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cheerleading and drama class, (supernatural au)


castiel jimmy novak is has always known he was gay. but he is still closeted and has dated girls so no one would know. he loves to paint and draw, his family is very religios, so he feels if they find out they will punish him. dean is a normal 16 year old teen and caption of the foot ball team, he's bi. sam winchester is dean's brother. he is pan and proud, castiel decides to sign up for the cheerleading team, dean cant stay focused with the dark haired hottie on the sidelines, mean while sam is in drama club and cant take his eyes off gabe. both cass and gabe are hiding something. what is it? read to find out.

Cole Johnson
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Chapter 1

at the football field with dean winchester

″winchester!″ yelled the coach, dean went over to the coach.

″yes coach?″ says dean.

″you a little slow out there winchester,″ says coach

″sorry i just messed up my knee a few weeks ago......″dean starts

″that was weeks ago winchester! you have a doctors note, you back in! so keep your head in the game!″ the coach slapped dean on the back, ″now get to the locker room!″

dean sighed ″yes c″ he said and went off to the locker room.

drama class with sam

sam was sitting in drama class taking notes for a quiz when a knock came at the door.

the teacher got the door, a boy with light-ish brown hair came in, sucking on a lolly pop. he was short. ″sit down where ever u like gabe″ said the teacher so gabe walked near sam sat down his books the stood on them. sam is standing at his desk in the back sam looks up.

″huh?″ he says.

“hey, are you an angel? because i could totally fall for you” then he falls off the stack of books he was standing on to reach sam’s height.

back at the field with the coach.

″Coach!!!″ yelled cass and stumbled almost falling over.

the coach turns around ″woah kid no rush whats up?″

″i’m here to sign up for the cheer leading squad,″ he said.

the coach held in a laugh. ″whats ur name?″

″cass,″ the boy said.

″the coach looked at the list, ″oh ur a boy! i was told u were a girl.″

″i.........″ says cass.

″just go,″ says coach, ″hira will tell u where u get the clothes″

a girl with dark hair runs over, ″follow me″ she walks in the cheer leaders locker room.

drama class

″mr novak please sit down,″ says the teacher.

″yes sir- uh ma’am″ says gabe he picks up his books.

″and take the lolly pop out of ur mouth″

gabe sighs then takes it out and tosses in the trash can. when the teacher isnt looking gabe stealthily takes another lollipop out of his bag. sam glances over at gabe. gabe smiles,.

the teacher says ″there is a project we are going to start today,″

she says, ″you will select one of the songs provided on this paper, brainstorm, and write a scene that explains what could have taken place before the singers sang the song″

boys locker room

dean sits on a bench fiddling with his football helmet in his hands.

coach walks in, ″winchester!″

dean looks up, ″yes coach?″

″games tomorrow, be there and keep your head in the game!″ he says

″yes coach,″ says dean and gets up, he winces a little but puts his stuff away.

dean then walks out. he runs into a boy, ″i’m sorry,″ they both say. neither of them can stop staring at each other long enough to leave or go anywhere. ″uh..... well i gotta go,″ says cass and runs off, dean sighs and goes on the bus. cass walks home thinking about dean ‘that perfect hair and smile, on his plump lips.’ cass thinks,

″oh god i gotta stop″ he mutters.

he gets home and his brother gabe is already home cass grabs a bag of chips and goes to his room cass grabs out his diary and writes about meeting dean. he writes:

'' dear diary, i met a boy today, a pretty one at that. he had the most amazing green eyes and light brown hair that was some how literally on point. he was taller than me, but not by much. and oh i got into the cheer leading squad and met a nice girl named hira. one of the best days ever, love cass, just cass.''

he closed his diary and sighed, a happy sigh then but his diary under his bed.

cass hears gabe yell, ''for the love of god that is not my name! is gabe!'' then gabe runs up stairs. cass frowns and sits on his bed.

next day at deans house

''oof,'' dean muttered and turned over, his knee was hurting again and it was stiff, ''ah shit,'' he slowly swung his legs over the side of the bed, ''i have a game today'' he wrapped his knee with an ace bandage. dean stood up a little unsteady but then pulled on a pair of jeans and went to sammy's room to wake him up.

''rise in shine sammy!'' dean yelled just as his alarm clock went off dean had set it to heat of the moment for Tuesdays and sammy doesnt know how to change it.

sammy jerks up and out of bed then grabs his stuff. ''go'' he says.

''uh.....ok.......'' says dean and walks out super confused.

he gets dressed. he goes to the open door of the bathroom to see sam brushing his teeth quite fast.

''sam u mad at me or something?'' askes dean and brushes his teeth.

''no,'' says sam, ''i just wanna get to school,'' he spits and rinses, then spits. sam glances down at dean's legs, noticing he has most of his weight on his left leg and sam can also see the bandage on his right knee, its showing cause of the hold in dean's pants.

''is ur knee hurting again?'' asks sam.

dean looks down and curses thinking he shouldn't have worn those pants. dean looks back up, ''i'm having a game today, i wrapped it just in case.''

''ok......'' sam says uncertainly after a few seconds continues ''well i gotta go, i'm going early i have a project to work on'' sam walks out.

''ok....... bye sammy!'' says dean.

''its sam JERK''


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