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The nine months in Boston


This is a fan-fiction about what happened when Meredith Grey ran away to Boston, after Derek the love of her life died, in a car crash.

Anna Gjøtterup
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Chapter 1

“Zo-Zo, honey wake up.” My husband just died, in a car crash. And I was devastated. We held the funeral yesterday, and it was too much. I was still in the clouse from the funeral.

“Put these on”

“Where are we going mom?” she asked in a very cute, curious voice.

“Away, sweetie. We’re going away” I couldn’t bear living in the house Derek, the love of my life, built for us. I was doing the exact same as my mother, I ran away to Boston. Just the thought of a life without him, I couldn’t bear it.

“Come on, sweetheart, let’s go” I said to my daughter, who was now standing and looking through the window.


“Mom, are we going to live here?” Zola asked, very excited.

“Yes, we are Zo Zo” I had found a little apartment in Boston with 6 roms, a kitchen, a livingroom and a bathroom, and 3 bedrooms . I was excited to start a new life, but the thought of that I maybe had hurt Amilia, Alex, Maggie, Bailey and Richhard, and a lot of other people was burning in me.

“It’s nice” Bailey was now woken up after the long flight and was overwhelmed.

“Yes it is. Zola here is your room, go settle in, and unpack your suitcase.” Meredith said to her oldest daughter, that she and Derek had adopted, when Alex had, brought a lot of children from Africa. She was in the program because she was born with spina bifida. Derek had to do brain surgery on her, he picked her up one day and was in love. So he convinced me to adopt her, and that is now one of the best things that have ever happened in my life. Exsept marrying Derek, the love of my life, and now he was deadt.


“Mom, have you found a job?” Zola asked, very curious.

“No Zola, sadly i haven’t found one yet. But we dont worry, we will live fine without it,”I said, trying to comfort her.

“Okay mom, I was just concerned” she said with a very cute little voice.


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