

She began singing lightly. Singing a song that had meant a lot to her. Because it reminded her that everything would be good again.

When she was feeling down, she would either put the song on, or she would begin singing it herself. It would always get her in a better mood.

And her mood could go from dancing around the room happy, to wanna cry and just break. And she tried to stay in that happy mood. But it was hard. Because that happy mood would vanish as fast as it came. It always just came in waves. Small waves of happiness.

And after that. Came a much longer wave of sadness. Not feeling happy. Just feeling like she didn’t have any emotions. But still smiling because she couldn’t explain how she felt.

She was now singing a little louder. A little louder to just let it all out.

She finished her showerand walked out with her pyjamas back on. She was greeted by two smiling girls.

“Why are you smiling like that?” She asked. Very nervous.

“We heard you sing.” Ginny said.

“You did?” Ophelia’s eyes widened.

“We did. And you sounded amazing” Hermione said in a happy tone.

“Have you ever thought of beginning to sing professionally?” Ginny asked her.

“Not really. I don’t really like singing in front of other people.”

“Yeah that’s a problem.” Ginny smiled.

“I think I will go to bed, girls. I’m pretty tired.” Ophelia said as she yawned.

“Okay. We will go to bed, too. Goodnight.”


Ophelia got into bed and was thinking about if she maybe should put herself out there, and if she would get heartbroken, then let it be it. Even though she didn’t want to go through that. She still wanted someone to love. Someone to love her.

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