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Freckles and Fireworks


Sloan Lupin-Black

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Sloan was rushing around her cosy bedroom in 12 Grimmauld place gathering her belongings and the equipment needed for the following day. What was happening tomorrow you may ask? Sloan was going to be attending her fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

She tottered around her calignious room pulling things from shelves, drawers and cupboards, packing them into her taupe leather trunk embellished with the letters 'S.R.L.B' standing for her name Sloan Rufina Lupin-Black. 'Right I think that's it.' She muttered to herself. She crouched down in front of her billowing trunk to check she hadn't forgotten anything. Sloan rummaged through her luggage picking out her 14 inch, cypress wood and dragon heartstring cored wand, twisting it effortlessly in her hand. It was a rather beautiful wand with its delicate structure and intertwining bronze wood. She smiled to herself a smirk forming across her lips. She whispered 'Lumos.' And placed her wand upon the dark oak drawers opposite her bed. Carefully checking through the rest of her trunk she realised she hadn't packed her pocket money, which would be vital if she were to take any trips to Hogsmeade this year. A glint in the corner of her eye distracted her from her task, she grew curious and peered under her bed to find a pair of omninoculars which she had purchased at the Quidditch World Cup which she had attended only a couple of weeks ago with the Weasley family, Harry and Hermione. Suddenly she remembered what she was going to ask her parents.

Sloan wandered out of her bedroom to the kitchen where both her fathers were chatting away to each other and Kreacher the house elf was stood in the corner sulking. 'What's the matter with you?' She questioned, the elf just grunted at her, nodding his head towards the stove. She looked over to see her father Sirius cooking what smelt like a delicious dinner for them all. He was enthusiastically chopping up an onion before he carefully poured the cubed vegetable into a pan, it sizzled vigorously. He looked happier than ever doing such a normal and basic thing. This was because he had only been released from Azkaban at the start of the summer thanks to Harry Potter and her other father Remus.

'You alright pup.' Sirius spoke.
'Wow dad whatever you're cooking smells absolutely scrumptious, I'm already drooling just from the tantalising smell reaching my nostrils!' Sloan boasted in an utterly over dramatic voice, which led Remus to chuckle quietly in his chair.
'What do you want?' Her father replied, a tone of knowingness in his voice.
'Welllll....I was just wondering if I was allowed my pocket money now so I could buy a few things in Hogsmeade.' She said making a puppy eyed face.
'Oh alright I s'pose.' Sirius muttered. He quickly walked off to his and Remus's bedroom and returned with five galleons. He placed them in his daughters hand then continued to stir the food in the frying pan. 'Thank you fathers.' Sloan uttered, curtsying extravagantly. She went and sat down next to Remus at the table. 'Hello' She said turning sideways to face him.
'Hello.' He replied, a tone of amusement in his voice. He subtly took his daughters hand and slipped five shining galleons into it.
'B...but dad.'
'Shhh, quiet little one.' He whispered to her, winking.
'DINNERS READY!' Sirius shouted excitedly.
'Bloody hell Pads no need to shout.' Remus chortled.
'Sorry sorry I'm just rather proud of my creation.' He smirked. He walked pompously towards the table serving them plates of what looked like shepherds pie. 'Enjoy.' He boasted.

They all sat at the table together and tucked into their meals. 'Mmm...vis..is...luvley.' Remus said between mouthfuls. When they had all finished their dinner along with second and third helpings Sloan helped Remus wash and dry up the pots, pans and cutlery. Sloan was tentatively drying up a saucepan when Remus flicked soapy water right at her face to which a blob of foam landed splat on her forehead. She turned to him a look of bemusement on her face. 'Oh I am so going to get you for that.' She whined. Sloan dipped her hand into the washing up bowl and shook her fingers towards her father. Lashes of soapy water caught his face and neck. 'You've got a good aim ginge.' He sniggered. They both looked at each other making eye contact, which caused them both to burst out into uncontrollable laughter. Kreacher came over and ushered them away so he could do the miserly job they attempted of the washing up properly.

Remus and Sloan retreated to the lounge where they found Sirius perched upon the stool in front of the piano. They plopped themselves down on the sofa. 'Play us a tune Padfoot.' Remus said sarcastically. Sirius started pressing the keys each at a time then all at once making a horrible racket. 'Ah yes that's the beautiful serenade I remember you playing me in fourth year.'
'I believe that was the day we had our first kiss.' Padfoot muttered, sounding sentimental. He checked his watch an expression of shock plastered across his face. 'Ten o' clock already you must be off to bed pup you've got a big day tomorrow.' Sloan gave each of her parents a hug before retreating to her bedroom. As she entered the room she grabbed her wand and whispered 'Nox.' The bright light exuding from the end of it went out. She changed into her pyjamas which consisted of a baggy grey jumper and wide tartan trousers then slipped into bed. Her trunk was packed and ready for the next morning and her robes were laid out neatly across her floor. With the thought of seeing her best friends Fred and George tomorrow she drifted off to sleep.

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